Top 30 Easy Disney Songs To Learn On The Guitar – Tabs Included

Disney is a significant franchise that is popular among both kids and adults. Nobody can imagine Disney movies, cartoons, and series without music. That’s the element that gives them magic. Those songs tell stories, and they became hits worldwide. 

A Disney former, Walt Disney, loved art in general. Therefore, he loved music, so he created a magical world of movies and music that helps people to escape from reality. He believed that music brings animation to life, and he was right. The Disney Studio composes the music that fits the scenes, so every piece has its specific song. There is an interesting fact – musical dramatists are brought in by the studio first to write the song, and then they collaborate with the animation team to bring those songs to life. 

Disney creations have touched the lives of people and everything – thanks to music. Many Disney songs are easy to learn and perform and deserve to be on your list. 

We Don’t Talk About Bruno – Encanto 

Featured in Disney’s 2021 animated feature movie Encanto and tells the story of Mirabel, who is the only member of the Madrigal family that doesn’t have a magical gift. Social media is flooded with posts about how much they love We Don’t Talk About Bruno, and some memes talk about the song being present everywhere. 

It’s set in the key of C minor and includes seven chords that are quite easy to learn. Transitions between chords and barre chords may be hard for you if you are a beginner. Therefore, you need to practice a bit, and if you finally learn it, you’re definitely going to gain more skills for future playing.

We Don’t Talk About Bruno Guitar Chords 

Let It Go – Frozen 

Let It Go is a song from the 2013 Disney piece called Frozen. It remains one of the greatest successes, and numbers of downloads and YouTube views tell everything about it. A reason for this significant success is the fact that people take the whole story personally. They find themselves in every word, and that helps them to survive their hard times. Nobody’s perfect, and the pressure about being it is so hard to deal with, so stop holding yourself to someone else’s idea of perfect – that’s the song’s message. 

It’s an absolute-beginner song as it includes easy chords – Em, C, G, D, and Am. Chords transitions are easy, and you will learn them very soon. 

Let It Go Guitar Chords 

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Try Everything – Zootopia

Shakira recorded Try Everything as a theme song of the 2016 Disney animated movie Zootopia. She also provided the voice for the movie character called Gazelle. The song was written by Sia and Stargate and was nominated for a Grammy Award, and that’s not weird – this songwriting team and the singer are stunning! 

This Disney song is not hard to learn as it includes a C-F-G-Am chord progression. It doesn’t require challenging transitions. A problem may be the only barre chord in the song, but practice makes everything in the right place. 

Try Everything Guitar Chords 

Under The Sea – The Little Mermaid 

Featured in the 1989 Disney creation The Little Mermaid. It talks about a crab imploring a popular mermaid Ariel to stay in the sea and become a human to spend life with Prince Eric. Therefore, the whole story describes a doubt between two worlds – the one with freedom in the sea and the second world full of mess and challenges but filled with love. Many TV series used the song for the closing credits. 

It’s in the key of C major and in a 4/4 time signature. And most of the time, it’s one-note playing, and fingers movements are minimal. In that case, even novice players can easily perform it and use it as a practice. 

Under The Sea Guitar Tabs 

Beauty And The Beast – Beauty And The Beast

The movie Beauty And The Best was premiered in 2017 and received a lot of positive reviews. It’s a story about transformation and tolerance and talks about a young woman Belle and the young prince being the beast under the spell of an enchantress. He needs to learn how to love so the spell can vanish. 

This amazing tale includes easy chords – G, C, D, Em, and it’s great for absolute beginners because it doesn’t require any of the advanced skills. You can play the melody while the other player does fingerpicking. 

Beauty And The Beast Guitar Tabs 

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We Know The Way – Moana 

We Know The Way is a song that beautifies Disney’s animated adventure called Moana. It teaches Moana about her past and emphasizes the message about identity all the time. It’s one of the best songs that was created in the Mouse House studio. 

This power ballad is set in 4/4 time signature and includes an easy A-D-E-F#m chord progression. It also includes Polynesian and Broadway sounds. Play a down-down-down-up-down-up strumming pattern along with the chords and enjoy this lovely story. 

We Know The Way Guitar Chords 

Lava – Lava

Lava is a love story set to a same-name song, and it was inspired by the beauty of tropical islands and the allure of volcanoes. The lonely volcano Uku is pretty sad and wishes to find someone to love. As he sings the Lava song, a female volcano Lele hears him, and at the end, Uku is no longer alone and lost as he finds his true love. 

Nobody can feel neutral while listening to this song – it warms our hearts and makes us appreciate our beloved ones more. The song is set in common time and requires C, G, and F along with a down-down-up-down-up-down-up strumming pattern.

Lava Guitar Chords 

Do You Want To Build A Snowman – Frozen

Do You Want To Build A Snowman is a song featured in the 2013 Disney animated movie, Frozen. It is sung by the character called Anna in three different ages – when she was five, nine, and fifteen. She was convincing Elsa to start playing and at least leave her room after her parents’ death. It’s a nice story that melts everyone’s hearts. 

The song is so easy to learn and play. It includes G, D, A, and E7. This seventh chord is a beginner-friendly one, as it doesn’t look that much different from the E major – everything is the same except the ring finger is off the fretboard. 

Do You Want To Build A Snowman Guitar Chords

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If Only – Descendants

If Only is a song from the movie Descendants and was performed by a singer and actress called Dove Cameron. It is about the girl expressing her feelings and realizing she fell in love. Therefore, the song is an internal monologue.  It has received positive reviews from critics and the audience. 

It’s a mid-tempo ballad, and it’s suitable even for absolute beginners. Play Em, C, D, Am, and G, and enjoy this beautiful Disney song. 

If Only Guitar Chords 

Part Of Your World – The Little Mermaid

Written for the 1989 Disney movie called The Little Mermaid. The singer is the main character, a little mermaid called Ariel, and it’s about her being tired of her life under the sea. It was covered by many artists, including Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Carly Rae Jepsen, and even Apple used this song for their tablet commercial.

It’s in a moderately-bright tempo, and you can hear a stunning, whispering singing voice. Part Of Your World is a beginner song with no challenging fingers movements or double stops

Part Of Your World Guitar Tabs 

Un Poco Loco – Coco

Un Poco Loco appeared in 2017 as part of the animated movie Coco. In English, the song is called A Little Crazy. The verse text is in English, and repeated lines are in Spanish. All of that makes the song more interesting. In the movie, the song was performed during a talent show, and the prize for a winner is meeting a popular Ernesto De La Cruz. 

The song instantly makes everyone dance,  it’s full of repetitive sequences, and therefore, it’s really easy to learn it. Play basic chords only, along with an easy down-down-up strumming pattern, and feel the rhythm. 

Un Poco Loco Guitar Chords 

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Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ – Teen Beach Movie 

It’s a song from the 2013 movie called Teen Beach Movie, and it is its signature song. The music video has garnered over 145 million views on YouTube, which is evidence of how popular the song is, even isolated from the movie. You can even see some kids who grew up watching Teen Beach Movie still sing this song to this today. 

Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ is a mixture of  Beach Boys’ elements and Broadway show tunes. It’s catchy, and you won’t regret it if you include it in your repertoire. 

Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ Guitar Chords 

All I Want – High School Musical

Featured in the fourth episode of the first High School Musical Series season. Olivia Rodrigo, a well-known Disney star, performed this uplifting song which talks about a break-up and yearning for the love that never ends. The song was also included on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart because of being so perfect. 

It’s an absolute-beginner song that requires four basic chords – G, C, D, and Em. You need a capo on the 2nd fret to sound like a recording version. 

All I Want Guitar Chords 

A Whole New World – Aladdin

A Whole New World is a key song from the Mouse House movie called Aladdin. The song describes Aladdin showing the confined princess the beauty of freedom while riding on a magic carpet over the town. It won a Grammy and many more awards. Also, several artists covered the song in the Spanish language.

This amazing ballad is a pure masterpiece. It includes repetitive sequences, and therefore, the song is really easy to learn.

A Whole New World Guitar Tabs 

Better In Stereo – Liv And Maddie 

Better In Stereo is a theme song for Disney’s creation Liv And Maddie. Dove Cameron, a Disney star, performed the song as she plays the role of two main characters in this series. This Disney song won many hearts as it’s catchy and means a new Liv And Maddie episode. 

This song is for everyone – even absolute beginners can play it. You don’t need any special skills to perform the song – just play G, C, Em, and D, along with an easy strumming pattern. 

Better In Stereo Guitar Chords 

I See The Light – Tangled

Written for Disney’s 2010 animated feature movie called Tangled. It is a duet performed by Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, two main characters. Rapunzel sings about the happiness she feels because of achieving her dream to see the floating lanterns. 

It’s a mid-tempo ballad with a combination of folk, classical, and pop music. It’s perfect for an absolute-beginner repertoire, as it includes four basic open chords and nothing more. 

I See The Light Guitar Chords 

I Just Can’t Wait To Be The King – The Lion King

I Just Can’t Wait To Be The King is a 1994 song written by Elton John and Tim Rice. Rice said they were just thinking about kids playing games, and that’s how the song was created. It is performed somewhere at the beginning of the movie The Lion King. It became one of the most memorable Disney songs of all time. 

This innocent, lighthearted thing is so easy to play and sing. It includes basic chords – D, G, Em, and A and transitions between them are not hard at all. 

I Just Can’t Wait To Be The King Guitar Chords 

Reflection – Mulan 

A song called Reflection is such an important moment for Disney’s animated movie called Mulan. The song was performed by Christina Aguilera, and believe it or not – it gave her so much popularity. One teenager came to the song creators and said Reflection saved his life. He didn’t want to live anymore because he had a lot of problems and thoughts but no courage to tell his parents. 

This uplifting song includes one-note playing most of the time. Fingers movements are not tricky, and beginners can enjoy the song and its power. 

Reflection Guitar Tabs 

You Can’t Stop The Girl – Maleficent 2

Featured in a 2019 Disney movie Maleficent. Bebe Rexha, a popular singer, used her voice to perform this amazing, empowering, and supportive song that every girl loves to hear – it speaks up for all the women who are being mistreated. 

It’s a song with four basic chords only and requires no special skills – everyone can play it with no struggling. 

You Can’t Stop The Girl Guitar Chords 

Introducing Me – Camp Rock 2:The Final Jam

Introducing Me is a song recorded by Nick Jonas for the Disney movie called Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. It talks about a narrator’s struggle to open up to the girl he likes. Jonas also performed this song at his concert and won fans’ hearts. The song even entered the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, which is amazing and a huge success for both Disney Studio and the singer. 

You need a standard tuning for this song, a capo on the 3rd fret, and four basic chords – G, D, Em, and C. If you are a beginner, switch between chords a bit with downstrokes only. Then, go for the whole song. 

Introducing Me Guitar Chords 

Ordinary Girl – Hannah Montana

Ordinary Girl is a song by an actress and singer Miley Cyrus, the main character of the Disney creation, called Hannah Montana. It talks about Hannah Montana’s success and popularity as a singer. But, underneath the fame, she is just an ordinary girl. That is a strong message that supports both famous people and ordinary people. 

The song is a favorite among teenagers, but grown-ups also appreciate its message, so it is often on their playlist. You will need basic open chords for this song and a bit of practice to sound clear and avoid fret buzz. 

Ordinary Girl Guitar Chords 

Gotta Go My Own Way – High School Musical

It’s the seventh song sung in the Disney teenage movie called High School Musical. It’s about a girl who doesn’t like the relationship with her boyfriend anymore, so she decides to break up. The song is full of sadness but also determination and rational thinking. It was performed by High School Musical characters called Gabriella and Troy. 

Put a capo on the second fret and play Em, C, G, D, and Am. Practice switching between chords and synchronizing your hands. 

Gotta Go My Own Way Guitar Chords 

The Best Of Both Worlds – Hannah Montana

The Best Of Both Worlds was the theme for the Disney TV series Hannah Montana. A performer is a well-known singer and songwriter, Miley Cyrus and this song became her signature one. The song talks about the benefits of the girl living a double life – being popular and a regular teenager at the same time. 

It’s a mixture of dance, rock, and country elements, and it’s set in 4/4 time signature, more known as common time. You need to know basic chords only to play this song. 

The Best Of Both Worlds Guitar Chords 

You Are The Music In Me – High School Musical

Released in 2007 as part of a Disney movie High School Musical. It was performed twice during the movie and soon became popular among teenagers and grown-ups. It was also included on the UK Singles Charts, too. 

This love song is suitable even for players who have just entered the guitar world. You don’t have to be a pro to learn this song – you only need some basic open chords and a will for learning it. 

You Are The Music In Me Guitar Chords 

She’s So Gone – Lemonade Mouth

She’s So Gone is a song created in Disney Studio and performed by a fictional band, Lemonade Mouth, in the movie of the same name. It talks about a girl who has gone through some kind of metamorphosis from a shy girl to a person with self-confidence. 

It’s set in 4/4 time signature and requires no barre chords or challenging fingers placement. You only need to play downstrokes along with G, Em7, C, D, and Em. This mentioned seventh chord is not hard at all – tune your guitar, place your index finger on the fifth string on the 2nd fret, and you’re ready.

She’s So Gone Guitar Chords 

Remember Me – Coco

Remember Me is a signature song of the 2017 animated feature movie called Coco. It is described as a tie that binds multiple generations in the shared love of music. The song won many awards and was also nominated for the Golden Globe and Grammy. 

The first part of the song is played on the first five frets on the fretboard. Later, it needs to be played a little higher, up to the 10th fret. 

Remember Me Guitar Tabs 

Me, Myself And Time – Sonny With A Chance

At the end of the Sonny With A Chance episode called Sonny With A Song, the track Me, Myself And Time was performed by Demi Lovato, who plays the role of the main character in this TV series. Right after the first appearance, the song became a worldwide hit. 

The song is so easy to play, and if you like it but you’re a newbie guitarist, don’t worry – practice basic chords and switch between them, and you’ll soon be able to perform it perfectly. 

Me, Myself And Time Guitar Chords 

Sally’s Song – The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Sally’s Song is performed by Sally Finklestein, the main character in the Mouse House movie called The Nightmare Before Christmas. It soon became popular among kids, teens, and grown-ups. Because of its unique sound, many artists decided to record a cover version. The song even appeared in the video game Oogie’s Revenge. 

It’s a great song for absolute beginners to practice fingers movements and speed for the future and more complex songs and solos. It’s one of the easiest songs to learn but also one of the most beautiful ones! 

Sally’s Song Guitar Tabs 

Stuck On You – Austin And Ally

Stuck On You is a song featured in Austin And Ally’s episode called Critics&Confidence. The song is really goofy, nice, and full of love and desire for a girl. It’s about two main characters – Austin sings it to Ally while looking at her and having big stage fright for some time. 

It’s set in common time and requires open chords and an easy down-up-down-up strumming pattern. Put a capo on the 2nd fret to sound more like Austin. 

Stuck On You Guitar Chords 

The Phony King Of England – Robin Hood 

It’s the third song from the animated feature movie called Robin Hood. It was sung by Little John, honoring Robin Hood’s engagement and his heroine. During the song, Hood’s friends are dancing, and they are also entertained by a puppet show. It’s not a love song – it’s some kind of a protest to Prince John’s taxation and the future financial crisis that will disappear thanks to their hero Robin Hood. 

This Disney song is a two-chord song, which makes it one of the easiest songs to memorize and play. 

The Phony King Of England Guitar Chords 


Nobody can imagine Disney creations without music because it gives them magic and brings the animation to life. Those songs have touched the lives of the people, and they will live in their hearts forever. 

Most of these songs require basic, open chords and an easy strumming pattern. So, if you are new in the guitar world, consider learning some of Disney songs first – you will elongate your repertoire and be prepared for the next-level songs. 

Another reason to choose these songs is that they can revive memories from your childhood and the times when you were happy, peaceful, and satisfied about the next Disney TV series episode.

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