Top 30 Famous & Easy Spanish Guitar Songs – Tabs Included

It is very important to have different music and styles in your repertoire to grow your guitar skills. Spanish music is another one to spend time with. Here are many songs from different genres and decades from Latino regions for you!

Listen to the music carefully before you dig into them. Spanish styles can differ from traditional English songs we all listen to today. From reggaeton to flamenco, there are so many approaches to their music.

The chord progressions and the guitar compositions are traditionally more complex, and their timings can differ in various genres.

Spanish music is based on amazing classical guitar structures. Of course, it evolved and changed over time, but you can still get the sense of its roots while listening to the latest releases.

So, take your guitar and the chance to dive into this world of Latino music and how you can play the tunes on your favorite instrument. Good luck and have fun! 

Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira

In 2006, she released this Latin pop, reggaeton tune, and her career grew unstoppably. Her album Oral Fixation, Vol.2, featured this famous song. This tune is almost the reason she is known worldwide. Sony Music backed her up on this one.

This track is a beginner song that every guitarist can play with a capo on the 1st fret. It includes 4 basic chords to play. A simple arpeggio starts playing as the intro at the beginning. And there is only one main chord progression that goes throughout the tune. It is the same for the choruses and the verses.

Hips Don’t Lie Guitar Chords

Vivir Mi Vida – Marc Anthony

This tune is the famous bolero pop star’s most loved and known song. His album 3.0 featured Vivir Mi Vida in 2013, and it has Sony Music Latin by its side as a label. With this one, he won the best salsa album of the year at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

The song is considered a salsa, tropical, or bolero tune and has a tempo and rhythm accordingly. It also requires a capo on the first fret. Listen closely to the beats because it might be tricky to strum in the first place if you are not used to this kind of rhythm.

Vivir Mi Vida Guitar Chords

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Sofia – Alvaro Soler 

He is a Spanish-German musician and has been very popular in the pop scene in recent years. This track was released in April 2016. With the huge promotion of Universal Music and Sony, his album Eterno Agosto came to life and featured this same track.

The tune is a folk-pop, Latin pop song that you can play with a capo on the second fret if you want to match the original sound. You can, of course, transpose it to be able to sing it easier. The song includes two main progressions and a simple strumming pattern you can use for the whole track.

Sofia Guitar Chords

La Tortura – Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz

Another milestone in Shakira’s music career and fame is this song. It was released in 2005 and featured on her album Fijacion Oral, Vol.1. It is also known as The Torture in English realms. She collaborated with Alejandro Sanz on this one. He has a great voice.  

This tune is a reggaeton electronica song. It has an unusual change of chords at first sight. And you have to study it carefully. But the chords and the strumming pattern are very easy once you get its idea of composition. The confusing parts are the bridges and the verse-a-like sections.
La Tortura Guitar Chords

Disfruto – Carla Morrison

This one is a successful song in worldwide charts, exemplary from Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Costa Rica, etc. She released the song in 2013, and it was featured in her album Dejenme Ilorar. She worked with Cosmica Records for this one. It is a USA-based company.

The song is an indie pop song. It is originally based on a piano progression. With a guitar, you can play it with only 4 chords and a capo on the fifth fret. The same chord progression plays until the end of the track. I think you’ll love this particular track. It sounds beautiful.

Disfruto Guitar Chords

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Amor Prohibido – Selena 

Selena is a Latin dance-pop singer from the 90s. She was working with the big label EMI Latin at that time. This tune is one of her most popular songs, published in 1994. You can find it in her same-titled album. She has been certified platinum 7 times for this record.

This track is for beginners. It can be played with only 7 easy chords. It has a long cycle of chord changes you must learn first. Once you get it, the whole song goes like that. And listen carefully to the cumbia beats to strum it right.

Amor Prohibido Guitar Chords

Ojos Color Sol – Calle 13 feat. Silvio Rodriguez

They released this tune in 2014, and it appeared on the band’s album called Multiviral. They collaborated with Silvio Rodriguez for this track. You can watch the famous film artist Gael Garcia Bernal of its music video.

This band combines so many genres like jazz, alternative rap, rock, and many more in their music. It is so much fun to witness their creativity. This one is a complete beginner tune. There are two barre chords, and the others are open chords that you can easily play. The chorus section and the verses have different chord changes.

Ojos Color Sol Guitar Chords

Saturno – Pablo Alboran

He is a Latin pop artist who has been releasing music since 2010. He has a delicate voice and singing capability, therefore loved by many. In 2017 they released this track with the label Warner Music Spain, and it appeared on his platinum-certified album Prometo.

This 2017 single of Alboran has a 190 bpm tempo and a basic strumming pattern of acoustic guitar. The chorus section and the verses differentiate in terms of chord progressions. Follow them carefully and study their traffic. The chord B7 looks tricky but is very simple and sounds amazing.

Saturno Guitar Chords

Despecha – Rosalia

She is an urbano, reggaeton flamenco pop artist from Barcelona, Spain. This 2022 release appeared on her album Motomami +. She has been working with the big label Columbia for a while. You should check the original music video clip on YouTube. She has a unique style.

There are only 3 chords for this mambo tune: Am, G, and Dm. The D minor chord is only played at the end of chorus sections, and the rest is played with only A minor and G major. Have fun with this absolute beginner song.

Despecha Guitar Chords

Entra En Mi Vida – Sin Bandera

This duo is a collaboration of Argentina and Mexico from 2000. They weren’t active for 7 years, and in 2015 they started to release music again. This tune is one of their earliest releases from 2001. And these guys are making pop ballads and ranchera. It is a Mexican genre.

The song starts with a piano intro then the guitar comes to the scene with the beat. It has beginner chords to play and simple chord progressions. The chord changes for the verses and the chorus are different. Also, they play the last chorus 1 step up, so the chords change.

Entra En Mi Vida Guitar Chords

Me Gustas Tu – Manu Chao

Manu Chao is mostly known in subcultures or alternative marginal communities, but his songs are widely listened to worldwide. He can sing in various languages like Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, Catalan, or even Greek and has an alternative Latin, reggae, ska, and worldbeat style. He released this famous tune in 2001, and it appeared on his album Proxima Estacion… Esperanza.

You can play this beautiful song with only 3 chords. It is a total beginner track that also has a simple riff. You have to play the chords with off-beat strumming, and there is only one main chord progression for the whole tune.

Me Gustas Tu Guitar Chords

La Macarena – Los Del Rio 

This tune was very popular, and you could hear it in every place back then. It was originally a flamenco pop tune, and the producers called The Bayside Boys made a remix version in 1995, which we all know today. The album Fiesta Macarena features the remix version, and go the album A mi me gusta for the original.

The song has a crazy electronic dance beat, and the whole song is based on this structure. You can play it with a capo on the sixth fret. It has only 3 chords—the main chord progression changes between D and A7. Only the verses start with the G chord.

La Macarena Guitar Chords

Obsession – Aventura

This band made bachata, merengue music popular. The band also have influenced by the genres like pop, hip hop, rock, reggae, and dancehall, but when you say Aventura, the first thing that comes to my mind is bachata and merengue for sure. They released their famous track Obsession in 2002.

This track is considered to be a bachata song as a classic one. It is suitable for beginner guitar players and has only 4 simple chords. The original track plays them with different flamenco-style arpeggios, but you can find easier strumming patterns if it is tricky for you.

Obsession Guitar Chords

Amor Eterno – Rocio Durcal

Rocio Durcal is a traditional ranchera and romantic ballad singer from the 80s. This tune was released in 1984 and is one of her most famous songs. You can find it on her album Canta a Juan Gabriel Volumen 6. Her music and performances have been published on YouTube in recent years if you like to check.

This tune has a very simple guitar structure. There are 8 chords to play, but the progression and the strumming pattern are easy to play and learn. Follow the lyrics and the changes of the chords carefully. It would be a journey through time, for sure!

Amor Eterno Guitar Chords

Rayando El Sol – Maná

This band is a Spanish rock band from the 80s. They are one of the most popular Latin rock groups from Mexico. Also, the audience knows them as Sombrero Verde. The band’s name changed to Mana after 1987. This tune was originally a 2010 track by Manny Manuel, and the band covered it.

This track has a beautiful guitar sound, an amazingly bright, clean reverb, and a great lead guitar tone with 80s distortion. Two chord progressions shift into each other throughout the tune. The lead guitar plays various licks and solos between lyrical sections, while the clean guitar plays the progressions with arpeggios and strummings.

Rayando El Sol Guitar Chords

El Condor Pasa – Simon & Garfunkel

This tune is a Peruvian orchestral song from 1913. It is very important for the Peruvian folk music genre. Simon and Garfunkel made a cover version of this track in 1970. It appears on their album Bridge Over Troubled Water -a Columbia release. The song peaked at number one on various charts in the world in the same year.

There are two ways to play this song, depending on your vocal range. The song can be played without a capo or with a capo on the fifth fret. The chords have to change if you use the capo. You can find how to play on the link below.

El Condor Pasa Guitar Chords

Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor – Juanes

Here is a beautiful Latino rock and Balada Romantica for you. This tune was released in 2004 and featured on the album Mi Sangre. This track was number one in most of the charts that year on the continent. It was even at the Grammys.

The song starts with acoustic arpeggios and chord progression. It is based on this acoustic guitar, and then drums and other instruments come to the scene. You can learn 9 basic chords by learning this tune only.

Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor Guitar Chords

Te Amo – Franco de Vita

This artist is a Latino rock, pop, and folk artist from the 70s. He was awarded the Grammy’s and went number one on the charts with his album Extranjero. Te Amo is one of his most popular tracks, published in 1988. It became a big hit in the Latin regions.

The song is a rock ballad from the 80s. Latin songs generally have more chords than traditional American-English popular songs and have different chord progression compositions. This tune is a good example of that.

Te Amo Guitar Chords

Que Ha Pasao – Abraham Mateo feat. Sofia Reyes

This guy is a new Latin pop trap reggaeton artist. He became famous and successful in recent years, and Sony Music helped him grow. He collaborated with Sofia Reyes on this 2019 release.

The song is a trap-infused reggaeton pop song. This tune is played with a capo on the 7th fret and is a total beginner track. A simple chord progression is played with arpeggios and fingerstyle rhythms.

Que Ha Pasao Guitar Chords

Bamboleo – Gipsy Kings

Here is another Latino classic from 1987. This track is one of the most known Gipsy Kings songs, appearing on their self-titled album. These guys are making the best rumba Flamenca in the world.

To play this one, you must get used to the fast flamenco strumming patterns and rhythms. It is played with a capo on the second fret if you like to use open chords. People also like to use barre chords while playing flamenco. The chords on this one are easy.

Bamboleo Guitar Chords

Diez Mil Maneras – David Bisbal

Bisbal is a famous Latin pop musician who works with Universal Music. This track peaked at the number on a chart in Spain and received platinum certifications. The song was released in 2014; you can find it on his album Tu y Yo.

The song starts with two guitars playing the same chord progression with different styles. One is playing more strumming-a-like rhythms while the other is playing arpeggios. It has 5 chords to play and two chord progressions only.

Diez Mil Maneras Guitar Chords

Bongo Bong – Manu Chao

When I first listened to Manu Chao, he blew my mind. With very simple musical compositions and a beautiful soul, he released amazing tunes for us to sing and play. He is now at the age of 61 and still makes beautiful music. In 1999 he released this popular track with his album Clandestino.

This Chao tune is also played with 3 easy open chords and has a tempo of 75 bpm. It is a reggae indie track. The chords are changing at the outro section, so be careful. Check the cover version of this tune by Robbie Williams to get inspired.

Bongo Bong Guitar Chords

Clandestino – Manu Chao

Here is another famous track by the great French-Spanish musician. You can find the song on the same-titled album from 1998. He released it with the label Virgin and became very successful. It is considered to be one of the 5000 greatest albums of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine.

This tune is a reggae song with a Latin touch. There are 4 chords to play. He plays them a little differently in terms of finger positioning. They are well examined on the tab link below. With only two chord progressions, you can play this magnificent tune.

Clandestino Guitar Chords

Eso Y Mas – Joan Sebastian

Joan Sebastian is a very important Grammy-awarded guitarist and songwriter from Mexico. He has a very special place in the country. His 2006 release Eso Y Mas is one of his latest and most beautiful songs. You can find it on his album, Mas Alla Del Sol.

The song’s composition is a collaboration between two guitars and a bass guitar, and they sound amazing. Pay attention to how the chords are shifting into each other. The rhythms of the guitars are a mix of fingerstyle arpeggios and strummings.

Eso Y Mas Guitar Chords

Apuesta Por El Rock And Roll – Enrique Bunbury

This guy is a famous rock musician from Spain and the lead singer of the band Heroes del Silencio. The band has been no longer active since 1996, but he is still making music and has a solo career. This beautiful song was released by EMI and published in 1998. The name of the album was Rarezas.

This version of the tune is from Bunbury’s solo live performance. Check the original Heroes del Silencio to hear the guitars from a different perspective. The song is played with only 5 chords, and they are easy.

Guitars have many layers, such as the slide guitar, the lead, and the acoustic rhythms. Please pay attention to the intro; they played the chords with different finger positionings and bass walkings.

Apuesta Por El Rock And Roll Guitar Chords

Oye Como Va – Santana

Santana is a must to learn and listen to the Mexican guitar player. He gave such a quality to the late 60s and 70s psychedelic rock music with his Latino approach. Today you can still hear him collaborating with pop artists, and his guitar sound is his greatest identity.

This tune is originally a Tito Puente song from 1962. Santana infused rock and jazz elements into this cha-cha-cha song in 1971 and is known for it. If you haven’t seen the performance at the great Woodstock festival, please check it out.

The track has only 2 chords to play for the rhythm guitars. You can follow it easily. The greater part of the song is the solos by Carlos Santana.

Oye Como Va Guitar Chords

Procuro Olvidare – Aitana

Aitana is known for the Latino music competition published on TV. Here is a ballad from 1980. Aitana performs the legendary tune by Hernaldo Zuniga in 2017. You should also check the original Zuniga version to have more perspective on guitar playing.

This tune is a piano-based song that you can easily play on the guitar. It includes 7 chords and 2 main chord progressions. Please pay attention to the intro progression as well cause it’s slightly different.

Procuro Olvidare Guitar Chords

Siete Vidas – Antonio Flores

This guy is an amazing pop-rock musician from Spain, infused with flamenco. He tragically died in 1995, but his music still lives. He released this amazing tune in 1994, a year before he died. You can find it on his album Cosas mias.

The song has a great classical/acoustic guitar composition, written in the key of Am. It has very basic songs, but he plays them so well and with the heart that it becomes something greater. The two main progressions go throughout the song. Please check his other tracks to get the most out of him.

Siete Vidas Guitar Chords

Si Nos Dehan – Jose Alfredo Jimenez

He is one of the oldest singer-songwriters in Mexican that became the basis of the modern music of his country. He released more than a thousand songs, they say. This tune is one of his most famous ones.

This track is composed in a ranchera style and is played with classical guitars and a little orchestra in the background. It is a beginner song that includes 10 easy chords. The thing is to follow the fast-changing chords, that’s all.

Si Nos Dehan Guitar Chords

Esto Es Vida – Robi Draco Rosa

This Puerto Rican musician released this track in 2013. It appeared on his album Vida and was published by the Sony Music Latin label.

As a beginner tune, this song includes six chords to play, and 5 of them are open chords. It has an alternative Latino style and rhythm, so listen to the song carefully before you start studying it.

Esto Es Vida Guitar Chords


There are beautiful Spanish songs you can easily play on your guitar. To see the evolution of Spanish music and guitar compositions is such an experience!

I hope this list of Spanish songs inspires you and gives you a different perspective on using chord changes and Latino guitar compositions. Don’t forget: You can always add new styles and songs to your repertoire.

Here is a chance to learn more ways to play the guitar, express emotions, and share different songs with your family and friends. I listed only 30 songs to play; you can always find many more to listen to and learn. Check the other lists of songs to play on the website!

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