The 20 Best Pedalboards You Can Buy In 2024

Pedalboards are an essential part of every musician’s setup, allowing you to store and organize your effects pedals in a convenient and portable package. This allows guitarists to quickly access the sounds they want without having to fumble around with individual pedals. 

Additionally, having all the pedals connected in one board makes it easy to add new pedals or rearrange them as desired. Pedalboards also make it easy to transport effects from one place to another.

When looking for a good pedalboard, be sure to consider the size, weight, and material of the board, as well as the number of slots available for pedals and the type of mounting system used. Additionally, the board should be durable, secure, and easy to transport. 

Whether you’re looking for a basic setup for your home studio or a rugged and reliable touring rig, we’ve got you covered! Read on to learn more about the best pedalboards for your needs.

Boss BCB-60

Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board
  • Lightweight pedal board for transporting a range of compact pedals and...
  • Padded interior can be customized to fit anything from a compact pedal to...
  • Exterior made of tough, molded resin designed to withstand heavy impact
  • Onboard AC adaptor for powering up to 7 devices
  • Lightweight Pedal Board 
  • Built for compact pedals
  • Onboard AC Adapter for up to seven pedals
  • Padded interior 
  • Tough molded resin exterior
  • Includes all cabling
  • Dimensions: 16″ x 8″ x 16″

Boss BCB-60 is one of the most popular pedal boards thanks to its simple yet handy design. It is specially made for compact pedals like Boss pedals and has all the necessary cabling and an onboard AC adapter to power up to seven pedals. 

The pedalboards are quite lightweight, making it easy to carry your pedals around and protect them, thanks to the tough molded resin exterior and padded interior parts. Even wah and volume pedals can fit into the pedal board, making this gear one of the top choices for carrying pedals around.

Pedaltrain Classic JR

Pedaltrain Classic Jr SC 18 X12.5 Inches Pedalboard with Soft Case
  • Aluminum Alloy Pedalboard with Fitted Soft Case
  • Fitted Soft Case featuring a heavy-duty metal zipper and reinforced stress...
  • Soft Case with Shoulder Strap
  • Classic JR Pedal Board
  • Aluminum Alloy Pedal Board
  • Original 4-rail design 
  • Open-front design for power supplies
  • Increased elevation with a wider stance
  • Made of featherweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Comes with 72″ adhesive-backed hook-and-loop pedal fastener and zip ties
  • Comes with a fitted soft case
  • Dimensions: 3.5” x 18” x 12.5”

Pedaltrain Classic JR has been one of the go-to pedalboards for musicians for a long time, thanks to its handy and sturdy design. The aluminum alloy pedalboard is made of featherweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, making it lightweight and durable simultaneously. Plus, the design is perfect with an open front and increased elevation with a wider stance for easier power cable and adapter mounting and accommodation, as well as easier overall pedal control.

Furthermore, you can use the pedalboard the way you like with the 72″ adhesive-backed hook-and-loop pedal fastener and zip ties, locating your pedals depending on your needs. You can connect the cables under, over, or through the pedalboard as you like and stabilize them, avoiding any worry about anything happening during a solo or while you are playing. Plus, the pedal board comes with a fitted soft case for more portability.

Gator G-Tour Large

Gator Cases G-TOUR Series Gutiar Pedal board with ATA Road Case,...
  • Pro Grade Shock Absorbing EVA foam Interior
  • Pedal Board Surface 24 x 11 Inches (internal surface measurements)
  • Plywood Fabricated with Aluminum Valance
  • 3M Dual Lock Fastener for Pedal Installation
  • Pedalboard and Road Case
  • Plywood and Aluminum valance construction
  • Inline Skate Wheels
  • Can take up to 10 – 14 pedals
  • EVA Foam interior
  • Cable storage is included below
  • 3M Dual Lock fastener
  • Rubber-cushioned handles
  • Heavy-duty G-Tour hardware
  • Dimensions: 8” x 24” x 11”

Gator G-Tour Large is a quite large pedalboard and a road case with wheels for easier transportation. It is made of high-quality plywood and aluminum, along with a Pro-grade shock-absorbing EVA foam interior to protect your pedals to the full degree. 

It can take up to 14 pedals, depending on the size of the stompboxes, and there is a special storage place for cables under the pedal board. There are 3m dual lock fasteners to keep your pedals in place. Furthermore, the rubber-cushioned handles, along with inline skate wheels, make the pedalboard more portable when traveling. Overall, if you are a regularly traveling musician, this is one of the best pedalboards to keep your devices secure and in place.

Voodoo Lab Dingbat Medium Pedalboard

Voodoo Lab Dingbat Medium Pedalboard
  • Lightweight American 6061-T6 aircraft-grade Aluminum chassis
  • Pedalboard surface size: 22 x 13.5 inches (559mm x 343mm)
  • Mounting brackets for easy installation Voodoo Lab Pedal Power supplies
  • Plenty of room for mounting up to two Pedal Power units below pedalboard
  • Aluminum Pedalboard
  • Made of lightweight American 6061-T6 aluminum chassis
  • Slotted design for easy cable management
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Comes with pedal power mounting brackets
  • Comes with a high-quality padded gig bag
  • Comes with hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Dimensions 2.75” x 22” x 13.25”

Voodoo Lab Dingbat Medium Pedalboard is a great aluminum pedalboard made of lightweight American 6061-T6 aluminum chassis. It comes with a high-quality padded gig bag, hook-and-loop fasteners, and pedal power mounting brackets, making everything very easy.

The medium-sized pedalboard can take around 10 pedals, and the power supply mounting is very convenient for easier management. Altough it does not have storage options for extra accessories with its well-built lightweight design, it is one of the go-to pedalboards for most guitarists.

Aclam Smart Track S2

Aclam Guitars Smart Track S2 + SoftCase S2 Black Pedalboard with...
  • DIMENSIONS 59 x 30 cm (23.2" x 11.8")
  • MATERIAL Anodized aluminum
  • PACKAGING DIMENSIONS 67 x 54 x 7 cm (26.3" x 21.2" x 2.7")
  • CAPACITY 8-10 pedals
  • Anodized aluminum pedalboard
  • Can host up to 10 pedals
  • Comes with a soft case
  • Smart Track fastening system
  • Modular design
  • Power supply mounting
  • Dimensions: 23.2″ x 11.8″ x 3”

Aclam Smart Track S2 is a modular, extendable pedalboard with some handy features for guitarists. It comes with a Smart Track fastening system that allows you to fix your pedals to the board easily and very firmly. Plus, thanks to its modular system, you can extend the pedal anytime if your pedal setup grows larger.

The pedalboard comes with a soft case for more portability. The pedalboard can host up to 10 pedals depending on the size of the pedals, and the anodized aluminum design is highly durable yet lightweight.  

Temple Audio Duo 17

Temple Audio DUO 17 Templeboard - Gunmetal
  • 17" Modular Pedalboard System for 2 Rows of FX - Gunmetal
  • Lightweight aluminum modular pedalboard
  • Deep design to host 2 rows of pedals
  • Can take up to 8 regular-sized Boss pedals
  • Lightweight aluminum chassis
  • Optional side mounting modules
  • Offset routing holes for cables
  • Dimensions: 2.5” x 17” x 12.5”

Temple Audio Duo 17 is another modular pedalboard system made of lightweight aluminum. The design is deep enough to take 2 rows of pedals, and it can host around 8 regular-sized pedals in total. 

The medium-sized pedalboard comes with optional side mounting modules for your choice of inputs, outputs, IEC switching power modules, and more. Plus, it has offset routing holes for cable management. If you want to lock your pedals, you can pay a bit extra and also to buy Locking thumb-screw mounting plates.

Outlaw Effects NOMAD-M128

Outlaw NOMAD-M128 Rechargeable Battery-Powered Pedal Board
  • Up to 10+ hours of playing time with fast 3-hour charge time
  • Outputs: 7 x 9V DC; 2 x 12V DC; 1 switchable 18V/24V DC
  • Over 4000mA of quiet, reliable power
  • Included Cables: 8 x 2.1mm-to 2.1mm; 2 x 2.1mm-to 2.1mm reverse polarity; 1...
  • Rechargable pedalboard
  • Up to 10 hours of playing time at full charge
  • 3 hours of charging to full charge
  • It comes with cable ties, hook-and-loop fasteners, and DC connector cables
  • Can take up to 10 pedals
  • 7 x 9V DC, 2 x 12V DC, and 1 x 18V/24V DC outputs
  • 8 x 2.1mm-to 2.1mm; 2 x 2.1mm-to 2.1mm reverse polarity; 1 x 2.5mm-to 2.1mm; 1 x 2.5mm-to 2.1mm reverse polarity included cables
  • Dimensions: 19.25” x 11” x 5”

Outlaw Effects NOMAD-M128 is a great rechargeable pedalboard that offers 10 hours of playing time with only 3 hours of charging time. It comes with cable ties, hook-and-loop fasteners, and DC connector cables, giving you everything you need to start playing with your pedal setup wherever you are.

It features seven 9V DC, two 12V DC, and switchable 18V/24V DC outputs to power up your pedals and eight  2.1mm-to 2.1mm, two  2.1mm-to 2.1mm reverse polarity, a 2.5mm-to 2.1mm, and a 2.5mm-to 2.1mm reverse polarity cables to connect your pedals. Overall, it is a great solution for busking musicians.


Gator Cases Pro Size Wood Pedal Board with Built-in 9V and 18V...
  • Brand:GATOR
  • Pedal board comes with carry handle which slides into a black 600-Denier...
  • Pedal board is 16" x 30", actual Pedal Tote Pro measures 17.5" x 31.5" x 6"
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap & 2 external accessory pockets
  • Powered Pedal Board
  • Made of plywood covered in Tolex
  • Comes with a G-BUS-8 Power Supply
  • 8 x 9v Outlets and 3 x 18v Outlets
  • It has a carry handle that can turn into a 600-Denier nylon padded carrying case.
  • Cable acces holes
  • Features pockets for accessories
  • Has hook and loop fastening strips 
  • Dimensions: 16.5” x 12”

Gator GPT-PRO-PWR is a handy powered pedalboard with a G-BUS-8 Power Supply, which features eight 9V outlets and three 18V outlets to power up 11 pedals in total. The carry case is quite handy, with a carry handle and exterior pockets for accessories. 

On the interior side, you get a sturdy pedalboard made of plywood covered in Tolex and cable access holes for easier cable management. Plus, it has hooks and loops to stabilize your pedals on the pedalboard.

Harley Benton SpaceShip 40

  • Compact and portable pedalboard
  • Strong powder-coated frame
  • Covered with soft carpet-like material
  • Adjustable incline and height
  • Comes with a padded gig bag, shoulder strap, hook, and loop fasteners, and 2 rubber bands for the power supply
  • Dimensions: 2.95” – 3.15” x 17.8” x 12”

Harley Benton SpaceShip 40 is a compact and cost-effective pedalboard for guitarists who want a light, portable pedalboard. It has a highly durable, strong powder-coated frame with a carpet-like cover for more comfort. The adjustable incline and height are great for personal customizations.

The pedalboard has a padded gig bag, shoulder strap, hook and loop fasteners, and 2 rubber bands for the power supply. The gig bag has extra pockets for accessories, which is highly convenient for your extra gear. Overall, it is an amazingly affordable solution for your pedal setup.

Warwick RockBoard TRES 3.1

RockBoard TRES 3.1-20.08in x 9.29in Pedalboard w/Gig Bag
  • sturdy and light aluminum construction
  • slotted design for easy pedal mounting
  • made from cold-rolled aluminum
  • angled and absolutely plain board surface - no weld seams
  • Aluminum pedalboard
  • Sturdy and lightweight design
  • Made of cold-rolled aluminum
  • Black powder-coated surface
  • Comes with a gig bag
  • RockBoard Module Patchbays slots
  • Flat and angled surface
  • Dimensions: 18.11” x 11.4” x 4.7”

Warwick RockBoard TRES 3.1 is another great pedalboard made of cold-rolled aluminum with a great gig bag. It features an angled and flat surface without weld seams, giving you more pedal space. 

You can also purchase RockBoard Quick Mount pedal mounting plates separately to stabilize your pedals, or you can use standard mounting solutions like hook and loop tapes or cable ties. The slots are great for hiding cables underneath the pedalboard’s surface. 

Pedaltrain Nano+

Pedaltrain Nano+ 18 X5 Inches Pedalboard with Soft Case
  • Aluminum Alloy Pedalboard with Heavy-duty Soft Case
  • Adhesive Material
  • Aluminum Alloy Pedalboard
  • Features powder coat finish
  • It comes with a Heavy-duty soft case
  • Single-row design
  • Surface slots for connecting cables securely over, under, and through the pedalboard
  • Includes hooks and loops
  • Dimensions: 1.4” x 18” x 5”

Pedaltrain Nano is a durable and cost-effective pedalboard with a compact single-row design. It is perfect for guitarists with a few pedals. The pedalboard comes with a heavy-duty soft case for portability, which has a great handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. 

The pedalboard features the standard surface slots to manage your cables and also comes with hooks and loops for stabilizing your pedals on the pedalboard. If you are looking for a compact and affordable pedalboard, Pedaltrain Nano+ is a great choice.

SKB PS-8 8-Port Pedalboard

SKB Cases 1SKB-PS-8 Powered Pedalboard with 8 Built-In 9VDC Output...
  • Powers up to 8 pedals
  • Injection molded from eco-friendly rubber modified styrene
  • Heavy-duty 19 x 12 inch hook and loop mounting surface
  • Exterior pocket for cables and accessories
  • Powered Pedalboard 
  • It can power up and host 8 average-sized pedals
  • Made of eco-friendly rubber-modified styrene
  • Hook and loop mounting surface
  • Features 9V DC 1.0A power source
  • 8- 3.5mm mini plug to 2.1mm x 5mm DC connector (for negative center pedals)
  • 1- 3.5mm mini plug to 3.5 miniplugs (for positive center pedals)
  • 1- 3.6mm mini plug to 9-volt battery clip (for vintage pedals without an external power connector
  • It comes with a nylon gig bag with extra pockets and a shoulder strap.
  • Dimensions: 2″ x 21.38″ x 15.38″

SKB PS-8 8-Port Pedalboard is a quite versatile pedalboard with a power supply to power up and host 8 average-sized pedals. It features a  9V DC 1.0A power source. Made of eco-friendly rubber-modified styrene, the pedal has a medium size and weight. It comes with eight 3.5mm mini plug to 2.1mm DC connectors, a 3.5mm mini plug to 3.5 mini plugs, and a 1- 3.6mm mini plug to the 9-volt battery clip.

So you can use the pedalboard with center negative standard pedals as well as vintage pedals without an external power connector and center positive pedals. Plus, a nylon gig bag is included, which has extra pockets for accessories and a shoulder strap for carrying it more comfortably.

D’Addario XPND Pedalboard

D'Addario Accessories XPND Pedal Board - Guitar Pedal Board that...
  • EXPANDING GUITAR PEDALBOARD: Expands from 14"-24". Patented telescoping...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: Lightweight, ultra-durable aluminum withstands the...
  • ELIMINATE TANGLING CABLES: Innovative cable management system eliminates...
  • SECURE GUITAR PEDALS: Pre-applied loop Velcro ensures lasting strength when...
  • Adjustable Small Aluminum Pedalboard
  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Single-row compact design
  • Great for small- to medium-sized effects setups
  • Mounted rubber feet
  • Dimensions: 2.57” x 14″-24.75″ x 5.85″ 

D’Addario XPND Pedalboard is a small-to-medium-sized pedalboard made of lightweight aluminum. The design is created with portability and compactness in mind, which is perfect for guitarists with a few pedals who are constantly moving. It has a single-row design with an expandable and retractable telescope-style chassis. 

The mounted rubber feet and the lightweight aluminum design are perfect for reduced strain during transport and stability on the stage. Furthermore, you can also purchase D’Addario’s Backline Transport Bag for easier transportation, but you will have to pay extra. With its rugged design, adjustability, and portability, this pedalboard is among the best choices for medium to small-sized setups.

On-Stage GPB3000

On-Stage (GPB3000) Pedal Board w/Gig Bag
  • Holds up to 10 standard size pedals (18.7" X 9")
  • Heavy duty aluminum construction
  • Cutouts provide a versatile cable MANAGEMENT system
  • Non-slip rubber feet keep pedalboard in place while in use
  • Aluminum Slotted Pedalboard
  • It can host up to 10 average-sized pedals
  • Slightly angled design
  • Comes with Adhesive Strips, Rubber Feet, and Gig Bag
  • Dimensions: 18.7” x 9”

On-Stage GPB3000 is an all-aluminum pedalboard with a slotted design that can host up to 10 average-sized pedals. The pedalboard has a slightly-angled design for optimal stage positioning and convenient use. Plus, the slotted design is great for cable management to put the cables through the pedalboard and keep them tidy. 

It comes with rubber feet, a high-quality gig bag with extra pockets, and adhesive strips to keep your pedalboard stable and organized. 

Friedman Tour Pro 1520 Platinum Pack Pedalboard

Friedman Amplification Tour Pro 1520 Platinum Pack 15" x 20" Pedal...
  • Made in USA Pedal Board
  • Two Tier Design
  • Power-Grid 10 Universal Power Supply
  • Buffer Bay 6 - Buffer and Patch Bay
  • 2-tier Metal Pedalboard
  • Power Grid 10 Power Supply
  • Buffer Bay 6
  • Flat lower surface and an angled upper surface 
  • Plenty of holes in cable management
  • It comes with a Padded carry bag, detachable wah riser, and accessory pack
  • Dimensions: 15″ x 20″

Friedman Tour Pro 1520 Platinum Pack Pedalboard is everything you need from a pedalboard setup. It features a 2-tier Metal Pedalboard, a Power Grid 10 Power Supply for powering up to ten 9V outputs, and a Buffer Bay 6 device to maintain your tone even with long cable runs. Plus, it also has the power cables for Power Grid 10.

The pedalboard is made of metal, so it is highly sturdy and can host up to 10 average-sized pedals with its two tiers with a lower surface and angled upper surface f. Plus, it comes with a padded gig bag for portability and a detachable wah riser, making the use of volume, expression, or wah pedal use highly easy and comfortable. You can use the riser anywhere you like on the pedalboard. With plenty of holes in the pedalboard, you can easily manage your cables, too. Overall, it is a top-quality pedalboard with everything you need.

Pedaltrain Metro 16

Pedaltrain Metro 16 SC 16 X8 Inches Pedalboard with Soft Case
  • 16" x 8" Aluminum-alloy Pedalboard with Soft Case
  • 3-rail Frame Design
  • Hook--loop Tape
  • Zip Ties
  • Aluminum-alloy Pedalboard
  • 3-rail Frame Design
  • Low-profile, horizontal orientation
  • It comes with a soft case, hook-and-loop tape, and zip ties
  • Surface slots for cable management
  • Dimensions 1.4” x 16” x 8”

Pedaltrain Metro 16 is a straightforward aluminum-alloy pedalboard with a low profile and horizontal orientation for better portability. It comes with a standard soft case and hook-and-loop tape and zip ties to secure and organize your pedals, while the surface slots offer great convenience for cable management.

Furthermore, the soft case is waterproof and has self-sealing zippers for protecting your pedals. With its modified 3-rail system and convenient design, Pedaltrain Metro 16 is a rock-solid pedalboard for small and medium-sized setups. 

Pedaltrain Novo 18

Pedaltrain Novo 18 SC 18 X14.5 Inches Pedalboard with Soft Case
  • 18" x 14.5" Aircraft-grade Aluminum Pedalboard with 5 Rails
  • Mounting Materials
  • Fitted Gig Bag
  • Aluminum Pedalboard
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Lightweight and rugged design
  • 5-rail design
  • It comes with mounting materials and a fitted gig bag
  • Dimensions: 3.5″ x 18” x 14.5”

Pedaltrain Novo 18 is another lightweight aluminum pedalboard with a 5-rail design to host your pedal setup securely and organized. The 5-rail design is great for locating your pedals with two rows or putting your expression, volume, or wah pedals you like. 

The pedalboard has a great gig bag to carry your setup, 90″ of hook-and-loop fastener tape to stabilize your pedals, and plenty of zip ties to manage your cables.

Pedaltrain Terra TCW Pedalboard

Pedaltrain Terra TCW 42 X14.5 Inches Pedalboard with Wheeled Tour Case
  • 42" x 14.5" Aircraft-grade Aluminum Pedalboard with Advanced Mounting Rail...
  • Wheeled Hard Tour Case
  • Mounting Materials
  • Aluminum Pedalboard
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Advanced Mounting Rail System
  • It comes with mounting materials and a wheeled hard tour case
  • Dimensions: 3.5″ x 42″ x 14.5″

Pedaltrain Terra TCW Pedalboard is a high-quality aluminum pedal board with a great wheeled tour case for long-distance traveling musicians. The hard tour case protects the pedals and the pedalboard on flights, busses, and everywhere, which is necessary for touring musicians. The case has wheels, another huge plus, making it much more portable.

The pedal board features an advanced rail setup for ample space for pedals and holes for cable management. Plus, it has 210″ of hook-and-loop fastener tape and plenty of zip ties for organizing the pedalboard and cables.

Vertex Effects Tour Elite 

Vertex Tour Elite TE1 MKII Pedalboard 29"x15" w/TE1 Riser
  • GUITAR EFFECTS PEDALBOARD: Designed to fit popular pedalboard cases like...
  • VERTEX PEDALBOARD: Comes equipped with additional positioning slots for...
  • VERSATILE PEDALBOARD: Riser allows you to place pedals over devices you...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PEDALBOARD: Lightweight aluminum Vertex Tour Elite effects...
  • Aluminum Pedalboard
  • Features TE1 hinged riser
  • Updated buffer and power module slotting
  • Dimensions: 3.5” x 29” x 15”

Vertex Effects Tour Elite is a high-quality, straightforward aluminum pedalboard with a handy riser for more comfort. The pedal features extra positioning slots for pedal modules and buffers, making everything easier. The TE1 Riser is great for positioning it over pedals or devices that you won’t use to have more space on the surface area for the pedals you will need to acces while playing.

The pedalboard does not come with a case, but it fits most pedalboard cases. You can remove the riser whenever you want to have a flat pedalboard. It is a smart solution for small pedal setups.

Temple Audio TRIO 28

Temple Audio TRIO 28 Templeboard - Gunmetal
  • 28" Modular Pedalboard System for 3 Rows of FX - Gunmetal
  • Modular Pedalboard System
  • 3 Row-design
  • Comes with a Canvas Soft Case
  • Features 15 Patch Cables and 21 small-medium-large mounting plates
  • Lightweight aluminum chassis
  • Features rugged handle pulls and side rails
  • Routing holes for cable management
  • Dimensions: 1.5” x 28.2” x 16.5”

Temple Audio TRIO 28 is a large pedalboard for guitarists with a big pedal setup. Its 3-row modular design is perfect for arranging your crowded pedals and organizing the chaos of cables. It comes with a great canvas soft case and 5 Patch Cables, and 21 small-medium-large mounting plates, which are enough to get your setup in order.

Plus, the pedalboard has rugged handle pulls and side rails for convenient use, along with routing holes for the cables. The locking screw-in pedal plates offer an entirely secure pedal stage. Made in Canada, this pedal board is one of the highest-quality solutions for large pedal setups.


No matter what your needs are, there is a pedalboard that can meet them. Whether you need a pedalboard that is lightweight and portable, one that has an adjustable power supply, or one that is rugged and built to last, there is a pedalboard out there that will work for you. With the right pedalboard, you’ll be able to take your guitar playing to the next level.

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