25 Easy Eminem Songs To Play On Guitar: Strum Along with Slim Shady

If you’re looking to strum along to some iconic rap tracks, Eminem’s songs offer a surprising amount of variety for guitar players. His songs range from intense rap battles to introspective ballads, many of which translate well into simple guitar chord progressions that are perfect for beginners. With simple chord progressions and catchy hooks, you can capture the essence of Slim Shady’s hits on your six strings.

Exploring Eminem’s songs on guitar will give you a mix of fast-paced rhythms and lyrical melodies to practice. Whether you want to learn fingerstyle or just strum along, there’s a wide range of songs that suit different playing styles. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy playing his music either. Some of these tracks are simplified versions, perfect for beginners looking to expand their repertoire.

Lose Yourself

“Lose Yourself” is Eminem’s anthemic hit from the 2002 movie “8 Mile.” It captures the intense emotional struggle and determination of its character, Rabbit, in a high-stakes rap battle. The song’s powerful narrative and relentless tempo propelled it to chart-topping success, earning it an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

The opening riff is iconic and instantly recognizable. You’ll primarily work with a few power chords: Dm, Bb, and C. Maintaining a steady strumming pattern is key to nailing the song’s driving beat. It’s usually played with a basic pattern at 86 bpm to keep with the original tempo. Pay attention to chord changes and practice the transitions to play the song smoothly.

Lose Yourself Guitar Chords


“Mockingbird” is one of Eminem’s more heartfelt songs, tapping into his personal life as he addresses his love for his daughter Hailie. The melody is interspersed with Eminem’s storytelling, which creates a calming yet emotive rhythm. The simplicity of the song’s construction makes it a good choice for guitar beginners eager to connect with the raw emotion carried by the lyrics.

When playing “Mockingbird” on the guitar, you’ll find that it doesn’t have complex fingerpicking or strumming patterns, making it suitable for beginners. Emphasis should be on clean chord transitions and maintaining the rhythm that parallels the lyrical flow. A basic understanding of chord shapes and strumming is all you need to bring this poignant track to life on your guitar. Try being relaxed to let the song’s narrative shine through.

Mockingbird Guitar Chords


“Superman” stands out from Eminem’s extensive catalog due to its smooth and catchy rhythm. Released on his 2002 album The Eminem Show, the song delves into the complexities of relationships and fame. While not as rapid-fire as some of his other tracks, “Superman” has a steady flow that makes it a solid choice for guitar-playing beginners who are fans of his work.

When you decide to tackle this song on your guitar, remember it’s all about the groove. Focus on getting the chords right and maintaining a steady rhythm. Emphasize the downbeats, but keep your strumming hand relaxed. Practice the intro slowly at first and gradually build up speed. No fancy solos here – just chords and rhythm. Keep it simple and let the lyrics take center stage.

Superman Guitar Chords

Stan (Feat. Dido)

“Stan” features a haunting narrative following a fan’s letters to Eminem, illustrating a story of obsession and desperation. Sampled prominently is Dido’s “Thank You,” giving the tune its melancholic undertone. Its recognition isn’t just for Eminem’s powerful storytelling, but also for the melodic accompaniment that’s widely familiar.

Get ready to strum along to the poignant saga of “Stan.” The song’s structure is guitar-friendly, revolving around a sequence of chords that provide a rich, full-sounding accompaniment. Embrace the simplicity of the chord progression and focus on the emotive aspect of your performance to truly capture the essence of the song.

Stan Guitar Chords

Love The Way You Lie (Feat. Rihanna)

“Love The Way You Lie” is a collaboration between Eminem and Rihanna. Featured on Eminem’s seventh studio album, “Recovery,” the song narrates the complexities of a turbulent relationship marred by domestic violence. Its powerful lyrics and emotional delivery have made it a standout track, resonating with a wide audience. As you pick up your guitar, this song’s evocative melody and moving chorus present an opportunity to connect with its profound themes.

When approaching “Love The Way You Lie” on your guitar, focus on the chord progression and strumming pattern that matches the song’s intensity. Starting with a simple set of chords like Em, C, G, and D allows you to get a feel for the song’s emotional ebb and flow. Play around with dynamic changes and emphasize the strum during the chorus to mimic the intensity of the original version. Focus on the tempo and try to keep your strumming hand relaxed.

Love The Way You Lie Guitar Chords

The Real Slim Shady 

“The Real Slim Shady” is one of Eminem’s most iconic tracks, known for its catchy beat and sharp-witted lyrics that humorously address his rise to fame and impact on the music industry. Released in 2000, this track showcases Eminem’s alter ego. It quickly became a standout hit, capturing the attention of fans and critics alike.

If you are looking to add some hip-hop flavor to your guitar repertoire, “The Real Slim Shady” presents a unique but manageable challenge. The song’s rhythm can be a bit tricky because it’s not your typical guitar-centric tune. Focus on getting the right-hand strumming pattern down to mimic the song’s beat. Start slow, and once you’re comfortable, gradually increase your speed to match the tempo of the original track. Remember, it’s more about the groove than complex chord progressions, so keep it loose and have fun with it.

The Real Slim Shady Guitar Chords

Without Me

“Without Me” has a catchy beat that echoes his defiant return to the rap scene. Its fast-paced lyrics and rhythmic flow encapsulate his typical tongue-in-cheek humor and self-awareness. Released in 2002 as part of the album “The Eminem Show,” it quickly became a hit that resonated with fans who appreciated Eminem’s cheeky lyrics and catchy hooks.

When you’re looking to play “Without Me” on the guitar, the task can seem daunting due to its original hip-hop nature. However, the song can be broken down into a simple chord progression and rhythmic strumming pattern that’s accessible for guitarists. Keeping the strumming hand loose is crucial for maintaining the song’s energetic vibe. The song revolves around a handful of chords, making it easier to play once you’ve mastered the transitions. You can start with a simplified version with basic chords, then gradually add in the rhythmic flourishes that capture the song’s essence.

Without Me Guitar Chords

The Monster (Feat. Rihanna) 

“The Monster” is a dynamic collaboration between Eminem and Rihanna, and it’s part of Eminem’s eighth studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, released in 2013. The track delves into themes of inner struggle and fame. Its melodic hook pairs with a rhythmic flow to create an introspective yet catchy vibe. If you’re a fan looking to play this tune, you’re in luck — it’s reasonably simple to strum along with Rihanna’s powerful chorus and Eminem’s sharp verses.

When it comes to playing “The Monster” on guitar, it requires a bit of practice to get the rhythm down. Capo on the 4th fret will help you match the original key, simplifying the chord shapes. For the hook, you’ll cycle through the Am, G, and F chords. Mimic the song’s bounce by maintaining a steady strumming pattern. Keep your fingers agile, so the transitions between chords are smooth, and before you know it, you’ll be jamming to this hit.

The Monster Guitar Chords

River (Feat. Ed Sheeran)

“River,” a collaboration between Eminem and Ed Sheeran, is a track from Eminem’s Revival album that weaves a tale of regret and confession. With Sheeran’s melodic chorus and Eminem’s intense storytelling, it’s a song that’s both reflective and raw. The lyrics discuss difficult topics and feature prominent themes of betrayal and redemption, making it not just an emotionally engaging song but also a piece that’s introspectively powerful.

When you start learning “River” on the guitar, you’ll find it’s an accessible song for beginners due to its simple chord progression. The song primarily uses open chords such as Em, G, C, and D, which are fundamental chords that you likely already have in your repertoire. The strumming pattern is straightforward, and focusing on the transition between chords will help maintain the flow of the song. Remember, it’s about the rhythm and feel of the music as much as hitting the right chords, so keep your strumming hand relaxed and listen to the song a few times to get the tempo locked in.

River Guitar Chords

Lighters (Feat. Bruno Mars)

Lighters” is a track that features the collaborative efforts of Bad Meets Evil, a duo consisting of Eminem and Royce da 5’9″, and the smooth vocals of Bruno Mars. It comes off as an anthem for dreamers who are in pursuit of their goals and the perseverance they embody. The chorus sung by Bruno Mars gives a message of hope and determination, making it not just a motivational piece but also a commercially successful hit that resonates with many.

When it comes to playing “Lighters” on your guitar, you’ll find that it’s got a relatively simple chord progression that’s great for beginners. The verses and chorus share the same chords, so you’ll get a lot of practice with the transitions between C, Em, Am, and F. To get started, focus on mastering the strumming pattern and maintaining a steady rhythm. Due to its motivational lyrics, maintaining the song’s uplifting tempo will be key in keeping the essence of the original track.

Lighters Guitar Chords

My Name Is

“My Name Is” is one of Eminem’s most iconic tracks, renowned for its catchy hook and playful lyrics. Rising to fame in 1999, this song helped secure Eminem’s place in hip-hop history as the mischievous Slim Shady. With its repetitive guitar riff, it’s a great choice for guitarists looking to add some hip-hop flavor to their repertoire.

When it comes to playing “My Name Is” on guitar, you’re in luck because the song’s simplicity makes it accessible for beginners. The main riff relies on power chords, shifting between G#5, F5, and Bb5. Keep your strumming hand steady, and remember to mute the strings for that percussive feel that matches Eminem’s rhythmic vocal lines. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to play along with one of hip-hop’s most memorable tunes.

My Name Is Guitar Chords

Sing For The Moment 

“Sing For The Moment” samples Aerosmith’s hit “Dream On” and showcases Eminem’s introspective contemplation of his impact on youth and society. The lyrics explore themes of artistic expression, censorship, and the role of music in the lives of listeners. The chorus, sung by Steven Tyler, adds a rock-infused layer that complements Eminem’s intense verses.

For guitar enthusiasts, the song is notable for its electric guitar riffs that play throughout. It starts with an Em – D – C – D progression, which sets a moody backdrop for the verses. You’ll find that the chords are basic, making it a great piece for beginners to practice. Pay attention to the strumming pattern to keep the flow and emulate the song’s dynamic. The guitar solo from Aerosmith’s original can be challenging but rewarding to learn, adding a rock edge to this otherwise hip-hop track.

Sing For The Moment Guitar Chords

Godzilla (Feat. Juice Wrld)

“Godzilla” features a whirlwind of lyrical prowess from Eminem and an iconic hook from Juice Wrld. It’s a high-energy track with rapid-fire verses that showcase Eminem’s unique ability to pack a multitude of words and references into a single bar. The track gained fame not only for its intense beat and intricate rhymes but also for breaking the record for the most words in a hit song.

When it comes to playing “Godzilla” on the guitar, you’ve got a challenge that’s as thrilling as the song itself. Don’t worry though, it’s less about speed and more about getting the rhythm right. You’ll find that the underlying beat translates well to a rhythmic strumming pattern that can be simplified for an easy guitar rendition. Focus on consistent downstrokes to maintain the energy and use power chords to capture the punchiness of the track. With a bit of practice, you’ll have a guitar cover that lets you channel your inner rap god.

Godzilla Guitar Chords

Till I Collapse

“Eminem’s ‘Till I Collapse” flexes lyrical muscle over a relentless beat, serving as an anthem of determination. It’s a perpetual favorite for those needing a soundtrack to push through barriers. With its aggressive rhythm and catchy hook, the song not only showcases Eminem’s rap prowess but also embodies a powerful message of perseverance despite adversity.

When strumming along to “Till I Collapse” on your guitar, try to channel the song’s raw energy. There’s no capo required, making it accessible for guitarists of all levels. Focus on mastering the rhythm; the driving beat is your anchor. Beginners might start with the primary chord progressions, while the more experienced can replicate the nuanced riffs for a more authentic cover. The key is to let the song’s defiant spirit guide your playing.

Till I Collapse Guitar Chords


“Beautiful” is one of Eminem’s tracks where he touches on themes of self-reflection and personal struggles. Released on his 2009 album ‘Relapse’, the song stands out with its melodic lines, contrasting Eminem’s often intense rap sections. It showcases a different side of his artistry, giving you a more soulful and introspective vibe.

When you pick up your guitar to learn “Beautiful,” you’ll notice it’s tuned down half a step to Eb (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb). This tuning gives the song a deeper, more resonant sound. Focus on mastering the chord shapes and progression before diving into the rhythm pattern. Keeping the strumming hand relaxed will help you maintain the laid-back groove of the song.

Beautiful Guitar Chords

Not Afraid

“Not Afraid” is one of Eminem’s hit songs from his seventh studio album, Recovery. The track stands out as an anthem of empowerment, with Eminem discussing themes of overcoming fear and personal struggles. It’s a powerful message that resonates with many, making the song not only a chart-topper but a personal statement for those looking for courage.

When you pick up your guitar to play “Not Afraid,” you’ll find that the chord progression is quite manageable, with a few basic chords such as Am, F, C, and G. The song is typically played with a capo on the 3rd fret, which allows for open chord shapes that sound great and are easy to handle, especially for beginners. Remember to maintain a steady strumming pattern that matches the song’s pace and to emphasize the transition between chords to capture the song’s uplifting beat.

Not Afraid Guitar Chords

Rap God

“Rap God” is one of Eminem’s most ambitious tracks, featuring a rapid-fire flow and a dizzying array of rhymes. The song showcases Eminem’s lyrical prowess and his ability to spit bars at breakneck speeds. Released in 2013 as part of “The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” it’s known for its complex verses and has become a favorite among fans who appreciate technical skill in rap.

On guitar, “Rap God” presents an unusual challenge due to its origin as a hip-hop track with no traditional guitar part. However, you can play along with the rhythm using a series of chords and perhaps a capo to match the original key. Focus on the underlying beat and use muted strumming to emulate the percussive nature of the song. Keep your strumming hand relaxed to keep up with the tempo.

Rap God Guitar Chords

Space Bound

“Space Bound” is an emotional song from Eminem’s seventh studio album, Recovery. Here, Eminem explores the turbulent nature of a romantic relationship, where passion teeters between love and heartbreak. The song’s melancholic melody and heartfelt lyrics grasp the essence of vulnerability in love, setting it apart as a memorable piece in Eminem’s discography.

When you’re tackling “Space Bound” on the guitar, simplicity is your ally. The chord progression is straightforward, revolving around the chords Am, C, G, and D (if you are playing with a capo). Maintain a gentle strumming pattern to echo the original’s tone. Keep your transitions smooth, and let the chords resonate to complement the song’s raw emotion.

Space Bound Guitar Chords

Cleaning Out My Closet 

Eminem’s track, Cleaning Out My Closet, is from his 2002 album The Eminem Show. The song delves into personal themes, illustrating family strife and confronting past demons. It has become known not just for its raw lyrical content but also for its striking guitar riff that underpins the rap verses. The melody is somber and mirrors the confessional tone of the lyrics, giving guitarists an emotionally charged piece to play.”

When playing Cleaning Out My Closet on guitar, it’s important to focus on the emotive rhythm that drives the song. The chords are relatively straightforward, adding accessibility for beginners. E, Am, and F are the primary chords used. You’ll find that maintaining a steady strumming pattern will help convey the song’s reflective mood. Keep the transitions smooth and allow the lyrics to guide your pace – your guitar work should complement the vocal storytelling.”

Cleaning Out My Closet Guitar Chords

I Need A Doctor (Feat. Dr. Dre)

“I Need A Doctor” is a powerful song by Dr. Dre, featuring Eminem and Skylar Grey. The song’s emotional weight is carried through its lyrics and simplified melody, making it a compelling piece for guitar. The song reflects themes of struggle and the need for support, which is accentuated by the raw energy of Eminem’s verses and Dre’s deep-toned dialogue with Skylar Grey’s haunting chorus.

When you’re getting ready to play “I Need A Doctor” on your guitar, you’ll be pleased to know it’s quite accessible for beginners. The song primarily uses a sequence of chords that are common and easy to master, especially with a capo placed on the 3rd fret. This transposes the song to a more guitar-friendly key, allowing you to use simpler chord shapes. Here’s a quick chord guide:

Em C D Bm Am B7

Remember to maintain a steady strumming pattern and let the chords ring out to match the song’s poignant atmosphere.

I Need A Doctor Guitar Chords


“Killshot” is a track where Eminem takes aim at Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) in a heated lyrical showdown. Released in 2018, it’s a direct response to MGK’s “Rap Devil.” Eminem’s sharp wordplay and rapid-fire delivery over a simple, beat-driven track make “Killshot” a memorable diss in hip-hop history.

Strumming through “Killshot” on your guitar, you’ll want to focus on getting the rhythm right to echo that minimalist beat. While the song isn’t known for complex instrumentation, it’s the steady pulse that supports Eminem’s verses that you’re trying to emulate. Tabs and tutorials readily available online can make learning the accompaniment easier, and don’t stress about matching Eminem’s speed—let the strings resonate with the calm confidence of a well-delivered comeback.

Killshot Guitar Chords


“Kim” is one of Eminem’s most intense and emotional tracks, laying bare very personal feelings. Despite the heavy content, its simplicity makes it approachable for guitar players. The song is a raw narrative of Eminem’s turbulent relationship with his then-wife Kim Scott. Its acoustic backdrop allows you to concentrate on the lyrics and their delivery while playing.

To strum along to “Kim,” you’ll want to hone in on the emotional delivery rather than technical complexity. Chords like Bsus4, Cmaj7, Am7, and F#dim7 are used. Ensure your chords are clean and transitions smooth. This song’s power comes from its passion, so let your playing reflect the song’s intensity.

Kim Guitar Chords

When I’m Gone

“When I’m Gone” is a reflective track from Eminem, where he confronts his life’s struggles, and the balance between fame and family, and ponders his legacy. The song features a mix of raw emotion and storytelling, with Eminem speaking to his daughter Hailie Jade, expressing his love, regrets, and hopes for her future happiness.

When it comes time to strum this on your guitar, you’ll find it’s structured with straightforward chords. The song is predominantly played using Em, C, and D, allowing you to focus more on the rhythm and the emotive delivery of the lyrics. No need for fancy fingerwork here; keep your strumming consistent, and let the chords underscore the introspective mood of the tune.

When I’m Gone Guitar Chords

Marshall Mathers 

“Marshall Mathers” is one of the more introspective tracks on Eminem’s album “The Marshall Mathers LP.” Eminem delves into his personal life in this raw tune, addressing the complexities of fame and his alter-ego. The song provides a revealing glimpse into the challenges that come with his celebrity status and the impact on his personal relationships.

When you’re looking to play “Marshall Mathers” on your guitar, it’s a song that doesn’t demand complicated fretwork. The chords are pretty straightforward for both beginners and intermediate players. However, getting the rhythm right is key to making it sound authentic. Focus on clean chord transitions, and try to catch the subtle changes in tempo and emphasis that give the song its unique feel.

Marshall Mathers Guitar Chords

Walk On Water (Feat. Beyonce)

“Walk On Water” is a powerful collaboration between Eminem and Beyoncé, showcasing a stripped-back, emotional performance from the typically high-energy rapper. The song’s piano-driven melody and introspective lyrics contemplate the pressures of living up to expectations and the fear of falling short. Eminem’s verses are raw and confessional, and when combined with Beyoncé’s soulful hook, they create a poignant musical experience.

Playing “Walk On Water” on guitar allows you to keep the raw emotion of the original while adding your acoustic touch. You’ll want to focus on clean chord transitions to maintain the song’s solemn mood. The progression mostly cycles through Am, F, C, and Dm, setting a contemplative atmosphere. Let each chord ring out and take your time to match the tempo of the original track. Use a gentle strum or fingerpicking pattern to accompany your singing or to play as a standalone instrumental cover.

Walk On Water Guitar Chords


Guitar strumming to Eminem’s tunes provides a unique challenge and immense satisfaction once mastered. You’ve got a selection of songs that vary in tempo, rhythm, and complexity, ensuring you can find a track that matches your skill level. Whether it’s the swift rhymes of “Lose Yourself” or the smooth flow of “Stan,” your guitar can bring a fresh sound to these hip-hop anthems.

Remember, playing guitar is about enjoying the process as much as the result. So, keep practicing, stay patient, and most importantly, have fun jamming to Slim Shady on your six strings. With each strum, you’re not just playing music; you’re creating a personal connection with the beat and lyrics that have made Eminem a household name. Now, grab your guitar and lose yourself in the music!

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