45 Easy Taylor Swift Songs To Play On Guitar – Tabs, Videos

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest musical figures of the 2000s. -especially in the U.S. She has been releasing brilliant and successful music since 2004. She grew a lot in her career and became her own producer for her music videos.

Swift started at age 14 to write songs. In 2005, she signed a deal with Big Machine Records as a country singer. She was very promising, creative, and hardworking. This collaboration ended in 2018. After that, Taylor had another contract with Republic Records. She started releasing more mature and indie stuff rather than classic country pop tunes.

She can write in almost every musical genre. She even made music with Kendrick Lamar, the rapper! Besides doing beautiful vocals, she can play instruments like guitar, banjo, piano, and ukulele. 

Taylor received 12 Grammy Awards and many music awards over the years. She even became one of the musicians in the Greatest Songwriters of All Time list of Rolling Stone.

Here is a list of great Taylor tunes you can learn how to play. You can follow the tabs, chords, and video lessons accordingly. Most of them require a capo to play, so be sure to have it by your side. I wish you good luck and fun on this journey of Taylor Swift tunes. 

We Are Never Getting Back Together

Let’s start with the 2012 release of the famous pop icon. The tune appears on Swift’s album called Red. It is very catchy and received many awards over the years.

The song starts with a picking arpeggio melody, and the other instruments build upon this part. There is a simple chord progression that follows the main melody.

We Are Never Getting Back Together Guitar Chords

Love Story

The song was released in 2008. You can find it on the album Fearless. With many folk acoustic instruments like banjo or mandolin, the tune has a country-pop style composition.

The tune has a main folk melody and easy chord progressions based on that. The key changes on the bridge part and takes the song to another emotion.

Love Story Guitar Chords

Wildest Dreams

The song was released in 2015 in her fifth album “1989”. It is more of an electropop, dream pop tune. It was partially recorded in Sweden and Los Angeles. 

You’ll need a capo on the 1st fret to play the tune. The chord changes are pretty easy to follow. Have fun! 

Wildest Dreams Guitar Chords

Safe And Sound

This song was recorded for the famous movie The Hunger Games. It was released in 2011 and appeared on the movie soundtrack album. It is an indie folk, alternative country tune. 

Don’t forget to have a capo by your side. It is needed on the seventh fret. The tune has two chord progressions. One is for the verses, and the other is for the chorus part.

Safe And Sound Guitar Chords

You Belong With Me

Here is another song from the “Fearless” album. It was recorded in the Blackbird Studios in Nashville. It has a classic country pop composition everybody likes.

The tune is in the key of F#. Have your capo on the 4th fret to play it with basic open chords. It requires only 4 chords to play the whole song.

You Belong With Me Guitar Chords 


This song was released in 2009 in her “Fearless” album. The song is about teenage love and heartbreak, and It is based on Talyor’s high school expernice. The song became a success quickly and was certified as double platinum. 

The song has a beautiful chord progression. The verse section and the chorus part have different chord changes. The bridge part has to be played like the chorus. 

Fifteen Guitar Chords

I Knew You Were Trouble

Here comes a dance-pop track from Taylor’s 2012 album Red. It was released by the label Big Machine and produced by Max Martin.

For this song you need too put a capo on the 4th fret. The tune requires only 4 chords to play. This song has electronic elements and might sound complex at first sight. But the guitar progression is very easy to play. 

I Knew You Were Trouble Guitar Chords


The song appears on the same-titled 2012 album. It is considered country, soft rock, and pop rock. You can hear how the banjo and the guitar sound great together on this one.

The tune requires a capo on the second fret. Four basic chords are enough to play this track. The verse and the chorus parts differ in chord changes, but it is still an easy one to play.

Red Guitar Chords

Back To December

The next tune is a beautiful country pop track from Taylor’s album Speak Now. It was released in 2010. You can find the acoustic version on the deluxe album as well. 

The song is in the key of C major. Have a capo on the second fret of your guitar to play it with simpler chords. Pay attention to the pre-chorus part; the chord changes are different from other parts. 

Back To December Guitar Chords

Teardrops On My Guitar

In 2007, Taylor released this country pop, soft rock tune. It was from her self-titled first album. She was nominated for the Best New Artist Award next year by MTV. It is one of her earliest releases.

The tune is written in Bb major. A capo on the 3rd fret is required. The chord progression is very easy to follow.

Teardrops On My Guitar Guitar Chords

All Too Well

Our next song is also from Taylor’s popular album Red. It is more of an arena rock tune with country elements. She performed it at the Grammys in 2014. It has a length of 10 minutes. It is one of Taylor’s longest tracks.

The guitar composition of this song is based on 3 open chords and one barre chord. So it is pretty easy to play.

All Too Well Guitar Chords

Blank Space

Here is a 2014 release from the album 1989. It is an electro-pop tune with hip-hopish beats. It is one of Taylor’s most listened-to songs.

Have your capo on the fifth fret. The chord changes are very simple on this one, too. Listen to the progression carefully. There are small differences between the sections.

Blank Space Guitar Chords

Our Song

Another hit comes from Swift’s debut album. In this early release, you can hear the banjos and folk elements more. This tune was a big success for Taylor.

The tune is played with 5 simple chords. And the main strumming pattern is down-down-down-up-down. This track is one of the few Taylor Swift tunes with an electric guitar solo!

Our Song Guitar Chords


The song was released with the 2020 album called Folklore. I think it is one of the best albums ever recorded by Taylor. You can also check the acoustic version of this tune.

Have a capo on the third fret. You can play this one with only 5 basic chords and 2 chord progressions. The original recording is on piano. Still, it sounds great on an acoustic guitar as well. 

Cardigan Guitar Chords


Here is a very gentle pop-rock tune from 2010. You can find it on the album Speak Now. The tune is certified Gold in the United States and United Kingdom.

The track is in the key of Ab. You need to have a capo on the 1st fret. The strumming pattern always has downstrokes throughout the song. Only the verse part is played with palm muting.

Enchanted Guitar Chords


Here is another beautiful dream pop tune from the album Folklore. It was released in 2020 and recorded in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. Taylor worked with Jack Antonoff on this record.

Have your capo on the third fret. The track is written in F major. Practice the strumming pattern first, then go into the chord changes. This way, It would be easier to learn.

August Guitar Chords


Here is a beautiful tune featuring Bon Iver. It is from the 2020 album Folklore. The band’s frontman, Justin Vernon, Taylor, and Joe Alwyn wrote this tune together.

You’ll need a capo on the 6th fret to play it on the guitar. It is a slow tempo tune that you can easily follow the chord changes.

Exile Guitar Chords

Speak Now

Another great country pop tune is coming from 2010. It appears on the album Speak Now. Like most of the Taylor Swift records, it was released by the label Big Machine.

The song is an absolute beginner tune everybody can play. It has a fun 50s vintage-style chord progression that goes throughout the tune. The composition is based on this progression.

Speak Now Guitar Chords

Everything Has Changed

Taylor collaborated with Ed Sheeran on this one. It is a folk-pop song from her 2013 album Red. If you like both musicians, this song is for you!

The guitar composition is easy to play. There is only one chord progression for the whole song, and it only contains 4 simple chords. The tempo is 80 bpm, and the strumming pattern is very simple.

Everything Has Changed Guitar Chords


Check out this 2008 country pop release! It has a gentle instrumental arrangement infused with rock and folk elements. Taylor re-recorded and released the song again later.

An easy intro guitar melody opens the song. The tune is played with only 4 open chords, and it requires a capo on the 3rd fret.

Fearless Guitar Chords

Last Kiss

Do you know that Taylor re-recorded and released her early tunes as Taylor’s Version again? This song is one of them. It was first released in 2010, and she re-released it in 2023.

Last Kiss is a beginner song in Bb major. Put a capo on the third fret on your guitar before you try to play. Pay attention to the triplet strumming pattern to match the original rhythm.

Last Kiss Guitar Chords


Here is the chamber-folk song Taylor recorded for her 2020 album Evermore. Check its official music video. She directed it herself. It’s amazing that she directs her music videos as well.

The tune is in the key of E minor. Try to learn the intro melody first. Then, continue playing the chord changes.

Willow Guitar Chords

Come Back Here

Another track coming from the fourth studio album, Red. This 2012 release was written by the Grammy-winning musician Dan Wilson. It is a brilliant soft rock pop tune.

The song originally has an acoustic guitar composition written in E major. So, have your capo on the second fret. That’s how you can play it with simpler finger positions.

Come Back Here Guitar Chords

Call It What You Want

Here is a synth-pop R&B trap tune from Taylor Swift. Even though she is a country singer, she also sounds great in this genre. Jack Antonoff was by her side in writing and producing this 2017 release.

The track requires a capo on the second fret. The chord changes are easy. It is definitely a beginner tune. 

Call It What You Want Guitar Chords

Dear John

In 2010, this beautiful electric blues soft rock tune was released. It appears on the album Speak Now. It has a brilliant guitar composition!

The classic bluesy soft rock arrangement is based on a simple chord progression. The acoustic rhythm guitar plays gentle chords, while the electric guitar plays little licks and melodies. The solo is worth listening to.

Dear John Guitar Chords

Bad Blood

Here is a 2015 release. It features Kendrick Lamar and appears on the album 1989. He is one of the best rappers in the world right now.

Even though this tune is made of electronic beats and synths, it sounds great on an acoustic guitar, too! And you can play it with only one chord progression for the whole song.

Bad Blood Guitar Chords

The Way I Loved You

In November 2008, this beauty has been released. Taylor Swift’s album Fearless features it. The album was selected as the Best Country Album and gained many awards in the same year.

A capo on the 3rd fret allows you to play the tune with simpler chords. The main chord progression contains only 5 chords, and it slightly changes on the solo part.

The Way I Loved You Guitar Chords

Shake It Off

Another energetic dance-pop song is coming from the album 1989. Max Martin and Shellback were at the producer seat this time. It was released in 2014.

The tune has only 3 chords, and it is super easy to play. The chord progression doesn’t change throughout the song. Just follow the upbeat tempo and the strumming pattern carefully.

Shake It Off Guitar Chords

Forever And Always

The 2008 album Fearless features this country pop, pop rock track. The song narrates the toxic relationship between Taylor and Joe Jonas. The track was added at the last minute to the album.

This is another super easy tune to play on guitar. You’ll need a capo on the third fret to play it. The chord progression changes in the different sections.

Forever And Always Guitar Chords


It is a special song released in 2008. Swift collaborated with Colbie Caillat on the songwriting process and sang together on the track. It is a beautiful ballad.

Have your capo on the sixth fret. The tune is written in the key of C# major. Practice the chord progressions patiently, and you’ll be good to perform this tune in no time!

Breathe Guitar Chords

No Body No Crime

The song was released in 2021 with Swift’s album Evermore. It features the American rock band Haim. It is a powerful song with its Western country storytelling elements.

A capo on the 3rd fret is required to play the tune. The bridge part might be a little tricky. So, listen to the tune carefully to understand how to play it correctly.

No Body No Crime Guitar Chords

I Almost Do

Taylor’s 2012 album Red features the song. It was released through Big Machine Records like every Swift record until 2018. It is considered country-pop and soft rock. 

Put your capo on the second fret. While the acoustic guitar follows easy chord changes, another guitar plays the main melody here and there. The rhythm guitar sometimes strums and sometimes arpeggiates the same progression. 

I Almost Do Guitar Chords

Champagne Problems

The music label Republic released the song. Swift signed with them after her deal with Big Machine ended. Her album Evermore features the track.

The tune originally features a piano. But it sounds great with an acoustic guitar, too. Follow the chord progression with the strum-mute on the down strums. 

Champagne Problems Guitar Chords


Here is a synth-folk track from the album 1989. It was a 2014 release and was recorded in The Hideaway in London. The soft folk vibe goes great with the electronic production.

A simple 4-chord progression is the basis of the tune. It continues throughout the song except for the pre-chorus parts, where it is a bit different.

Clean Guitar Chords


Style is a beautiful synth-pop, Italo disco single. The synths and the electronic drum pads suit Taylor’s voice very much. You can find it on her album 1989.

Have a capo on the 2nd fret. You’ll need only 5 chords on this song. The intro and the verse strumming pattern might take a little time to figure out.

Style Guitar Chords

My Tears Ricochet

In 2020, the arena-goth gospel song was released through Swift’s amazing album Folklore. This album particularly shows her musical capability and depth.

The tune has a slow and emotional composition. It was written in A minor so that you can play it in standard tuning without a capo. The tempo is at low speed, so be patient with the chord changes.

My Tears Ricochet Guitar Chords


Another love song is coming from the year 2009. This time, Taylor wrote for Disney’s movie called Hannah Montana. It got platinum certification in the United States.

In order to play this tune, you need a capo on the fourth fret. It has a simple chord arrangement everybody can play. The intro progression is the same as the chorus.

Crazier Guitar Chords

Right Where You Left Me

In 2020, Republic Records released the tune. It appeared on the Deluxe Edition of the album Evermore. It is a great country folk-pop tune.

The song has a very gentle instrumental arrangement. It begins with an acoustic guitar progression. Then banjos and mandolins come in slowly. Don’t forget to have a capo on the third fret of your guitar.

Right Where You Left Me Guitar Chords


Seven is a beautiful folk track from the album Folklore in 2020. After the year 2018, Taylor came up with a different musical expression for her songs, so it is worth checking out.

The tune is in the key of E major. And you’ll need a capo on the second fret. It includes 5 simple chords and one easy strumming pattern.

Seven Guitar Chords

Begin Again

The track was in the Grammy Awards 2014 as the Best Country Song. It is a brilliant country, a soft rock track. You can find it on her album Red.

Begin Again was written with beautiful chords. The key is to play arpeggios while playing the correct chord changes.

Begin Again Guitar Chords

I Bet You Think About Me

Here is a great folk-pop country ballad. It was released with Taylor’s Version of the album Red in 2021. It features the great voice of Chris Stapleton.

The song is written in C major. It contains 5 easy chords. In this song, you’ll have to strum triplets.

I Bet You Think About Me Guitar Chords

The Best Day

Taylor’s second album, Fearless, features the track. It was released in 2008 and is dedicated to her parents, especially her mother.

Have your capo on the sixth fret. The song has 6 chords to play. The chord changes and the strumming patterns are pretty easy.

The Best Day Guitar Chords

State Of Grace

This is another big hit that comes from the 2012 album Red. It is considered to be an arena rock track. Taylor was with Nathan Chapman behind the producer seat. 

State Of Grace is an absolute beginner song to play, as you need only 3 open chords. Just don’t forget to put your capo on the 2nd fret.

State Of Grace Guitar Chords 


In 2010, Swift released a country pop song through Big Machine Records. It narrates an old love story of her. You can find it on the album Speak Now.

Mine has a very simple guitar composition. It was written in G major. It has a fast tempo, so be sure you catch the beats while strumming.

Mine Guitar Chords


It is the beautiful dream pop, indie folk track from the 2020 album Folklore. Taylor wrote and produced the tune with Jack Antonoff together.

The original track has electric guitars as the main instrument. They keep the dreamy jangle vibe in the background while Swift sings gently on the progression. It includes 4 chords and an easy strumming pattern.

Mirrorball Guitar Chords


I hope you are having fun and inspired by this long list of Taylor Swift tracks. Her musical career is one of a kind. The 14-year-old girl with a guitar became a big pop star and playing arenas right now. It is unbelievable.

You can easily play most of these tunes by learning roughly 10 basic chords. Pay attention to where to put your capo to match the original sounds of songs. The video lessons are very easy and fun to follow.

Ensure your guitar is always in tune before practicing a new tune. Listen to them patiently and focus on the guitar arrangements before you begin learning how to play. Digest the rhythm, the strumming patterns, and how the chords change.

By studying this list of lessons, you can add many Taylor Swift songs to your repertoire and perform them to your friends and family or on stage in a short time.

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