Top 40 Famous & Easy Guitar Songs In D Standard – Tabs Included

D Standard Tuning is one of the most beautiful alternate tuning setups. It can give you a whole different perception of playing the guitar. It might change how you interact with your guitar completely, rather than just changing the pitch of the strings. 

Some guitarists prefer D Standard Tuning (D G C F A D) because it sounds much heavier. Some prefer it because of its dark, grimy blues sound. Or, because it works differently with certain guitar effects, you can create alternative tones and sounds with it. 

That’s why a whole range of genres have been created with D standard tuning. It changes how your pick-up sounds, how the vibration hits the amps and how you feel while you’re playing your guitar. 

Check this list of songs after you tune your guitar in D standard. It might feel differently at first if you are used to E standard tuning. But you’ll get used to it in time and find new approaches to playing your guitar. 

Good luck with learning these new songs, and have fun! 

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri 

A Thousand Years was written for the famous movie The Twilight Saga in 2011 and became a huge success for Christina Perri. After this soundtrack, Perri got very popular and sold 10 million copies in the United States. 

Perri’s famous soundtrack is very easy to play. It is played with open chords and sounds very smooth with an acoustic guitar. The song begins and ends with simple arpeggios. And the rest of the song is played with a simple strumming pattern: Down-Mute-Down-Up-Down-Up 

A Thousand Years Guitar Chords

Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars 

Just The Way You Are is probably one of Bruno Mars’ most popular songs. It was released in 2010 on its first studio album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans. The song was Nr.1 on Billboard lists, became very successful, and was awarded a Grammy. 

There are only 3 chords to play Just The Way You Are. The tune is originally played with a piano, but it sounds great with coherent strumming on an electric guitar.
Just The Way You Are Guitar Tabs 

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The Pretender – Foo Fighters 

The Pretender appeared on the band’s fifth album, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, in 2007. It identifies and gives the vibe of true Foo Fighters rock style and is one of my favorite Foo Fighters songs. 

Here is how you play Dave Grohl’s rhythm guitar part. The song is played with a capo on 1st fret. He originally played the rhythm with open chords and a cranked-up distortion. 

The Pretender Guitar Chords 

Come As You Are – Nirvana

Come As You Are is written by Kurt Cobain and is one of the most unforgettable songs by Nirvana for sure. Its smooth beginning yet aggressive ending reflects the feelings of a generation. 

It can be both played with an acoustic or an electric guitar. The tune is played with 5 chords only. There is a simple guitar intro you have to learn first, which is also played as an outro at the end of the song. 

Come As You Are Guitar Chords

To The Bone – Pamunkgas 

Pamunkgas is a promising multi-instrumentalist from Indonesia. He manages to work on every part of his music by himself, from recording to producing or writing to mixing & mastering. To The Bone is the artist’s most famous song. It got very successful after its release in 2019.

This tune is very easy to play. The rhythm guitar part has only 6 simple chords. It is a beautiful song for beginners. 

To The Bone Guitar Chords

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Paradise – George Ezra 

George Ezra has a great vocal sound. His song Paradise was released in 2018. Paradise was in the top ten on the lists of many countries after it appeared. 

Have your capo on the 4th fret while tuned in D standard. Paradise has a slightly fast strumming pattern; pay attention to that. Bright, jangle amp tones would be great to play this tune. 

Paradise Guitar Chords 

I Will Not Bow – Breaking Benjamin 

Everybody knows Breaking Benjamin’s song Diary of Jane, but I Will Not Bow is also a great song. The tune also appeared in Bruce Willis’ movie Surrogates in 2009. 

D standard tuning sounds perfect for this song. The tune has only 3 chords, but every instrument plays them slightly differently. If you play the electric guitar, set a coherent delay effect and high-gain distortion to play this song. 

I Will Not Bow Guitar Chords

This Is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham

This Is Amazing Grace is one of the most beautiful songs by Phil Wickham. The tune was released in 2013 and became Nr.1 on one of the Billboard charts the next year. 

This song is very easy to play. The only chords are C, F, Am, and G. They must be played as barre chords. You can either play it with an acoustic or an electric guitar. 

This Is Amazing Grace Guitar Chords

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Angel – Shaggy

Angel was released in 2000, and everybody who lived in the early 2000’s probably heard this song. Probably Shaggy’s most famous song of all time. 

Angel is very easy to play. It sounds great with an acoustic guitar in D standard tuning. The chord progression for the whole song is G, C, D, and C. Feel the vibes and the beat. You are good to go!

Angel Guitar Chords

Yesterday – The Beatles 

What a beautiful song by The Beatles is Yesterday. Paul McCartney had written and sung this tune. It was released with the band’s “Help!” album in 1965 and became popular worldwide. 

Yesterday has many chords to play, and they are shifting fastly. However, it is very easy to play them once you get the progression. All of the chords are open chords except F#m. 

Yesterday Guitar Chords

Fire And The Flood – Vance Joy

Fire And The Flood is a beautiful song by Vance Joy. He is a great singer and songwriter from Australia. The tune was released in 2015 on his first studio album, Dream Your Life Away. 

The song is played in the key of F major. It is played with an acoustic guitar. The tune is played with a beautiful arpeggio throughout the whole song. 

Fire And The Flood Guitar Tabs

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The Devil Wears A Suit And Tie – Colter Wall 

Colter Wall has an unforgettable voice and playing. The Devil Wears A Suit And Tie is one of his greatest songs. He is very young, born in 1995 but can sound so mature in his music. 

Have your capo on the 2nd fret while tuned in D standard to play this. Wall has a unique way of playing his acoustic guitar in this tune. Carefully follow his combinations of arpeggios and strummings.  

The Devil Wears A Suit And Tie Guitar Chords

Favorite Girl – Justin Bieber

Favorite Girl was originally released in 2009 on Justin Bieber’s first album, My Worlds. Before that, Bieber dedicated the song to Taylor Swift, and she used and promoted the song in her videos. 

This tune is the acoustic version he plays live on stage, tuned in D standard. Em, Am, C, and B7 are the chord progression for basically the whole song.  

Favorite Girl Guitar Chords

Hey Hey My My Out Of The Blue – Neil Young

Neil Young is a legendary player and songwriter. My My Hey Hey is one of his most beautiful and popular songs in D standard tuning. The tune was released in 1979 on the album Rust Never Sleeps. 

This song is a great combination of acoustic guitar and harmonica. The chord progression includes a main riff throughout the song, which returns between sections of the tune.

My My Hey Hey Out Of The Blue Guitar Chords

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Have I Told You Lately That I Love You – Rod Stewart 

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You is one of Rod Stewart’s best love songs. This version was released in 1993 by Stewart, but it originally belonged to Van Morrison and was recorded first in 1989.

The rhythm guitar pattern of the song can easily be played on an electric guitar with a bright, clean tone. The chords are very easy to play. They just shift fastly in certain parts of the tune; pay attention to that. 

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You Guitar Chords

If I Could Fly – One Direction 

If I Could Fly was released in 2015. The tune first appeared on the band’s first album, Made In The A.M. It is a classic One Direction-style song with a piano.

This piano-based song is composed in the key of F. It can easily be played in D standard tuning on guitar by learning its simple chord progression. 

If I Could Fly Guitar Chords

Sad Mans Tongue – Volbeat

Volbeat is a great band! They have a fusion style of metal, hard rock, and country Elvis Presley touch to them. Sad Mans Tongue is one of their popular songs released in 2007 on the Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil album. 

All Volbeat songs are in D standard tuning if you want to check the band’s other songs. The song begins with banjo compositions, then goes into high-gained distortions, power chords, and fast picking patterns. 

Sad Mans Tongue Guitar Tabs

Where Is My Mind – Milky Chance

Here is a cover version of Where Is My Mind, originally written by The Pixies and released in 1988. Everybody knows it from the famous movie Fight Club for sure. 

Milky Chance has this beautiful song cover he plays in D standard tuning. He plays it a bit differently than the original. The song consists of 3 riffs and a guitar solo, which you can find in the tabs below. 

Where Is My Mind Guitar Tabs 

The Partisan – Leonard Cohen 

The Partisan was originally written and composed by the Russian musician Anna Marly in 1943 for the French Resistance. Later in 1969, Leonard Cohen recorded his version of this beautiful anthem. So many musicians during the 60s and 70s have made versions of this tune. 

The tune is originally played with a classical guitar. There is an arpeggio pattern that Cohen is playing. And the chords are pretty simple throughout the whole song. 

The Partisan Chords

Like A Stone – Chris Cornell

Here is an acoustic version of the beautiful Audioslave song Like A Stone, sung and played by Chris Cornell. The original version of the tune was first released in 2003 on the band’s first album, Audioslave. 

Chris plays the tune with an acoustic, tuned-in D standard. Don’t open the reverb too much for this song cause it might block the singing. It has simple chord progressions and a strumming pattern like this: Down-Mute-Down-Up-Mute-Up-Down-Up

Like A Stone Guitar Chords 

Hold On – Tom Waits

Tom Waits is one of the most authentic musicians and songwriters of all time. Hold On was released in 1999 and appeared on the studio album Mule Variations—one of the most awarded albums by Tom Waits. 

This tune is played with a silent, muted strumming style. Once you get that, there are only 4 chords to play in this song. 

Hold On Guitar Chords

Aviation – The Last Shadow Puppets 

The Last Shadow Puppets is a super band that includes Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane, and James Ford. Aviation is one of their most famous songs. It was released in 2016. 

This song is played with a jangly, bright, clean electric guitar tone. The main riff melody throughout the whole song is very easy and cool to play. 

Aviation Guitar Tabs

I’m Already Gone – A Day To Remember

I’m Already Gone is a beautiful song by A Day To Remember. It was released in 2013 and appeared on the album Common Courtesy. 

The rhythm guitar plays a couple of open chords here. There are only 5 chords to play. And the lead guitar plays a simple lick that goes throughout the song. The tune is played with an acoustic guitar. 

I’m Already Gone Guitar Tabs

Dark Horses – Switchfoot

Switchfoot is a great band that has beautiful songs in D standard tuning. Dark Horses was released in 2011 and appeared on the band’s album with the same title. 

Set up your electric guitar amp to a good distortion level that suits the song. There is a strumming pattern with harmonic palm mute for this song. Follow the tabs carefully for the lead guitar melodies. The chord progression for the chorus is A, C, F, and D. 

Dark Horses Guitar Tabs

Was It 26 – Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton is very creative in his music style. And he plays the classic part of the genre very well. Here is a beautiful song of him, played in D standard tuning. Was It 26 was released in the middle of 2015. 

This tune is played with a bright, phased, clean, but aggressive guitar tone. The chords are very simple. The only thing that might be tricky is Stapleton’s little sliding melodies. 

Was It 26 Guitar Chords

Broadway – Goo Goo Dolls

Broadway was released in 2000 and appeared on the band’s 6th album Dizzy Up The Girl. It was still successful on charts, although more famous songs are on the album. 

This classic American tune is a beautiful song played in D standard tuning while having a capo on the 1st fret. There are only 6 chords to play on Broadway. 

Broadway Guitar Chords

Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is a rock legend, and Thunder Road is a great song played in D standard tuning. The tune was released in 1975 on Springsteen’s famous album Born to Run. 

The song is composed in the key of F major. Have a capo on 3rd fret. It doesn’t look very clear, but it is easy to play once you get it. The chords are just changing a bit fast. 

Thunder Road Guitar Chords

Colors Of The Wind – Vanessa Williams 

Vanessa Williams sang Colors Of The Wind for the Disney motion picture Pocahontas, in 1995. It is considered one of the most successful Disney soundtracks. 

This tune is originally played with piano and other instruments. Yet, it sounds beautiful with guitar. It has only simple open chords to play and F as a barre chord.

Colors Of The Wind Guitar Chords

Sam Stone – John Prine

John Prine is one of the most famous American country folk singers and songwriters. Sam Stone was released in 1971, and it became one of the famous songs in his album, John Prine. 

Sam Stone is played with an acoustic guitar. Prine plays country-style arpeggios and licks throughout the whole song. You can also find an easier strumming pattern to play as a rhythm guitar and sing on it.  

Sam Stone Guitar Chords 

Ritual – Ghost

Ghost is one of the most sensational and famous metal bands in modern times. They play very simple but heavy guitar parts in D standard tuning that you have to give an ear to. 

Set up a dark, doomy distortion tone for this tune. Pay attention to rhythm and the strumming pattern. The rhythm guitar plays power chords for the whole song. 

Ritual Guitar Tabs

Like I Roll – Black Stone Cherry 

Like I Roll was released in 2011 and appeared on the band’s great album Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. 

Black Stone Cherry is a great band. They have a unique, classic American rock ‘n’ roll sound. Most of their songs are written in D standard tuning. Like I Roll very easy to play. All you need is a great amp tone closer to its sound

Like I Roll Guitar Chords

Wonderwall – Cat Power 

Here is a beautiful version of Oasis’ Wonderwall by Cat Power. She has the perfect voice, and this cover version needs to be highly rated. 

She plays this in D standard with an emotional acoustic guitar sound. It is very simple. Play Am for the intro and Am, C, G, and F for the rest of the song. The time signature here is 4/4. 

Wonderwall Guitar Chords 

Lost In France – Bonnie Tyler

Lost In France is a beautiful song to play with an acoustic guitar in D standard tuning. Bonnie Tyler wrote it in 1976. It appeared on her album The World Starts Tonight. 

Lost In France is one of Tyler’s first hits and played with an acoustic guitar. Simple chords in 1st position of the keyboard are played throughout the whole song. 

Lost In France Guitar Chords

Garden Song – Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers is one of the new brilliance of modern times. She has a unique style of songwriting and guitar playing. Garden Song was released in 2020 and is played in D standard tuning. 

Garden Song looks like it needs advanced chords to play, but they are very easy once you get how you play them. You can either play the exact arpeggios or find an easier strumming pattern for yourself. Good luck!

Garden Song Guitar Chords

I Don’t Mind – Defeater

I Don’t Mind a beautiful acoustic song played in D standard tuning. I think Defeater is a very good band but underrated. The band is considered a melodic hardcore band. They usually have more aggressive sounds, but this is very smooth. 

This tune has a very easy strumming pattern. And it can easily be played with simple first-position chords. You need to pay attention to how the chords shift. 

I Don’t Mind Guitar Chords

Was It A Dream – 30 Seconds To Mars 

Besides his movie career, Jared Leto has played and sung in this beautiful band with his brother Shannon Leto. Was It A Dream is a great song released in 2005 and appeared on the band’s album A Beautiful Lie. 

The link below explains how you should play every part of the song perfectly. There are power chord riffs and simple arpeggio parts for the guitar. It is very simple and emotional at the same time. I’m sure you’ll like this song. It sounds great in D standard tuning. 

Was It A Dream Guitar Tabs

Collide – James Bay 

Collide is a very powerful song. James Bay has been writing great songs since 2013. This tune was released in 2014 and appeared on the album with the same title. 

Set up a vintage rock sound on your electric guitar amp. The main riff is played in the verse parts of the song. Besides that, the tune has only 4 chords to play. 

Collide Guitar Chords

Close Your Eyes – Young Love

Close Your Eyes is a great acoustic song from modern times. It appears on the old TV series Scrubs and their album Too Young to Fight It.

It has beautiful arpeggios throughout the whole song and is played only with very simple open chords. 

Close Your Eyes Guitar Tabs

On Track (Acoustic) – Tame Impala  

Tame Impala is one of the authentic bands of modern times. They are very creative. On Track was originally released in 2020 and appeared on the album with the same title. 

This tune is the acoustic version of the song that appeared as a YouTube music video. There are only 5 chords to play this tune and a very simple strumming pattern. 

On Track Guitar Chords

Keepsake – The Gaslight Anthem

Keepsake was released in 2012. It appeared on the band’s album Handwritten, and it is a great song. 

The main riff has been played throughout the whole song while the rhythm guitar pattern is repeated. This tune has only 4 simple chords to play. Have fun!

Keepsake Guitar Chords


As you see, so many genres, from pop to blues, heavy metal to country music, have been played in D standard tuning. This alternate tuning inspired so many musicians along the way. 

I hope you enjoyed this list of 40 songs from various genres. Most of them are written in D standard tuning, and some show how to play them in D standard tuning and sound and feel different when you are playing them. 

These are the easiest ones to play in D standard. There are so many more songs out there that might be harder to play in this tuning setup if you want to check. I wish you good luck in your guitar journey, and I hope this list finds you well and inspires you! 

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  1. Is it just me, but anytime the Capo is used, it’s no longer Standard D. The 2nd fret and that Capo is Standard E. 3rd & 4th frets and you are playing beyond Standard E. The tuning to Standard D is just easier on the guitar & strings for tension. I have a “Doom acoustic guitar”, that the string action height prefers to live at Standard D and moving the Capo around still relatively retains the string action height of the guitar set up for Standard D. Tuning to Standard D for an acoustic give you more options for available tunings, provided you aren’t required to hit the highest notes of the last few frets That is, Standard D Cape-ed at the 2nd fret is Standard E, but if your guitar has 20 frets, the Capo reduces the high range by 2 frets from 20 to 18 frets. One guitar can do it all, provided it stays in Standard D when played without the Capo. Just me, but if the entire set of strings drops down the same number of cents, very few in he audience could tell what the guitar was tuned in as the base tuning anyway. Guitars are tools to express music with, if you want to use a Capo & the same guitar for several songs in a set, go for it. a lot of folks like he bends that the lower tuning seem to be able to do easier.

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