About Rock Guitar Universe

Rock Guitar Universe is a website with a mission to be the best possible resource of information about guitars.
Whatever you are a complete beginner or an advanced player, buying your first guitar or learning amazing guitar songs, trying to fix some gear issue or looking for an easy to get product review for your next gear purchase.
You will find the information you need here!

Our Story

I (Jacob Sobolev) started Rock Guitar Universe in 2018. My mission was and still is to give guitarists of all levels the best resource I possibly can about guitars. I try to cover it all the subjects related to the guitar: learning songs, guitar techniques, reviewing gear, guitar theory, guitar maintenance, guitar tips, guitar accessories, electric guitar, acoustic guitars, etc’.

I try to dedicate the website to the Rock music genre and all its sub-genres. There is nothing wrong with playing other genres or styles but this is what I love and this is my passion. if you want to know how it all began you can read it on my about page.

Today I keep on writing and trying to give the readers the best content on the web about guitars. For the future, I plan to open a YouTube channel so I can be even more helpful with your guitar journey.

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