30 Easy Foo Fighters Songs to Learn on Guitar – Tabs included

Dave Grohl brought amazing musicians together after his old partner Cobain’s tragic death. The band was formed in 1994 in Seattle. And since their first released album, they’ve always got bigger in success and musical creativity.

Foo Fighters is one of the best bands in the rock scene today. They never betrayed their roots and kept the rock ‘n’ roll spirit alive. Their impact on rock history is unquestionable.

From alternative rock to post-grunge or hard rock, the band always delivers amazing compositions and quality. They always retained their style, elevated it, and evolved with it.

Below you can find the most known and easy-to-play FF songs to practice for your repertoire. Good luck!

Best Of You

Here is probably the most-known Foo Fighters song ever. They released it in 2005. Their album In Your Honor covers it. It received many gold and platinum awards around the world.

Have a capo on the 3rd fret to match the original tone. Practice the strumming pattern first, then continue to learn the simple chord progression.

Best Of You Guitar Chords

Learn To Fly

Another favorite track from the band is coming from 1999. The band produced it in the famous Studio 606. You can find it on their album There Is Nothing Left to Lose. Check out the funny music video starring Jack Black and Kyle Grass.

The tone and sound of the guitars are just amazing here. Have a capo on the 2nd fret if you tune in the standard setup. There are easy chords and strumming patterns to play the tune. 

Learn To Fly Guitar Chords


Here is an alternative rock tune from the band. It was a 2011 release and appeared on the album called Wasting Light. The producer on this one is Butch Vig from Nirvana’s Nevermind record.

The tune starts with an almost clean melody and then turns into a more aggressive sound and strumming. The song is written in the key of Dm and has a classic alternative rock vibe you would enjoy playing.

Walk Guitar Chords

All My Life

The post-grunge song is another Grammy-awarded tune from Foo Fighters. The song appears on the band’s 2002 album One by One. It was released by the labels Roswell, RCA. You’ll notice that Dave Grohl has a very strong vocal capability when you listen to it.

A palm-muted progression with dyads opens the song. Then the main riff appears. And the chorus part includes open chords you can play easily. 

All My Life Guitar Tabs

The Sky Is A Neighborhood

Another song is coming from the band’s 2017 album Concrete and Gold. Greg Kurstin has the producer seat for this tune. It is almost like a tribute to the oldies. From the verse to the chorus, you get the classy vintage vibes.

The tune has a bluesy hard rock composition. It starts with an easy intro melody. Then shifts into distorted progressions. It also has a small outro solo at the end.

The Sky Is A Neighborhood Guitar Tabs

Times Like These

The song is also a popular track from One by One. It was recorded in 2002 in Studio 606. If you haven’t checked the BBC Allstars Quarantine video, please listen.

Play this without a capo on standard tuning. There are basically two chord progressions to learn. Go for it; you won’t regret it.

Times Like These Guitar Chords

My Hero

Another most known FF tune. It was released in 1998 and became one of the band’s classics. It is still played in every live event of the band. And Gil Norton produced it.

You’ll need a capo on the 4th fret to play this tune easily. It is in the key of E. You have to learn basic chord progressions and the main electric guitar melody.

My Hero Guitar Chords

These Days

From the 2011 album Wasting Light comes this amazing tune. It might be one of the most liked songs of the band. Check the music video directed by Wayne Isham. It’s great.

The song is written in the key of A. It contains only a couple of chords to play. Only the arpeggio part might take a little time to figure out. 

These Days Guitar Chords


This song is one of a kind! From its music video to its lyrics, it is like a bomb ready to explode. You can find it on the band’s 2017 album.

There is a very simple riff to play in between the chord progression. It is simply a great song to add to your repertoire. Don’t miss it!

Run Guitar Chords

Monkey Wrench

The band has recorded this tune in Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood. And it was released in 1997 as the first single of their album, The Colour and the Shape.

An easy main riff is the basis of the song. Besides, there are some progressions with power and open chords. It is a great song to practice palm muting.

Monkey Wrench Guitar Tabs

Big Me

One of the earliest releases of the band is from the year 1996. It is a jangle pop rock tune from the band’s self-titled album.

The whole tune is composed following a simple chord progression. Consider how the guitarist strums and when they change the chords. It might be tricky at first sight. 

Big Me Guitar Chords


The band released an album called In Your Honor in 2005. And this song is the eighth track of the record. As the producer, we see Nick Raskulinecz on this release.

This song is an absolute beginner tune to play from Foo Fighters. You can play it with only a couple of easy chords.

Resolve Guitar Chords

Saint Cecilia

In 2015 Foo Fighters released a free EP called Saint Cecilia. It was dedicated to the victims of the Paris Attacks. It includes beautiful tracks.

The tune has 3 guitar layers you can practice. One mostly plays the lead, and the others are the rhythm guitars. This track has simple but unusual guitar arrangements. So, it might be a smart choice to get new guitar skills by learning this tune. 

Saint Cecilia Guitar Tabs


In 2003 the band’s album One by One included this post-grunge tune. Jack Black and Dave Grohl do wild stuff in the official music video.

This tune should be played in Drop D Tuning. So, it would help if you tuned your low E string to D. It is not hard to play. Technically there is not much of a thing, but you need to get the feeling first.

Low Guitar Tabs


Here is a 2011 single by the band. It is from the album Wasting Light and has an alternative rock post-grunge kind of style. That year, it peaked at number one in OCC’s UK Rock and Metal chart.

The song begins with an intro guitar melody you should learn first. Then continue to the repeating main riff and the chorus section. The rest is the detailed guitar layers, like little licks or arpeggios here and there.

Arlandria Guitar Tabs


One of the greatest albums of the band Sonic Highways covers this track. It was released in 2014 and recorded in Southern Ground Studio in Nashville.

This tune is a classic Foo Fighters composition. It’s amazing to witness how this band delivers its message and emotion through a song like this. Listen carefully to the whole tune before you dig in. 

Congregation Guitar Chords

The Line

Another beauty comes from the Concrete And Gold album. The amazing Greg Kurstin is behind the audio production.

The Line has a brilliant composition and audio production behind it. You can sense that. Have a capo on the fourth fret to practice the rhythm guitar layer. It only contains 4 chords.

The Line Guitar Chords

Dear Rosemary

In 2010 the band recorded this hard rock, post-grunge song. Their album Wasting Light covers it as the third track. You should check out the band’s live Letterman performance!

This tune is a very guitar-based song. The guitar composition is very upfront, and the other instruments follow that flow. There are basically 3 layers of guitar, and you can easily play all of them.

Dear Rosemary Guitar Chords


This song was recorded for the band’s Greatest Hits album in 2009. It is considered to be a heartland rock tune. On this record, we see Butch Vig again. I love every track that the band made with Vig.

The same chord progression goes throughout the tune. It contains only 4 chords and simple strumming patterns. The guitars have amazing tones on this one.

Wheels Guitar Chords


This tune is from 2015. We see Vig as producing and Joe Walsh as a guest guitarist as well. The band recorded it in Joshua Tree, California. You can find it on the album Sonic Highways.

The tune starts with a beautiful bass walk before the guitars come. The guitars start with distorted chords first. And continues with arpeggios in the verse section. 

Outside Guitar Chords

Baker Street

Here is a cover song released in 1998. It originally belonged to Gerry Rafferty. And it was recorded in 1977. It is a very popular tune in the European rock scene.

The song is based on simple chord progressions. The original track has a remarkable saxophone riff. And on this cover version, the band plays it on guitar, and it sounds brilliant. Don’t miss the wild guitar solo at the end! 

Baker Street Guitar Chords

This Is A Call

Another tune from their self-titled album is coming from 1995. It is considered to be grunge and power pop. Allegedly Grohl finishes writing the first album in only five days.

This song has a very basic chord progression. And it sounds just perfect. Also, an outro solo has to be learned. Check out this first-ever released Foo Fighters track.

This Is A Call Guitar Tabs

No Son Of Mine

Here is a 2021 single from the legendary band. It is the 6th track of the album Medicine at Midnight. The album has great rock elements to study.

The main riff is the basis of the composition. Every other instrument follows that. The song sounds a lot like Ace of Spades from Motörhead. So, be ready for fast riffs and dirty distortions.

No Son Of Mine Guitar Chords

Summers End

The 2007 album of the band covers this tune. It is called Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace. You can find it as the 8th track on the album. 

This tune has a beautiful chord progression. It also has two guitar solos to practice. It sounds amazing. 

Summers End Guitar Chords

La Dee Da

This song is a great hard rock tune. It is included in the 2017 album Concrete and Gold. The tracks on the album are all like a remembrance of the old rock music style. And it still sounds like Foo Fighters.

The main riff is played throughout the song. Also, it has a chord progression with 3 basic chords. Don’t hesitate to add this song to your repertoire. It is very easy.

La Dee Da Guitar Chords

I Should Have Known

Check out this great classic rock ballad from the band’s 2011 album Wasting Light. We see Butch Vig again on the producer seat. The band recorded it in Dave Grohl’s house in California.

There is an arpeggio progression throughout the song. And the rhythm guitars are starting to play simple distorted chords on it. It is a very easy yet satisfying song to learn.

I Should Have Known Guitar Chords

Alone And Easy Target

One of the earliest releases of the band is coming from 1996. Their self-titled album covers it as the fourth track. This album is very grunge, and the band was still evolving its style. You can hear the Nirvana-a-like elements in it.

There are 3 riffs to this song. The intro/verse, chorus, and bridge sections must be learned. Check this tune out if you are into the band’s early years.

Alone And Easy Target Guitar Tabs

Under You

The track was released in 2023 and is one of the band’s latest releases. It is considered to be a melodic punk song. And appears on the band’s 2023 album But Here We Are. It is great to see that the band doesn’t lose any of its energy at all.

The song starts with the main guitar melody and goes into classic power chord progressions with distortion. There is also a solo part you can play easily. Pay attention to the bridge part after the solo.

Under You Guitar Tabs

Another Round

The 2005 album In Your Honor covers this song as the 4th track of its second side. You can see amazing musicians on this album collaborating with the band, such as Danny Clinch, John Paul Jones, Josh Homme, and Norah Jones.

Another Round is an acoustic tune. It has beautiful chord progressions you can practice. It is a great song to add to your repertoire. John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin is playing the mandolin on this track.

Another Round Guitar Chords

A New Way Home

The tune is from 1997. The collaboration of the labels Roswell and Capitol released it. The band recorded it in Bear Creek Studios in Washington. The studio album The Colour and the Shape includes the track.

The rhythm guitar plays the main chord progression and the strumming patterns. And the lead is arpeggiating and backing the main composition mostly. In the long outro of the song, the chorus repeats many times, and it gets faster and faster.

A New Way Home Guitar Chords


I hope you have liked this list of amazing Foo Fighters tunes. This band added so much to the heritage of rock music and its history. Checking their accomplishments and how they write music is very important.

Listen to the songs carefully before studying the tabs and chords. The key is not only being able to play the chords but delivering the feeling as well. That is how you become a better musician.

Hope this list will be a guide for you and your guitar journey in the future. You can always return to this list and add new FF songs to your repertoire! And don’t forget: All these tunes can be amazing acoustic performances, either.

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