Top 55 Famous&Easy Punk Guitar Songs For Beginners – Tabs Included

Punk is one of the most entertaining music genres, with people cramming together and jumping all over each other. As a type of simple rock with short yet aggressive melodies, high volume guitar tones loaded with a lot of distortion, basic arrangements, and high paced tempo, the genre is characterized in the music industry for its independent and countercultural attitude.

On the other hand, punk tunes are the perfect songs to play for beginner guitarists. They are mostly played with quick-strummed power chords and basic riffs. The tunes are great for your left hand to get comfortable on the fretboard with basic movements and excellent for your right hand to gain stamina and pace. Above all, as the tunes are aggressive and high-tempo, playing them and feeling like a punk star is of utmost fun.

Mastering these tunes will add a decent variety to your repertoire, and you will have the chance to learn some new techniques and playing styles. Just grab your instrument, turn up your distortion and enjoy playing these iconic punk pieces.

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Centuries – Fall Out Boy

Released in 2014, the pop-punk tune Centuries by the American punk band Fall Out Boy is one of the most listened to punk tunes in history. 

The tune features lovely yet basic riffs and solos along with easy to play power chords. It has everything beginner guitarists would need to have fun and progress with their technique.

Centuries Guitar Tabs

I Miss You – Blink-182

I Miss You is one of the most-sold punk songs by the American punk band Blink-182, released in 2004. The tune features basic riffs that are played initially by piano and power chords with slides in between.

This is one of the slower-tempo punk tunes, which can be great to get used to the style and techniques.

I Miss You Guitar Tabs

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All The Small Things – Blink-182

One of the greatest hits of Blink-182 is All The Small Things from 2000, which is also one of the biggest hits in punk history.

It is an utterly easy-to-play tune with power chords and straightforward melodies. The only thing you need to do is to play the tune fast.

All The Small Things Guitar Tabs

Misery Business – Paramore

Released in 2007, Misery Business is a hit punk song by the American alternative rock band Paramore. The tune is also remembered with its fantastic video clip, besides its catchy melody and deep lyrics.

You can play the tune with power chords and some single-note transitions; it is a straightforward piece to learn.

Misery Business Guitar Tabs

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Welcome To The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

Welcome To The Black Parade is a great punk tune from 2006 by the American rock band My Chemical Romance. It was selected as the top 100 songs of 2006 by Billboard magazine.

Along with the straightforward power chords, you can learn and master the piano melody partitions and basic solos the tune features.

Welcome To The Black Parade Guitar Tabs

American Idiot – Green Day

2004 hit song American Idiot by the American pop-punk band is one of the most known and listened to tunes of the punk scene. With the controversial lyrics along with the iconic melodies, this is a great tune to add to your repertoire. 

The tune can be played with power chords; just be careful with the rhythm and enjoy the song.

American Idiot Guitar Tabs

Crushcrushcrush – Paramore

Released in 2007, Crushcrushcrush is another great punk tune by the American band Paramore. You can play the tune with two-note and three-note power chords with a basic yet quick rhythm. It is an utterly entertaining piece to play.

Crushcrushcrush Guitar Tabs

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The Kids Aren’t Alright – The Offspring

The most famous song of the American punk-rock band The Offspring is The Kids Aren’t Alright remembered by the great performance of the lead singer and guitarist of the band Dexter Holland. The iconic tune had its place in the top 10 charts immediately after its release.

The tune offers many great parts to play, from the iconic intro to its easy-to-play solo. With power chords, quick tempo, and instrumental sections, it is an excellent piece to add to the repertoire.

The Kids Aren’t Alright Guitar Tabs

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy

Released in 2007, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs is the most-known piece of the pop-rock band Fall Out Boy. The song peaked top 10 in many music charts with the help of its fantastic video clip.

This tune is great to practice the palm muting technique as the song features a high tempo and steady palm-muted riffs.

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs Guitar Tabs

Sugar We’re Going Down – Fall Out Boy

Another Fall Out Boy piece, Sugar We’re Going Down, is one of the easiest tunes to learn on this list. The entire song can be played with stray strummed three-note power chords, which make the song extremely easy to play.

Sugar We’re Going Down Guitar Tabs

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Holiday – Green Day

Another popular Green Day tune, Holiday, is an excellent choice for beginner guitarists, thanks to its simple structure and easy partitions. Most of the tunes can be played with power chords along with an easy solo.

The main riff is also quite simple, with single notes and a high tempo.

Holiday Guitar Tabs

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? – The Clash

The iconic tune of The Clash, Should I Stay Or Should I Go, one of the first punk tunes to reach number one in British charts. Released in 1982, the iconic tune is excellent to learn for newbie guitarists with its easy riff and entertaining parts. 

The tune is played with open chords with mutes in between. So listen to the rhythm carefully to get the hang of it.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Guitar Tabs

When I Come Around – Green Day

Released in 1995, When I Come Around by Green Day is one of the most successful punk tunes ever released. The piece can be played with power chords and a fast-paced strum pattern.

The solo is also beginner-friendly, which you can try to play after mastering the riffs.

When I Come Around Guitar Tabs

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What’s My Age Again – Blink 182

What’s My Age Again is one of the most successful tunes of the Californian band Blink 182. The piece is remembered with its arpeggiated intro and interlude sections, along with its classic punk style riffs.

It is an easy song with simple arpeggios, two-note power chords, and simple single-note interlude sections.

What’s My Age Again Guitar Tabs

The Anthem – Good Charlotte

Released in 2003, The Anthem by Good Charlotte is a fantastic punk tune with classic punk style riffs with a bit of funky flavor. That means you will use mutes, stops, staccatos, and palm mute techniques to play the tune, which makes it more fun to play.

The Anthem Guitar Tabs

Dammit – Blink 182

Blink 182’s Dammit is the band’s first international success which achieved outstanding results in US charts. It is an easy-to-play tune with power chords and single-note instrumental partitions. Besides the plenty of distortion that punk tones need, you can add some chorus to your tone for this piece.

Dammit Guitar Tabs

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Dear Maria Count Me In – All Time Low

The pop-punk tune Dear Maria Count Me In by the American punk band All Time Low is another great punk piece to add to your repertoire. It is a pretty straightforward piece to play with a high tempo, plenty of distortion, and steady-strummed power chords. 

Dear Maria Count Me In Guitar Tabs

Self Esteem – The Offspring

Released in 1994, Self Esteem is one of the best tunes of the punk band The Offspring. Thanks to its impressive lyrics, high tempo, and catchy lines, it topped the charts in many European countries.

You can play this tune easily with two-note power chords.

Self Esteem Guitar Tabs

Dig Up Her Bones – Misfits

The American punk rock band Misfits’ one of the most famous songs is Dig Up Her Bones, released in 1997. The tune features two-note power chords with slides in between and single note transitions at the end of the bars. It is a classic-style punk song that is a joy to play with a heavily distorted tone.

Dig Up Her Bones Guitar Tabs

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Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard

Released in 2004, Ocean Avenue is the most successful hit of the American punk band Yellowcard. It is a classic punk piece with power chords, plenty of distortion, and a  high tempo. The only difference is that it is played with a drop D tuning.

Ocean Avenue Guitar Tabs

Oh Love – Green Day

Another great Green Day piece of learning and master is Oh Love from 2012. It is a pretty straightforward song to play with power chords and an introductory solo on higher strings. The only thing to be aware of is the mutes in the rhythm. As the tempo is high, you have to listen to the song carefully to replicate the rhythmic aspect.

Oh, Love Guitar Tabs

Pretty Fly For A White Guy – The Offspring

The 1998 hit song by the American punk band The Offspring topped the charts immediately after its release in many countries like the U.S.A. and the U.K. The song is played with three-note power chords and is great to get more comfortable on the fretboard as it features power chords on different strings and positions.

Pretty Fly For A White Guy Guitar Tabs

Brain Stew – Green Day

Brain Stew is another great Green Day song from 1996, a great punk rock piece for newbie guitarists. It is a basic song with only five power chords and short transitions. It is also the perfect song to play with your amateur band as it is fun and easy to play.

Brain Stew Guitar Tabs

My Friends Over You – New Found Glory

My Friends Over You by the American punk band New Found Glory is a famous piece, especially in England, from 2002. Thanks to the low quantity of power chords and basic rhythmic pattern, it is one of the most straightforward tunes to play on this list.

My Friends Over You Guitar Tabs

God Save The Queen – Sex Pistols

One of the most controversial pınk songs ever written was God Save The Queen in 1977 by the British punk pioneers Sex Pistols. The anarchic iconic lyrics, Sid Vicious’s crazy vocals, heavily distorted guitars, and loud music created a trend in the UK, and the audience loved the music.

It is pretty easy to play this iconic tune with basic rhythm and chords and the iconic slide in the riff.

God Save The Queen Guitar Tabs

One Way Or Another – Blondie

Blondie’s famous One Way Or Another may not be precisely a punk tune but has some influences from the genre. This 1979 song has been used as the soundtrack of many movies, making the tune famous in modern days. 

It is an ideal tune for beginners as it is pretty straightforward to play with power chords. Just be aware of the mutes and the rhythm.

One Way Or Another Guitar Tabs

Blitzkrieg Bop – Ramones

Blitzkrieg Bop is the most famous song of the punk band The Ramones from the ’70s. The song is considered an essential milestone for punk’s evolution.

With only three power chords used, it is a straightforward song to play. The tune created the genre’s characteristics with the fast-paced, catchy rhythms and loud guitars.

Blitzkrieg Bop Guitar Tabs

Holiday In Cambodia – Dead Kennedys

The 1980 hit song, Holiday In Cambodia, by the punk band Dead Kennedys, is another political punk tune that can be added to the newbie guitarists’ repertoire. The song is mainly played with single-note melodies with some tremendous instrumental interludes and transitions.

Holiday In Cambodia Guitar Tabs

In Bloom – Neck Deep

Released in 2017, In Bloom is the hit punk tune by the Welsh band Neck Deep. It is a classic-style punk piece with power chords, high gain, loud drums, and a high tempo. The tune offers great lead guitar parts with power chord-filled rhythmic parts for every level guitarist.

In Bloom Guitar Tabs

I Wanna Be Sedated – Ramones

One of the most famous tunes of the punk rock pioneers Ramones is I Wanna Be Sedated from 1978. It has every fundamental you expect from a punk tune with palm mutes, power chords, and fast-paced steady strums.

I Wanna Be Sedated Guitar Tabs

American Jesus – Bad Religion

Released in 1993, American Jesus by the American punk rock band Bad Religion is yet another famous political punk tune. The song is quite entertaining yet straightforward to learn and play with its basic intro riff and fast-paced power chords.

American Jesus Guitar Tabs

Anarchy In The UK – Sex Pistols

Another iconic punk tune from the British punk giants Sex Pistols is Anarchy In The UK from 1977. As with most of the Sex Pistols tunes, this one is highly political and controversial, which suits the punk soul perfectly.

The riffs of the tune are quite easy with standard punk style three-note power chords. You can try your chances with the short solo if you want to.

Anarchy In The UK Guitar Tabs

The Hell Song – Sum 41

The most famous song of the Canadian rock band Sum 41 is Hell Song, released in 2003. The punk tune is played with only four power chords with different strum patterns, such as palm mutes and high-paced punk style steady strums. If you play with a friend, one of you can play the lead melodies while the other strums the chords.

The Hell Song Guitar Tabs

Right Back At It Again – A Day To Remember

The 2013 punk tune, Right Back At It Again by the American rock band A Day To Remember, is a great punk piece to learn for beginner guitarists. It features classic punk style power chord riffs, basic lead guitar melodies, and instrumental bridge sections that are a joy to play with high gain.

Right Back At It Again Guitar Tabs

I Feel So – Box Car Racer

The debut single of the punk band Box Car Racer, I Feel So is a great pop-punk tune perfect for newbie guitarists. It features a basic structure with power chord riffs and basic single-note verses—a piece of cake for any guitarist.

I Feel So Guitar Tabs

99 Red Balloons – Goldfinger

The punk cover of Nena’s famous 99 Luftballons by Goldfinger was a hit in Europe in the early 2000s. It is a fun song to learn and play with two-note power chords and many slides along with easy solo partitions. There are clean and high-gain partitions which you will require a footswitch or a pedal to play smoothly.

99 Red Balloons Guitar Tabs

Jaime All Over – Mayday Parade

The 2007 hit tune, Jaime All Over by Mayday Parade, sits somewhere between alternative indie rock and punk. It features some nice rhythmic backing guitar partitions with power chords and mutes, along with lovely lead guitar sections.

Jaime All Over Guitar Tabs

Pretty Vacant – Sex Pistols

Another iconic Sex Pistols piece, Pretty Vacant, is one of the band’s first singles released in 1977. It is the first tune the band achieved success in the music charts. Like the rest of Sex Pistols tunes, the piece features high-tempo, high-gain power chords and nice lead guitar transitions.

Pretty Vacant Guitar Tabs

Teenage Kicks – The Undertones

Teenage Kicks is the debut single by the Northern Irish punk rock band The Undertones from 1978. It is one of the easiest tunes to play on this list as it features four power chords in the main riff and three more on the chorus. That is all you need to play this song.

Teenage Kicks Guitar Tabs

Can’t Kick Up The Roots – Neck Deep

The punk tune from 2015, Can’t Kick Up The Roots by the punk band Neck Deep, can be a great addition to your punk repertoire. You can play the rhythm guitar parts with various power chords, which is great for getting more comfortable on the fretboard.

Can’t Kick Up The Roots Guitar Tabs

Secrets – State Champs

The 2015 punk tune Secrets by the American rock band State Champs is a perfect tune to learn for newbie players. The piece is played with lovely single-note riffs and punk-style power chords with high gain.

Secrets Guitar Tabs

Defy You – The Offspring

Defy You is the hit punk song by the American punk rock band The Offspring released in 2001. The piece has a basic structure with straightforward high-tempo strummed punk power chords. It is an excellent song for absolute beginners to learn.

Defy You Guitar Tabs

Astro Zombies – Misfits

Inspired by the same-named movie in 1968, Astro Zombies is the punk tune by Misfits released in 1982. This is an excellent piece for getting familiar with the punk style, fast-paced three-note power chords as the tune feature various positions.

Astro Zombies Guitar Tabs

Sheena Is Punk Rocker – Ramones

Sheena Is A Punk Rocker is another punk hit by one of the first punk rock bands in history, The Ramones. The song has a high tempo with a cleaner tone, unlike many other punk songs. It is a pretty easy-to-play tune, of course, with power chords.

Sheena Is Punk Rocker Guitar Tabs

Re-Education (Through Labor) – Rise Against

Re-Education (Through Labor) is the melodic hardcore tune by the American punk rock band Rise Against released in 2008. With palm mutes, power chords, and single-note interludes with lead guitar parts, it is entertaining to learn and master.

Re-Education (Through Labor) Guitar Tabs

The Best Thing That Never Happened – We Are The In Crowd

The Best Thing That Never Happened by We Are The In Crowd is a lovely punk tune from 2014. You will need to tune your guitar to Drop D tuning to play this piece, which is the most challenging part of the process. The rest is straightforward, with power chords and fun-to-play rhythmic mutes in between.

The Best Thing That Never Happened Guitar Tabs

Nervous Breakdown – Black Flag

The American hardcore punk band Black Flag’s debut single Nervous Breakdown from the same-named EP in 1979 is one of the lesser-known punk gems. The piece entirely consists of power chords that are easy to play.

Nervous Breakdown Guitar Tabs

I Don’t Love You Anymore – Real Friends

Released in 2014, I Don’t Love You Anymore is a tremendous pop-punk tune by the pop-rock band Real Friends. It is an easy-to-play piece that offers a power chord, single note interlude, and palm-muted rhythmically lovely partitions.

I Don’t Love You Anymore Guitar Tabs

Gum – Moose Blood

Moose Blood’s most famous single, a  Gum, is yet another punk tune ideal for beginner guitarists. The tune is played with power chord variations with added open strings. It is a lovely song to practice different power chord techniques and playing styles.

Gum Guitar Tabs

White Riot – The Clash

White Riot is a famous punk piece by the English punk rock band the Clash, released in 1977. It features a moderate tempo, slower than the classic punk tunes. Plus, it has a lovely rhythmic aspect influenced by funky rhythms along with its pretty basic solo that is perfect for beginner guitarists to learn.

White Riot Guitar Tabs

Subliminal – Suicidal Tendencies

Released in 1983, Subliminal is a lesser-known tune by the American hardcore punk band Suicidal Tendencies. The tune is played with a heavily distorted electric guitar, lots of palm-muted power chords, and the main riff with slides and barre chords.

Subliminal Guitar Tabs

Shadowplay – Joy Division

Shadowplay is the famous 70’s punk song by the English rock band Joy Division which was later covered by The Killers. The song can be played with a combination of open chords and power chords. Newbie guitarists can also try to play the first solo, which is pretty straightforward.

Shadowplay Guitar Tabs

Rock Bottom – Modern Baseball

Modern Baseball’s Rock Bottom is one of the intermediate-level tunes on the list. It isn’t too difficult, but it requires you to show all the techniques you’ve learned, such as vibratos, bends, legatos, and mutes. The rhythm guitar parts are pretty straightforward with classic punk-style power chords.

Rock Bottom Guitar Tabs

Reckless Abandon – Blink 182

The 2001 punk hit Reckless Abandon by the famous punk band Blink 182 is another easy punk tune ideal for beginners. It can be played with only four power chords and a more than easy riff consisting of 6 notes.

Reckless Abandon Guitar Tabs

New Rose – The Damned

As it is considered the first punk single from a British punk band, New Rose by The Damned has a historical significance. Released in 1976, New Rose is a great punk tune with a redefinition of rock n roll with more gain, louder, more aggressive playing styles, and basic song structures. You can play the entire song easily with basic power chords.

New Rose Guitar Tabs


With its controversial and political lyrics, aggressive guitar tones, drum grooves, loud playing styles, punk is one of the most entertaining genres to play solo on an instrument or with friends as a band. It is one of the easiest genres to play, thanks to the basic structures of the songs, which makes them perfect to learn and master for beginner guitarists.

As the motivation, inspiration, lyrics, and philosophy behind the music are more important than the technique or compositions in the punk genre, you can master these tunes easily and quickly to add to your repertoire. It is undoubtedly enjoyable to play these tunes loudly with heavy distortion, feeling like a punk star.

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