Top 70 Easy Guitar Songs With C, Am, F, G Chords – Tabs Included

There are so many songs written with the same basic chords. You can start learning all these tunes to master these 4 chords and see how songwriters compose using the basics for various genres. 

So, check this list of many tunes to add to your repertoire or witness songwriting’s elementary structures. Be sure that you have a capo by your side! 

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Blank Space – Taylor Swift

This famous electropop tune was released in 2014. And Swift’s album 1989 featured it. It was also nominated at the Grammys that year. 

It’s very easy to play this one. The original progression plays G as a bass for the C chord. Try to play along with the dynamic beats of the tune; it will sound much better. 

Blank Space Guitar Chords

Baby – Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris

In 2010, Bieber released this teen pop tune with his album My World 2.0. He collaborated with Ludacris on this one, and it became a hit that year. 

It will require a capo on the 3rd fret to play Baby with these 4 basic chords. Good luck! 

Baby Guitar Chords

The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

This track is probably the most-known Bruno Mars song ever. It was released in 2011 with his album Doo-Wops & Hooligans. 

The song has reggae-pop and ska vibes. So you have to play the chords with off-beat strummings. Have a capo on the 1st fret as well. 

The Lazy Song Guitar Chords

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Congratulations – Post Malone feat. Quavo 

This trap song is from 2017 and featured in Malone’s album Stoney. Quavo helped him elevate the track for sure. 

The tune will require the capo on the 2nd fret. This genre is a bit different than traditional guitar music, but you can go creative by having crazy tones on your electric guitar and make something great out of it. 

Congratulations Guitar Chords

Stay With Me – Sam Smith

Here is a beautiful single by an English musician. The tune was later featured in his album In the Lonely Hour. 

This soul, gospel-ballad track is easily played and written in the key of C. So, you won’t need any capo for this one. 

Stay With Me Guitar Chords

We Found Love – Rihanna 

This tune is one of my favorites from Rihanna, for sure. It was released in 2011 and appeared on her album Talk That Talk. 

This electro-house, dance-pop tune requires the capo on the 6th fret because it is written in the key of F. Listen carefully for the beats before you try to play. 

We Found Love Guitar Chords

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Demons – Imagine Dragons

This band is a new breath to the pop-rock scene for sure! Their album Night Visions featured the track in 2013. 

The strumming pattern should be down-mute-down-up-down-mute-down-up on this one. And it requires the capo on the 3rd fret. 

Demons Guitar Chords

Smack That – Akon feat. Eminem

This song was the biggest Akon hit that played everywhere back in the year. They released it in 2006, and Slim Shady was on the record also. 

Have a capo on the 3rd fret, and fire your guitar up. This hip-hop, r&b track is waiting to be played. 

Smack That Guitar Chords

Always – Bon Jovi

Here is a famous power ballad released in 1994 by Bon Jovi. The band’s album Cross Road featured it and received gold certification in many countries.

The chords and the strumming pattern are simple. Only carefully follow the progression when the chorus comes; it might look tricky at first look.  

Always Guitar Chords

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Where Is The Love – The Black Eyed Peas

This tune was the biggest hit of the band. The band published it in 2003 with the innovative album Elephunk. 

The song is a pop rap, hip hop song with r&b elements. Find a suitable guitar tone and have a capo on the 5th fret. 

Where Is The Love Guitar Chords

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Zayn feat. Taylor Swift

Here is another Taylor Swift release from the year 2016. He collaborated with Zayn on this one and took it to another level. They prepared the tune for the motion picture Fifty Shades Darker. 

This tune is, again, very easy to play and doesn’t require a capo. The chord progression goes the same throughout the song. 

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever Guitar Chords

She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5

This amazing band released the song in 2004, and it is still a popular tune. You can find it in their album Songs About Jane. 

The tune’s key is Cm, so put a capo on the 3rd fret to play it with our 4 basic chords. There is a unique strumming pattern that you have to figure out before you play. 

She Will Be Loved Guitar Chords

Stan – Eminem feat. Dido

This tune is one of Slim Shady’s biggest hits back in the day. Featuring Dido, this track was released in 2000 and can be found in the album The Marshall Mathers LP. 

The tuning should be half-step down for this one. The progression is very simple, and the strumming pattern might take a little time to learn. 

Stan Guitar Chords

Stand By Me – Ben E. King

In 1961 this tune was released with King’s album Don’t Play That Song! I don’t know if they would know that this song would be this famous. 

The main chord progression goes throughout the track. And it is not hard to play at all. 

Stand By Me Guitar Chords

Apologize – Timbaland feat. One Republic

You can find this pop, r&b track on the 2017 album Shock Value. You can notice the vibe Timbaland added to the song. 

You will need your capo on the 3rd fret to match the original sound. There are two main strumming patterns you have to learn. The progression is very simple. 

Apologize Guitar Chords

Stronger – Kanye West

Here is the most popular Kanye West song. It was released in 2017, and it was fire! His album Graduation features the song. 

This electronica, hip hop, alternative rap song is played with a capo on the 6th fret. It would sound better if you played barres for G and F chords. 

Stronger Guitar Chords

Rehab – Rihanna

The success of Rihanna came with this song in the first place. It was from the year 2008 and the album Good Girl Gone Bad. 

It sounds with arpeggios and basic strumming patterns, and the progression goes the same for the whole song. 

Rehab Guitar Chords

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – Wham!

Oh, George Michael’s voice sounds great! This dance-pop track was released in 1984 and featured on the album Make It Big. 

It sounds much better with an electric guitar. Of course, you can sing it with your family or best friends acoustically! 

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Guitar Chords

Paris – The Chainsmokers

The 2017 album “Memories… Do Not Open” featured this track. The music video is worth watching. 

The tune is played with a capo on the 2nd fret. A rhythm guitar plays the main progression, and the lead guitar plays little funky stuff with an amazing amp tone. 

Paris Guitar Chords

Little Talks – Of Monsters And Men

This tune is a great indie-folk, alternative rock song that can make everybody dance! It was released in 2011. And the track appeared on the band’s album My Head Is an Animal. 

The beginner track is played via capo on the 1st fret, and there are 3 strumming patterns for different sections that you have to learn. 

Little Talks Guitar Chords

Hey Soul Sister – Train

This beautiful track was recorded in the legendary Sound City Studios in 2009. The album Save Me, San Francisco featured it. 

The song is a pop-rock tune that is played with a capo on the 4th fret. There are two main progressions for each chorus and verse part. 

Hey Soul Sister Guitar Chords

Ho Hey – The Lumineers

This band makes amazing music and simultaneously figures out how to be popular and qualified. This track was released in 2012 and can be found on the band’s self-titled album. 

The song is an absolute beginner alternative folk-rock tune. It was composed in the key of C, so with a standard tuning setup and basic chords to play, you are good to go!

Ho Hey Guitar Chords

So Sick – Ne-Yo

With the hand of Def Jam records, this beautiful r&b track was out there in 2005. You can find it in Ne-Yo’s album In My Own Words. 

You can play this tune with a capo on the 6th fret. The chord progression proceeds the same till the end of the song. 

So Sick Guitar Chords

Body Like A Back Road – Sam Hunt

Pay attention to this beautiful country pop song! It was released in 2017 and appeared on the album Southside. 

The song sounds perfect with a clean, bright electric guitar. A capo on the 5th fret is a must. There is only one progression for this one. 

Body Like A Back Road Guitar Chords

Back To December – Taylor Swift

Here is another beautiful country pop track by Taylor Swift. She published it in 2010 with her album Speak Now. 

The song is a total beginner tune to play with a capo on the 2nd fret. Two main chord progressions shift to each other. 

Back To December Guitar Chords

Break Your Heart – Taio Cruz

Cruz published this electropop dance-pop track in 2009, and it appeared on his album Rokstarr. There is also a remix version of this one with Ludacris. 

It is a very easy song to play with 2 main progressions, and you can improvise on strumming patterns if you like. 

Break Your Heart Guitar Chords

Disturbia – Rihanna

Here is a crazy electro-pop track by Rihanna. The tune was published in 2008 with her album Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded. 

The song was composed in the key of Bm, so put a capo on the second fret of your guitar. With only one chord progression, you can play the whole song. 

Disturbia Guitar Chords

Mean – Taylor Swift

In 2011 this country tune was published and appeared on the album Speak Now. Swift used banjo and violin-infused compositions on this one. 

This track is a beginner song that everyone can enjoy playing and singing along to. Have your capo on the 4th fret. 

Mean Guitar Chords

20 Min – Lil Uzi Vert

The famous rapper published this tune in 2017. His album Luv Is Rage 2 featured it. You can find Pharell Williams and The Weekend in this album, also. 

This tune requires half-step down tuning. Besides the easy chord progression, there is a melody that you can play with the guitar also. The synth originally plays it. 

20 Min Guitar Chords

All The Right Moves – One Republic

Here is another famous tune by One Republic. The band published this tune in 2009, appearing on their album Waking Up. 

This pop-rock track can be played in standard tuning. The guitar follows the piano melodies, and the drum beats as a rhythm instrument. 

All The Right Moves Guitar Chords

With Arms Wide Open – Creed

Take the chance to learn this song on guitar. It is a great song from 2000 and received many awards after its release. You can find it in the band’s album Human Clay. 

This song’s rhythm and chord progression require a capo on the 1st fret. There is also an amazing guitar solo in the middle of the tune that is worth checking. 

With Arms Wide Open Guitar Chords

I Don’t Want This Night To End – Luke Bryan

Here is another country tune from 2011. Bryan’s album Tailgates & Tanlines featured this track. 

This tune is written in the classic Am and has the simplest chord progression for the rhythm guitar. The lead guitar plays solos and licks with a great tone. 

I Don’t Want This Night To End Guitar Chords

Don’t Let Me Get Me – Pink

This track is one of Pink’s earliest hits from 2002. Her album Missundaztood features a great tune as well as this one. 

Having a capo on the 3rd fret is a need for this one. Follow the basic chords and the simple chord progression. You’ll get it in a short time. 

Don’t Let Me Get Me Guitar Chords

Save Tonight – Eagle-Eye Cherry

In 1997 this beautiful alternative rock track was published and appeared on Cherry’s album Desireless. It is a must to learn. 

How can a song be so simple and so brilliant? This song is the answer. Set yourself a tone you like and get into it. 

Save Tonight Guitar Chords

One Wish – Ray J

The r&b star recorded this track in 2004, appearing later on his album “Raydiation.” It surely captures the sound of 2000s music on television. 

This track includes the simplest chord progression ever. It is very easy to follow and sing along. Please give it a go! 

One Wish Guitar Chords

Bless The Broken Road – Rascal Flatts

This country pop tune is originally from 1994. Rascal Flatts made another version in 2004. It is featured on their album Feels Like Today. You can make an amazing acoustic performance by learning the easy chord progression. 

Bless The Broken Road Guitar Chords

Honey Bee – Blake Shelton

Here is another country track by Shelton. It was released in 2011 and featured in his album Red River Blue. The G chord is played without the small finger on the thinner E string. 

Honey Bee Guitar Chords

Shadow Of The Day – Linkin Park

This tune is from LP’s amazing 2007 album Minutes to Midnight. You have to tune your guitar in half-step down tuning to be able to play this one with basic chords. 

Shadow Of The Day Guitar Chords

Run – Snow Patrol

In 2004, this Britpop tune was featured on the album Final Straw. It is also considered a power ballad and was received very well after its release. The chord progression here is nothing to worry about.

Run Guitar Chords

Parachute – Cheryl Cole

The pop r&b album 3 Words featured this track in 2010. It is fun to play this one, and easy to follow its progression. It also sounds great with barre chords.

Parachute Guitar Chords

Baby Jane – Rod Stewart

After 40 years, this track still sounds amazing! Take a look at the incredible musical world of Rod Stewart by starting with this one. An electric guitar with a crunchy tone would be preferable. 

Baby Jane Guitar Chords

No Woman No Cry – Bob Marley

One of the most-known Marley songs ever, this track was released in 1975. You can find it on the album Natty Dread. It can be played with open chords, but reggae songs mostly sound better with barre chords.

No Woman No Cry Guitar Chords

Fall For You – Secondhand Serenade

Here is an emo pop, alternative rock song from 2008 featured on the album A Twist in My Story. It was composed in the key of Am, so you can easily follow the progression on standard tuning. 

Fall For You Guitar Chords

Calling All Angels – Train

Another beautiful track by Train from 2003. It was featured on the band’s album My Private Nation the same year. You’ll need a capo on the third fret to play it. 

Calling All Angels Guitar Chords

Far Away – Tyga

This pop-rap track is to be found on Careless World: Rise of the Last King, released in 2011. It has a great drum beat to play with and requires the capo to play with the simplest chord positions.

Far Away Guitar Chords

Don’t Forget Me – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

This tune is the fifth track of RHCP’s studio album By the Way. It was released in 2002. It can be an easy start to get into the band’s funk rock guitar material. 

Don’t Forget Me Guitar Chords

Save You Tonight – One Direction

In 2011, the famous boy band published this tune with their album Up All Night. This one has two main progressions; you can try an alternate strumming pattern for the verses. It sounds much better. 

Save You Tonight Guitar Chords

Better Days – Goo Goo Dolls

Published by Warner Bros. in 2005, this beautiful song appeared on the band’s album Let Love In. They know how to write a song that can be a hit and capture so many emotions. Have a capo on the second fret to play it.

Better Days Guitar Chords

Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Smokie

Here is a great tune to play with an acoustic! It is an amazing version of the original Creedence Clearwater tune. The rhythm guitar requires an acoustic; the electric guitar leads the solos and melodies in front. 

Have You Ever Seen The Rain Guitar Chords

Overboard – Justin Bieber

This 2009 r&b soul track is another early release of Bieber. He collaborated with Jessica Jarrel on this one, and you can find it on the album My World 2.0. A capo on the 5th fret is required. 

Overboard Guitar Chords

Remember When – Avril Lavigne

She plays this one on the piano with the guitar, which sounds beautiful only with an acoustic guitar. Released in 2011, you can find the tune on Lavigne’s album Goodbye Lullaby. 

Remember When Guitar Chords

Disconnected – 5 Seconds Of Summer

This track is found on the band’s self-titled album from 2014. It is considered a pop-punk power pop track with great electric guitar tones. Don’t forget to have a capo on the second fret before you play.

Disconnected Guitar Chords

Beer – Reel Big Fish

This band is really fun! You can find this crazy ska punk song on their album Turn the Radio Off. The song is played with a distorted electric guitar and off-beat patterns with a fast tempo. 

Beer Guitar Chords

No Apologies – Bon Jovi

In 2011, the legendary band released this hard rock single, including Richie Sambora. The band’s Greatest Hits album features it. You can easily play it with simple chords with a capo on the third fret.

No Apologies Guitar Chords

D’yer Ma’ker – Led Zeppelin

Here is an amazing reggae-rock track by legendary rock icons Led Zeppelin. In 1973, their beautiful album Houses of the Holy featured it. It has a very unique reggae a-like strumming patterns; listen carefully. 

D’yer Ma’ker Guitar Chords

All You Had To Do Was Stay – Taylor Swift

The famous label Big Machine released this synth-pop track in 2014 with Swift’s album 1989. You can easily play this beginner tune by having a capo on the 5th fret. 

All You Had To Do Was Stay Guitar Chords

Coney Island Baby – Lou Reed

Lou Reed is a soft rock legend. Here is one of his greatest from 1975. You can find it on the same-titled album. You’ll need a bright, clean, jangly electric guitar to play this. 

Coney Island Baby Guitar Chords

Angel Of Harlem – U2

This tune is a heartland rock soul song from 1988 by U2. The band’s album Rattle and Hum featured it the same year. The chords fingering positions change throughout the tune. Be careful with that. 

Angel Of Harlem Guitar Chords

3 Things – Jason Mraz

Mraz is the king of simple chord progressions and beautiful music. His album “Yes!” featured this pop track in 2014. He plays it with a capo on the 5th fret to be able to play with basic chords. 

3 Things Guitar Chords

Nothing Man – Bruce Springsteen

This song was featured on the album The Rising in 2002. The acoustic guitar sound on this one is incredible! Have a capo on the 3rd fret and give it a go! 

Bruce Springsteen Guitar Chords

Bobby Jean – Bruce Springsteen

The tune is one of Springsteen’s earliest tracks. It was released in 1984 and appeared on the album Born in the U.S.A. It is composed in the key of Eb and played via capo on the third fret. 

Bobby Jean Guitar Chords

Doom Or Destiny – Blondie feat. Joan Jett

It was perfect to hear another new wave rock song from Blondie and Jett in 2017. Her album Pollinator featured the song, which is her latest release. Playing the song with a distorted electric guitar and picking strumming is preferable. 

Doom Or Destiny Guitar Chords

Heat Wave – Linda Ronstadt

This song was originally recorded in 1963 by Martha and the Vandellas. Linda made a new rock version in 1975. It is an amazing rock and roll tune that requires the capo on the second fret. 

Heat Wave Guitar Chords

Every Night – Florida Georgia Line

This band is making experimental country rock music, and this tune is from 2014. You can find it on their album Anything Goes. The simple chords are shifting into each other with true rock distortions. 

Every Night Guitar Chords

Desiree – Neil Diamond

In 1977, Diamond’s album I’m Glad You’re Here with Me Tonight featured this pop-rock track. It is a great combination of rock and classical elements. You’ll love its rhythmic patterns. 

Desiree Guitar Chord

Just Ask Your Heart – Frankie Avalon

Please check out his music if you don’t know about this legendary musician from the 50s. In 1959, he released this single with Chancellor Records. Play it with the feeling of 50s rock n roll. 

Just Ask Your Heart Guitar Chords

Mama You Been On My Mind – Bob Dylan

Rare and unreleased recordings of Bob Dylans were released in 1991, and this track is one of them. You will love his folky acoustic progression and strumming patterns with this tune. 

Mama You Been On My Mind Guitar Chords

Fairytales And Firesides – Passenger

This man is writing beautiful folk music! Please don’t miss his 2010 release and his album Divers & Submarines. The song is played with simple arpeggios and a capo. 

Fairytales And Firesides Guitar Chords

Roots And Wings – Miranda Lambert

The 2015 album by Lambert featured the tune from the country’s worlds. It has a very basic structure of playing and progression. The collaboration between an acoustic and an electric guitar is brilliant. 

Roots And Wings Guitar Chords

Alabama Clay – Garth Brooks

This one is another country tune that you can play. It was featured on Brooks’ self-titled album in 1989. Pay attention to the fast chord shifts at the end of each line. 

Alabama Clay Guitar Chords


I hope you had fun and were inspired by this list of songs that you can easily play. You can find so many tunes from different genres and styles using the same chords over and over again for decades.

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