Top 50 Famous & Easy Guitar Songs In Drop D – Tabs Included

Every once in a while, it is great to get out of the standard tuning to explore the possibilities of other tunings on the guitar. The Drop D tuning is one of the most used and popular alternative tunings, which is often used in rock and metal songs. Drop D is an easy-to-learn and master, which opens simple ways to play power chords in lower pitches.

There are many advantages of Drop D tuning, such as sounding heavier with a more low-frequency rumble, accessing lower notes, and playing power chords with only one finger. You only need to change the low E string to a D to achieve drop D tuning. It is a great tuning for grunge, heavy metal, and hard rock.

There are many great songs from different genres which use Drop D tuning. Mastering these songs will give you familiarity and control over this new tuning and will make you progress as a guitarist as you step out of your comfort zone of standard tuning.

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Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

The famous song of Imagine Dragons, Radioactive was a massive hit all around the world when it came out in 2012. It topped the charts in many lists in different countries, becoming a viral element of pop culture. It also won a Grammy award that year.

The song is pretty easy to play with a basic riff with legatos and simple power chords. The drop D tuning makes the power chords easier to play, while the single note riffs and licks are quite straightforward and fun to play. You can try to play the lead guitar partitions as well as the backing guitar partitions.

Radioactive Guitar Tabs

What I’ve Done – Linkin Park

What I’ve Done was the lead single of the 2007 album, Minutes To Midnight by the famous American rock band Linkin Park. The song speaks about the damage humanity created on the earth. The song is featured in the movie Transformers as well as the game Guitar Hero, being a viral hit in pop culture.

The song is relatively easy to play with repeated single-note melodies and power chords. The guitars are tuned to Drop D and have many effects like distortion and chorus. You can also play the piano riffs on guitar as they are pretty easy to adapt.

What I’ve Done Guitar Tabs

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Du Hast – Rammstein

Du Hast is one of the most famous songs of the German industrial metal band Rammstein. The band is still active today and are well-known for their amazing live shows. This song features an incredible and aggressive riff played by power chords, perfectly suitable for any guitar player.

The main guitar riff is pretty straightforward, with a Drop D tuning and three power chords along with a slide in between them. Play this song with plenty of distortion and as aggressive and loud as you can to replicate the original sound.

Du Hast Guitar Tabs

Decode – Paramore

Decode by American rock band Paramore is the soundtrack of the vampire movie saga Twilight. The song was the lead single of the movie’s soundtrack album and was loved by the fans, charting in the top 20 in many countries. It sold over 1 million copies and was nominated for a Grammy in 2010.

The song is mainly played in the D, G, and B strings with arpeggio patterns in the verses. The chorus is played with power chords, and the solo is also quite easy and suitable for beginners.

Decode Guitar Tabs

Never Too Late – Three Days Grace

Never Too Late is the hit song of the Canadian rock band Three Days Grace. It is the third single from the band’s second album One-X in 2007. The song was a massive hit in Canada, and after the music video release, it became a global hit with more than 250 million views on Youtube.

The song’s riff is played on the lower strings before the power chords come into play in the chorus and bridge section. In the meantime, the lead guitar plays licks on the higher strings creating a contrast with the main riff. 

Never Too Late Guitar Tabs

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Everlong – Foo Fighters

The signature song of the American rock band Foo Fighters, Everlong is one of the greatest rock tunes of the 1990s. Released in 1997, the song reached the top 3 positions in many countries and gave huge fame to the band. The music video of the song was also spectacular and was nominated for the best video award in MTV awards.

Everlong is played with Drop D tuned guitars and uses the muted low D string notes to drive the rhythm while the melody is created with the power chords in between. Most of the song is played with chords and power chords with overdrive, creating a heavy and aggressive sound.

Everlong Guitar Tabs

Heart-Shaped Box – Nirvana

Heart-Shaped Box is the third track of Nirvana’s album In Utero, released in 1993. The song is one of the signature tunes of the band and topped the charts in many countries in the Modern Rock lists. It was also the last song Kurt Cobain played live with Nirvana in Munich, Germany, in March 1994.

Heart-Shaped Box is played with a Drop D tuning and starts with straightforward arpeggios in a clean guitar sound. Later the overdrive comes into the scene while the guitars play power chords in the chorus with that iconic bend in between the chords.

Heart-Shaped Box Guitar Tabs

Walk – Pantera

Walk is the most famous song of the American heavy metal band Pantera. As with many metal songs, the piece is created by adding a lot of flair to a simple song structure. It was released in 1992 and is one of the most famous groove metal tunes of the era.

Walk needs the guitars to be added with plenty of distortion and tuned to Drop D.The tune’s riff is played with only 3 notes, but it sounds pretty unique with syncopation and a bit of swing feel. You can crank up the distortion to play this tune and try to be aggressive on the strings.

Walk Guitar Tabs

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Sonne – Rammstein

Another famous Rammstein song, Sonne, is an amazing meta piece with a dark and aggressive sound. The tune is played with heavily distorted guitars in the Drop D tuning to create the darkest-sounding guitar tones.

Most of the song is played with power chords which are easier to play with the Drop D tuning. There are also some straightforward single-note melodies that you can easily play but do not forget to add enough distortion to your tone.

Sonne Guitar Tabs

Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden

Released in 1994, Black Hole Sun is the signature song of the band Soundgarden. It was written by the lead singer of the band, Chris Cornell, and topped the charts staying there for seven weeks in the U.S.A. It is a slow tempo yet heavy-sounding tune with amazing lyrics.

The tune features many arpeggios played by drop-D tuned guitars. There is a nice solo in the middle of the song, which you can also try to learn and play. It is a great beginner song to practice arpeggios as well as some excellent lead guitar licks. 

Black Hole Sun Guitar Tabs

I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

Released in 2012, Jason Mraz’s acoustic folk-blues and folk-pop ballad, I Won’t Give Up, is another excellent Drop D tune to learn and master. The song was a worldwide success charting in the top 20 in many countries after Mraz’s signature song, I’m Yours.

The song is played with traditional chords and a basic strum pattern. There are many chords in the track, which is great to practice different chord shapes in the Drop D tuning.

I Won’t Give Up Guitar Tabs

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Last Resort – Papa Roach

Last Resort is the famous song of the American rock band Papa Roach, released in 2002. It is the soundtrack of the movie Ready To Rumble and is remembered for its great rock riffs and rap partitions.

It is an ultimately beginner-friendly song with power chords and melodies on the lower strings. There are different power chord shapes to get you familiar with drop d tuning power chords.

Last Resort Guitar Tabs

With Arms Wide Open – Creed

American rock band Creed’s first, and the only chart-topping tune, With Arms Wide Open, is one of the most famous songs of the year 2001. It won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song that year.

The song is mainly played with arpeggios and power chords with a guitar tuned to Drop D. The song features many guitar techniques, which is great for beginners to practice and progress with their technique. It is a great song to learn and play.

With Arms Wide Open Guitar Tabs

Sugar, We’re Goin Down – Fall Out Boy

One of the most famous tunes of the American pop-punk band Fall Out Boy is Sugar, We’re Goin Down, released in 2005. The song sold more than 5 million copies which became the highest-selling tune of the band. The punk tune was loved especially by teenagers.

As with most of the punk songs, you will need lots of power chords and a fast strumming to playing the tune. There are also little interludes with easy guitar licks with legato techniques.

Sugar, We’re Goin Down Guitar Tabs

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Coming Undone – Korn

Coming Undone” is the hit song of the American band Korn from the See You On The Otherside album released in 2006. It reached number four in main rock charts, becoming the fourth biggest hit of the nu-metal band.

Korn is one of the bands that use the Drop D tuning quite often. Coming Undone is no different with aggressive power chord variations. If you like nu metal, you should definitely master this one.

Coming Undone Guitar Tabs

Du Riechst So Gut – Rammstein

Du Riechst So Gut is another great hard rock tune by the Neue Deutsche Härte or so called NDH band Rammstein. As with most of Rammstein’s songs, it is a heavy-sounding tune that talks about the thoughts of a hunter hunting its prey. The name of the song means you smell so good.

It is one of the most straightforward tunes on the list, with only four double note power chords. Do not forget to add plenty of distortion to your tone to play this one.

Du Riechst So Gut Guitar Tabs

Bat Country – Avenged Sevenfold

Released in 2005, Bat Country is the heavy metal tune of the American band Avenged Sevenfold. It is one of the signature tunes of the band, and it was certified gold by the RIAA. The song was featured in many video games such as EA Sports’ NHL 06, Madden NFL 06,[3] SSX on Tour, Saints Row 2, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

The song features many different parts, including power chords, arpeggios, lovely solos, and single note melodies—a great tune to learn and master in the Drop D tuning.

Bat Country Guitar Tabs

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Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard

Released in 2004, Ocean Avenue is the most successful hit of the American punk band Yellowcard. It is a classic punk piece with power chords, plenty of distortion, and a high tempo. The song was certified as double platinum by the RIAA.

As a high-tempo punk piece, Ocean Avenue is played with many power chords in drop D tuning. There are also some lead guitar riffs in the verses, which are pretty easy to play.

Ocean Avenue Guitar Tabs

Slither – Velvet Revolver

Released in 2004 with the Contraband album, Slither is the Grammy-winning single of the American hard rock band Velvet Revolver. The song won the Best Hard Rock Performance award and hit the top 50 charts in many countries. The song also was featured in shows like Victoria’s Secret and was covered by many different artists like Guns N Roses and Weird Al Jankovic.

Slither is mainly played with power chords in a generously distorted tone. There are also palm-muted single note parts that drive the rhythm forward. All the hard rock elements are apparent in the sheet, a great tune to learn for old-school hard rock lovers.

Slither Guitar Tabs

The Stage – Avenged Sevenfold

Another great tune to learn in drop d tuning by the American heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold is The Stage. It was released in 2016 as the first single of the same-named album. The song was well-received with being nominated for a Grammy for the Best Rock Song.

The tune has easy rhythm guitar parts with power chords and open chords, while the lead guitar partitions are intermediate-level and utterly entertaining to play with many different techniques like tapping, legatos bends, and great licks.

The Stage Guitar Tabs

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Monkey Wrench – Foo Fighters

Monkey Wrench is the lead single from the second Foo Fighters album, The Color, and the Shape. The uptempo rock song is one of the most famous tunes of Foo Fighters. It tells about the relationship of the group leader, Dave Grohl, with his former wife.

The tune is played with drop d tuned and heavily distorted guitars. There are many variations of power chords with slides in between and muted rhythmic parts. This one is a great song to get familiar with the Drop D tuned power chords.

Monkey Wrench Guitar Tabs

Newborn – Muse

With its amazing guitar riffs, Newborn is one of the greatest tunes of the English rock band Muse. The fast-paced riff is constantly apparent during the tune and is played with the low D string. The song was released in 2001 and is one of the well-known pieces of the band.

The song is played mainly with single-note guitar riffs. There are many techniques in play like arpeggios, tapping, legatos, whammy bar usage. It is an easy and very entertaining piece to learn and play. Especially great for beginners to get familiar with different techniques.

Newborn Guitar Tabs

All Nightmare Long – Metallica

Thrash metal giants Metallica’s single from their ninth album All Nightmare Long is one of the unique tunes by the band as they do not often compose with drop D tuning. It was released in 2008, and the lyrics were inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos.

The rhythm guitar parts of the tune, which are played by James Hetfield, mainly consist of two-note power chords. The lead guitar parts are more challenging with two intermediate-level solos and riffs with tremolo picking.

All Nightmare Long Guitar Tabs

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I Heard It Through The Grapevine – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Initially composed by Gladys Knight & the Pips, I Heard It Through The Grapevine is the famous soul piece that got its fame with the Marvin Gaye version in 1968. However, the Creedence Clearwater Revival version, released in 1970, is played with drop D tuning and is quite different from the original version.

The chords and the main riff of the tune are quite basic and beginner-friendly. The power chords are played by one guitar while the other one plays the open chords. You can play this tune with a friend, too.

I Heard It Through The Grapevine Guitar Tabs

Them Bones – Alice In Chains

Released in 1992, Them Bones is one of the signature tunes of the American rock band Alice In Chains. Most of the song is in 7/8 time signature except the chorus giving the song an oriental and unique vibe. The song was also covered by some European metal bands, giving it a heavier tone.

The rhythm guitar parts of the song are quite straightforward, with power chords and palm muted riffs. The lead guitar sections are quite hard but are great for experienced players. You should add distortion and phaser to your tone when you play this one.

Them Bones Guitar Tabs

Spoonman – Soundgarden

Composed by Chris Cornell, the famous vocalist and the leader of many bands, including Soundgarden, Spoonman are the song that gave him and the Soundgarden mainstream fame and success. It was released in 1994, and the song peaked in the top 3 on many charts.

The song’s main riff comprises power chords in different positions on the fretboard from the 12th fret to open power chords. You will have to use slides and mutes to play the song, which is great to practice these techniques.

Spoonman Guitar Tabs

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The Pot – The Tool

Released in 1006, with the album 10,000 Days, The Pot is the first chart-topping single of the progressive rock band The Tool. It is an excellent song with amazing guitar riffs and deep lyrics on hypocrisy.

The song has many different partitions, which are mainly played with an open low D string and melody notes on the higher strings. You should add plenty of overdrive to your tone to play this piece.

The Pot Guitar Tabs

Joker And The Thief – Wolfmother

Joker And The Thief is one of the most famous songs of the Australian rock band Wolfmother. The song got very famous and was used in many different video games and movies. The name of the song was inspired by the iconic tune All Along The Watchtower.

The song has a nice main riff with legato on the G and high D string. The rest of the song is played with power chords on higher frets. It is an easy yet fun-to-play piece, a great one to start for beginners.

Joker And The Thief Guitar Tabs

Ten Years Gone – Led Zeppelin

Ten Years Gone is one of the most amazing tunes of the great rock band Led Zeppelin. It was released in the 1975 album Physical Graffiti. The song has a hypnotic main riff with multiple riffs on top of each other. It is one of the best works of Jimmy Page.

The song is played mainly with open chord arpeggios and power chords with the guitar tuned to the drop D tuning. The solo with double stops on higher strings is also great for beginners. 

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Ten Years Gone Guitar Tabs

Schism – Tool

Released in 2001, Schism is one of the most commercially successful tunes of the progressive rock band Tool. The band won a Grammy with their album Lateralus in which Schism was the lead single. The song is well-known for its rhythm and time signature changes.

The song has many parts and different guitar riffs, including power chord parts, single-note melody parts, and interlude licks. All of the sectors are straightforward, yet you need to be careful with the rhythm and time signatures. 

Schism Guitar Tabs

Ruin – Lamb of God

Ruin is one of the famous songs of the death metal band Lamb Of God. Like most of their songs, Ruin has aggressive and heavy-sounding guitars that are in drop D tuning. 

Most of the song is played through power chords and high-tempo riffs on the low D string. You should crank up the distortion and attack the strings strongly to play this tune. If you want to experiment with heavier sounding tunes in the drop d tuning, this one is ideal for it.

Ruin Guitar Tabs

Outshined – Soundgarden

Another song by Soundgarden, written by Chris Cornell in the list, is Outshined, which was released in 1991. It is the first song of the band that appeared on the U.S. charts, which became the beginning of the fame of the band and Chris Cornell.

To play this tune, you will need two-note power chords along with a drop D tuned guitar. The song also offers great melodic partitions for guitar.

Outshined Guitar Tabs

Moby Dick – Led Zeppelin

Another great Led Zeppelin tune that is played with Drop D tuning is Moby Dick from the Led Zeppelin II album, which was released in 1969. The song is an instrumental song with great guitar riffs and solos as well as drum solos. The song was inspired by a jam session by Jimmy Page and John Bonham that happened in the studio.

The song is played with easy yet entertaining guitar riffs and basic licks. From bends to legatos, there are many great techniques in the song to use for beginners. It is an old-school song with great electric guitar techniques and licks.

Moby Dick Guitar Tabs

Dear Prudence – The Beatles

Dear Prudence is a great The Beatles tune played with an acoustic guitar with the finger-picking technique. It was released with the band’s ninth studio album, the White Album. Dear Prudence was written by John Lennon, which he later revealed is one of his favorite compositions. This song is directed to Prudence Farrow, John and George’s meditation partner, during their time in Rishikesh.

The song has many arpeggios in a slow tempo—a great song to practice acoustic guitar finger-picking technique. If you struggle with the arpeggios, you can also try to strum them to make things easier.

Dear Prudence Guitar Tabs

Meant to Live – Switchfoot

Released in 1003, Meant To Live is the most famous song of the American alternative rock band Switchfoot. The song was loved by alternative rock fans and charted in the 18th position on U.S. lists. It was also used as the soundtrack of the Spider-Man 2 movie.

With many power chords, mutes, and single note riffs, it is an entertaining and easy song to play. There are clean parts as well as overdriven parts in the song, so it is better to play this one with a guitar pedal or a footswitch.

Meant to Live Guitar Tabs

Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr – Trivium

Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr is the heavy metal band Trivium’s song from their 2005 album Ascendancy. The tune is considered as one of the decade’s biggest metal anthems and is loved by metal fans, thanks to the great guitar riffs and amazing lyrics of the song. 

The song is recorded with drop D tuned guitars which are enriched with plenty of distortion. The main riff features power chord licks that are repeated many times. The lead guitar follows the power chord riffs but with higher frets creating a great contrast with the rhythm guitar.

Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr Guitar Tabs

Animals – Nickelback

Canadian rock band Nickelback has only some songs that rocked the charts and are loved by the fans. Animals are one of those great songs with its great lyrics and fantastic guitar partitions. The song topped the U.S. mainstream rock charts and Canadian rock lists.

Animals are played with heavily distorted guitars tuned to drop D. The riffs of the song are old-school power chords with slides in between. Whenever you play an open power chord, you should let it ring, releasing the notes to vibrate. Also, be careful with the muted chords, as they are the main ingredients driving the rhythm forward.

Animals Guitar Tabs

Whatsername- Green Day

The last song of the American Idiot album, released in 2004, of the American punk-rock band Green Day is Whatsername. It is a lesser-known tune of the album as American Idiot was a huge hit, leaving the other songs in the album in the shadows. The song talks about following your beliefs and ethics.

Besides the classic high-tempo power chords of the punk genre, the song also features nice interludes with great guitar riffs. You should add slight overdrive to your tone to play this one. It is one of the easiest tunes to play on the list but one of the most entertaining ones as most of the punk tunes.

Whatsername Guitar Tabs

The Best Thing That Never Happened – We Are The In Crowd

The Best Thing That Never Happened by the punk-rock band We Are The In Crowd is a lovely punk tune from the year 2014. It is a high-tempo song with great punk characteristics, making it an entertaining tune to play with your band or alone. As punk songs have been rare in the last decade, this one is an exception.

You will need to tune your guitar to Drop D tuning to play this piece, which is the most challenging part of the process. The rest is straightforward, with power chords and fun-to-play rhythmic mutes in between. It is a great song to learn and play for beginner guitarists.

The Best Thing That Never Happened Guitar Tabs

Unnatural Selection – Muse

Released in 2009 in The Resistance album, Unnatural Selection is one of the lesser-known gem pieces of the English rock band Muse. The song starts with a great church organ riff, giving way to a fast, heavy guitar riff backed up by steady drumming later. There are many tempo changes in the song, making it more interesting.

As in many of the Muse tunes, the main riff is played on the lower strings and the lower D string in this case. The bridge section features easy-to-play single note melodies for beginners, while the chorus has power chords.

Unnatural Selection Guitar Tabs

Never Going Back Again – Fleetwood Mac

Originally composed and released by Lindsey Buckingham in 1977, Never Going Back Again is a great folk-rock song that is covered by many different bands. The original version by Fleetwood Mac is the most known one, and the song represents Lindsey Buckingham’s feelings after his breakup with the singer of the band Stevie Nicks.

The song is played with arpeggios by drop D tuned acoustic guitars. The arpeggio pattern might be challenging on the first try, but with time and practice, you can get the hang of it. Do not be impatient, and try the arpeggios with a slow tempo before building up the speed.

Never Going Back Again Guitar Tabs

You are My Sunshine – Chris Stapleton

One of the most known folk songs of the U.S.A. is definitely You Are My Sunshine. The song was recorded and performed by many different artists, from Johnny Cash to Chris Stapleton. The Chris Stapleton version features a drop d tuned guitar playing only 3 chords which are great for beginner guitarists to get familiar with drop d tuned chord shapes and sounds.

You can either use the finger-picking technique to arpeggiate the chords, or you can deploy a basic strum pattern. The chords you will need are D, G, and A, but the shapes get more challenging when the low E is tuned to D.

You are My Sunshine Guitar Tabs

Negative Creep – Nirvana

Released in June 1989, Negative Creep is the seventh song of the debut album Bleach of Nirvana. It is the only song in the album that finishes with an extended fade-out giving it a 1960’s psychedelic vibe. The song is a perfect example of the Seattle grunge sound, which defined the genre.

To play this song, you’ll need to tune your guitar to Drop D tuning. For the rest, it is mostly two notes power chords with slides. The song is a great example of Nirvana-style riffs and solos with overdriven guitars, basic licks, and aggressive power chords.

Negative Creep Guitar Tabs

Home – Dream Theater

The progressive metal giant, Dream Theater, loves concept albums, and their Scenes From A Memory album, released in 1999, is no different. The album tells a story of a man going through hypnotherapy to analyze his dreams. The sixth scene of the story is told with the song Home, which offers amazing guitar riffs in drop d tuning, both for beginners and experienced guitarists.

From power chords to great single-note riffs, from distorted heavy parts to cleaner smooth partitions, there is everything in this song. So be prepared for a long but ultimately entertaining journey of mastering this tune. Try to learn all the parts separately before playing them all together.

Home Guitar Tabs

If Eternity Should Fail – Iron Maiden

If Eternity Should Fail is one of the recent tunes of the English heavy metal legends Iron Maiden. The song was released in 2015 with the The Book Of Soul album and is one of the most-loved tunes of the album. 

It is one of the rare songs that Iron Maiden preferred to drop D tuning, but the song’s tone, structure, and progression are pretty similar to the traditional Iron Maiden style. This means you will play many power chords, mutes, single note riffs, as well as high tempo shredding solos. Focus on the rhythmic aspect of the tune to play it properly.

If Eternity Should Fail Guitar Tabs

Omerta – Lamb of God

Groove metal band Lamb Of God’s Omerta, is one of the heaviest-sounding tunes on the list. Metal bands love drop D tuning as it sounds darker and heavier compared to the standard tuning. The song Omerta was released in 2004 for the movie Killadelphia. It features great guitar riffs and partitions for metal lovers.

You will need to train your picking hand to play this tune as there is a fast guitar riff that uses an open Drop D string with triplets. As a metal technique, the string is muted with open notes in between. The rest of the song is quite straightforward with standard power chords.

Omerta Guitar Tabs

Fat Bottomed Girl – Queen

Fat Bottomed Girls is the famous Queen tune featured on their seventh album, Jazz. Guitarist Brian May composed most of this song, and it is one of the few ones where he used a drop D tuning. This song was released as a double single, along with Bicycle Race which are both milestones in Queen’s history.

The song begins with an acapella chorus like Bohemian Rhapsody. The rest shows an easy song to play with basic chords and a basic rhythm. There are easy guitar riffs played on the low D string between the chords, which are great for beginner guitarists.

Fat Bottomed Girl Guitar Tabs

On A Plain- Nirvana

Released in 1993, On A Plain is one of the hidden gems of the Nevermind album by the grunge founders Nirvana. The song was composed by Kurt Cobain but evolved further with the help of the drummer Dave Grohl. Cobain thought the tune would be instrumental and recorded it like that on the first try, but the band changed and re-recorded the tune later with the Nevermind album.

The entire song is played with power chords and a basic rhythm. The guitars are tuned to drop D with a bit of overdrive added. In the bridge section, the power chords are arpeggiated, while in the rest of the song, they are strummed.

On A Plain Guitar Tabs

The Great American Nightmare – Rob Zombie

The Great American Nightmare is a song by Rob Zombie, featured on his Private Parts album released in 1997. It is composed for the movie and is the second soundtrack of the album. It is a great song that has Howard Stern as the guest artist. 

The song has many significant parts for novice guitarists who want to explore the drop d tuning. There are many different parts in the song, including power chords, single-note scale walks, arpeggios, palm muted chords, open fretboard chord slides. It is a fun and easy song to learn and play, especially for beginner players.

The Great American Nightmare Guitar Tabs

Demon of the Fall – Opeth

The 1998 song Demon Of The Fall by the metal band Opeth is yet another great song that offers many excellent drop D tuned guitar partitions. The song is quite long with a heavy-sounding tone. It was one of the highlights of the My Arms Your Hearse album and is one of the fan-favorite songs of the band.

Demon of the Fall features 13 different guitar riffs, which are all easy-to-play and educative as well as entertaining. The song has many different guitar techniques like bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, mutes, and different rhythmic patterns to push the limits of beginner guitarists. It is an excellent song to master to progress with your technique.

Demon of the Fall Guitar Tabs


Drop D tuning is one of the most used alternative tunings in the music world. It is easy to achieve as you only need to tune the low E string to a D. This way, power chords get much easier to play while you have a relatively heavier and darker tone. Do not forget to use thicker strings to avoid the strings from being broken and adjust your action, so the string does not buzz.

It is mainly used in rock and metal tunes, but you can see many songs from many different genres using the Drop D tuning. In order to be a whole-guitarist, you need to master different tunings, and Drop D is the perfect place to start. Just grab your guitar, tune your low E string down and start playing these tremendous and famous tunes to get familiar with this new world of sounds.

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