The 25 Best Delay Pedals You Can Get In 2024

Delay is one of the most important effects you can get. And while it still depends on the genre you are interested in, almost anyone can find a use for it. The pedal gives you plenty of space to customize the sound and find something you will love using. 

But the question is, how to find the best delay pedal today? Assuming that the budget is not an issue, you will have plenty of choices for delay pedals. Needless to say, the best option is to stick to well-known brands and products that are known to be good. 

Here, I will go through some of the best delay effects you can find today, and each of these models is exceptional. The only thing that will tip the scales is based on your preferences and what sounds good to your ear. 

TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay

TC Electronic FLASHBACK 2 DELAY Legendary Delay Pedal with...
  • Flashback 2 delay effects pedal.
  • The tc electronic flashback 2 delay packs the company's entire delay legacy...
  • TC Electronic groundbreaking MASH technology adds an expression pedal to a...
  • Package Weight: 0.431 kilograms
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Blue
  • Four knobs: Delay, Feedback, Level, and Mod
  • Switch for delay feedback
  • Pressure sensitive footswitch
  • True bypass

TC Electronic has been around for quite some time, and the company is known for making new and different pedals based on effects everyone knows and loves. And Flashback 2 is no different. It is an improved version of the previous Flashback delay, and it is incredible.

As with the majority of effects you can find today, the pedal is easy to use, and there are four switches on it. But where things start to get interesting is when you notice that the footswitch has a pressure-sensitive controller to enable further customization of the sound. 

Boss DD-8 Digital Delay

Boss DD-8 Digital Delay Pedal
  • Delay Guitar Effect Pedal with 10 Seconds of Delay
  • True Stereo I/O with 3 Output Modes
  • 40-second Looper with Overdub
  • 2 Footswitch Inputs
  • Durable
  • LED
  • White
  • Four knobs: E. Level, Feedback, Time, and Mod
  • One push button
  • Two inputs, two outputs

Boss has been one of the biggest names when it comes to guitar pedals, and it seems that the company will remain at the top of the list. The standard series of Boss pedals share the same design, and DD-8 is no different. It has a durable casing with four knobs, and it’s easy to use. 

But at the same time, DD-8 can be quite versatile. There is enough space for you to create the sound you will enjoy, and it can be a nice addition to your pedalboard. One interesting addition is that DD-8 has two inputs and two outputs, as well as a tempo/exp connection.

Strymon Dig V2 Dual Digital Delay

Dig Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Dual digital delay
  • 5 dual delay adjustments
  • SImultaneous and integrated
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Pink
  • Five knobs: Time, Mix, Time 2, Tone, Repeats, and Mix 2
  • Two switches: Mod and Time
  • Two footswitches
  • True bypass
  • Tap

Strymon is another company you might want to check out, and while it might not be as popular and famous as others on the list, there are many incredible pedals you can find. The Dig is a dual delay, and it comes with five knobs, two footswitches, and two switches. 

The pedal also has a true bypass, and it gives you plenty of different options to shape the sound. You can also use two footswitches to enable tap tempo, and there are additional switches to adjust mod and time. All things considered, Strymon is worth checking out. 

KMA Audio Machines Cirrus Delay and Reverb

  • Durable
  • LED
  • Beautiful art
  • Nine knobs: Time, Delay, Reverb, Decay, Repeats, Sens, Sens, Damp, and Exp/mod
  • Four switches: Mod and Time
  • Two footswitches
  • Tap

KMA Audio Machines might not be as popular as some other entries on the list, but it is one of the most versatile delay pedals you can find today. And the first thing you will notice is how many customization options you have with this model. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that this pedal is a combination of delay and reverb. And if you are in need of both of these effects, this can be an excellent opportunity to get a two-in-one package. The quality of the tone is amazing, and you can easily find something you will enjoy. 

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal Bundle with 2 Patch Cables and...
  • Rich, all-analog delay
  • Up to 600 milliseconds of delay time
  • Modulation controls emulate tape echo tones
  • Bucket-brigade technology
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Dark green
  • Three knobs: Regen, Mix, and Delay
  • Mod button
  • Analog
  • True bypass

Of course, if your goal is to go for something a bit more traditional, MXR Carbon Copy is the way to go. MXR is one of the most popular brands you can find today, and these pedals have been a go-to for many players across the globe. Including famous guitarists. 

One of the main advantages of the Carbon Copy is that it is easy to use. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on customization, this is a great way to go. There are three main knobs on the pedal, one switch, and it is fully analog. The casing is durable, the pedal works on a 9V power source, and the sound is exceptional. 

Digitech DOD Rubberneck

Other Guitar Delay Effects Pedal, White (DOD-RUBBERNECK-U)
  • The Rubberneck boasts over a second of warm and musical 100% analog repeats...
  • Double concentric knobs give you independent control of the modulation rate...
  • Up to 1. 5 seconds of Analog delay
  • Tap tempo with 3 tap ratio selections
  • Durable
  • LED
  • White and blue
  • Five knobs: Time, Repeats, Level, Rate/Depth, and Gain/Tone
  • Tap ratio and tails switches
  • Analog
  • True bypass

While Digitech mostly focuses on multi-effect pedals and processors, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find more traditional pedals. And DOD Rubberneck offers just that. It is an analog effect with plenty of customization options, and it sounds quite good. 

The pedal has 1,500 milliseconds delay time, tap tempo, true bypass, and plenty of ways to further shape the sound. With five potentiometers and two switches, you will get many different options to get the tone you will enjoy. The DOD Rubberneck is a nice combination of vintage and modern, and it is suitable for different genres as well. 

Electro Harmonix Canyon Delay & Looper

  • Durable
  • LED
  • White with art
  • Four knobs: FX Level, Delay, Mode, and Feedback
  • Tap/divide button
  • Additional parameters
  • True bypass

Electro Harmonix always aims to create something unique and different. And if you are someone who just started building their pedalboard, this can be a nice addition. The Canyon pedal is a combination of delay and looper, and it has a standard design.

But at the same time, the pedal is quite versatile. It seems that Electro Harmonix focuses on simplicity while keeping all the customization options available to players. The pedal is durable since the casing is made of metal, and it’s in the standard size so you won’t have any problems fitting it on your pedalboard. 

Walrus Audio Lore Soundscape Generator

Walrus Audio Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator
  • The Lore comes coated in a muted green enclosure with Cream, Orange, brown...
  • The die-cast enclosure’s exact size is 3.62” x 4.79” x 2.25”...
  • Buffered bypass
  • Power requirements are 9VDC, center negative (300mA minimum). The use of an...
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Green with art
  • Eight knobs: Feedback, Regen, Mod, Mix, X, Time, Tone, and Program
  • Tap footswitch
  • Five programs
  • Analog
  • Additional effects

If you are interested in pedals with unique designs and gorgeous sound, Walrus Audio is a brand you need to check out. The first thing to mention here is that Soundscape Generator has five different programs you can use. Each of these programs is a combination of two effects. 

You can get reverse delay, reverse reverb, octaver, pitch delay, and others. The pedal has two DSP chips, and each has its own individual feedback path. The best thing about it is that you can control them individually, which gives you plenty of options to shape the sound even further. 

Source Audio SA 263 Collider Delay+ Reverb

Source Audio Collider Stereo Delay and Reverb
  • Reverb Delay Effects Pedal with 7 Reverb Types
  • Universal Bypass Switching
  • 5 Delay Types
  • Tap Tempo
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Blue
  • Six knobs: Delay, Mix, Feedback, Tone, Control 1, and Control 2
  • Mod selector
  • Two switches
  • Delay and reverb
  • Switched true bypass
  • Separate delay and reverb footswitches

Source Audio can be an interesting option you can check out. The pedal is quite complex, and there are many different ways to shape the sound. One thing worth mentioning is that it is a two-in-one pedal, and you will get a combination of delay and reverb. 

When it comes to settings, there is a huge potentiometer in the middle of the pedal that will allow you to choose between twelve different effects or modes. This means that you will get five delays, and seven reverb modes. Additionally, you can save presets, edit each of the effects, and customize the sound as you please. 

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain V3 Delay

Old Blood Noise Black Fountain V3 w/Tap Tempo
  • Captures the sound of vintage oil can delay units
  • Features three modes and ample control over the signal
  • Expanded delay time: all the way down to around 30ms and up to around 1s
  • Modern, Organ, and Vintage mode give three different takes on the voice of...
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Black and white
  • Four knobs: Fluid, Time, Mix, and Feedback
  • Two switches
  • True bypass
  • Tap tempo and effect bypass

Black Fountain is a pedal that comes from Old Blood Noise Endeavors, and it is the third version of this effect. Over time, the basic idea behind this delay remained the same, but it got improved with each new iteration. 

The pedal has a simple design, and there are four knobs and two switches you will use for the customization of the tone. The Black Fountain also has two footswitches, which you can use for tap tempo and effect bypass. Naturally, the sound can be amazing, and the pedal is worth the price. 

Fender Reflecting Pool Delay Reverb

Fender Reflecting Pool Delay/Reverb Pedal
  • Delay/reverb effect pedal
  • Time, Variation and Quality Controls
  • Dedicated Tap Tempo footswitch
  • Stereo inputs and outputs
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Blue
  • Ten knobs
  • Five switches
  • Delay and reverb
  • Tap tempo, reverb bypass, and delay bypass footswitches

Those that love having additional customization options will love what Fender has to offer. For many years, Fender was focusing on guitars and amps, but in the past couple of years, the company started exploring the world of guitar pedals. And they are incredible. 

Reflecting Pool is one of the most versatile pedals you can find. And one of the reasons for that is that it has ten potentiometers and five switches. This only improves the customization options you will have, but you might need some time to get familiar with what it has to offer. 

EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run V2

  • Durable
  • LED
  • Blue and white
  • Eight knobs
  • One switch
  • Delay and reverb
  • True or trail bypass

EarthQuaker Devices was founded in 2004, which makes it one of the youngest companies on the list. But what makes it even more impressive is that the brand managed to become one of the most popular ones when it comes to pedals. And it offers so many different effects you can try out. 

The Avalanche Run V2 is the second iteration of the series, and it is a combination of delay and reverb. When it comes to the tone, you can easily create something you’ll enjoy, and the pedal can be quite versatile. 

Eventide TimeFactor

Eventide TimeFactor Twin Delay Pedal
  • Two independent 3 second Delays
  • 9 of Eventide's best Delay effects + 12 second looper
  • Instrument or line level inputs and outputs
  • Futureproof: USB for software upgradeability
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Black and blue
  • Eleven knobs
  • Two independent delays
  • Programmable
  • True bypass

Eventide TimeFactor is something a bit different. If you are interested in standard pedals, this is not it. But it can be so much more. The pedal has two independent delays, and it supports up to three seconds of the effect. Additionally, there are ten different presets you can try, and further customize to your liking. 

TimeFactor also includes a looper effect, but you can use it for up to twelve seconds, which is not as impressive. But since the focus here is on delay, it has enough customization options that the sound can be almost anything you imagine. 

Dunlop Echoplex Delay

JIM DUNLOP Echoplex Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Vintage Echoplex EP-3 tape echo warmth and modulation
  • Age control Varies delay tone from pristine to dark and dirty
  • 40-750Ms of delay time
  • Tap tempo functionality
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Black
  • Three knobs: Sustain, Volume, and Delay
  • Age mode
  • Mono/stereo switch
  • True bypass and optional trails bypass

Dunlop is known for making interesting products, and it is one of the biggest names in the world of guitar effects thanks to Cry Baby. Here, you can find Echoplex delay, which is a classic effect with a traditional sound. The main advantage of this pedal is simplicity, and it’s easy to use. 

At the same time, the pedal gives you enough options to adjust the sound, and it can be quite good. While this is a digital delay, it also offers a fully analog dry path, and there is an internal mono/stereo switch as well. 

Death by Audio Echo Dream 2

Death By Audio Echo Dream II
  • 20-1,200 Milliseconds Delay
  • D Time, Feedback, and Delay Mix Controls
  • Wet/Dry Toggle
  • Master Volume and Fuzz Controls
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Black, purple, and white
  • Seven knobs: Time, Feedback, Master, Fuzz, Delay, Speed, and Depth
  • Echo, Delay, and Modulation
  • Two switches
  • True bypass

The first thing you will notice is that Echo Dream 2 pedal is huge. And surprisingly, there is a single footswitch you can use. But at the same time, the pedal has numerous different settings and options you can use, and it is so much fun. 

You can use echo, delay, and modulation, and each of these effects has its own set of potentiometers and switches. To make things simpler, the marks on the pedal will give you a clear idea of which potentiometers you can use for the specific effect. And the sound can be beautiful.

Way Huge Smalls Aqua-Puss

Way Huge Smalls Aqua-Puss Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Same bright, jangly sound in a more pedalboard-friendly package
  • Perfect for tone-thickening and old school slap-back delay
  • All-Analog signal path
  • Simple three-knob interface
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Blue
  • Three knobs: Delay, Feedback, and Blend
  • True bypass
  • Analog

Way Huge started making pedals in the nineties, but the company stopped working a couple of years later. And this came as a big surprise since many people enjoyed the models. In 2008, the company reopened its doors and started working under Dunlop. And the best thing about it is that Way Huge returned fan-favorite pedals. 

Aqua-Puss is a simple-looking delay pedal, but the sound is amazing. There are three sliders to adjust the delay, feedback, and blend. Of course, just because it’s simple, it doesn’t mean that the sound will be the same. You can still adjust it and experiment with it as you please. 

Source Audio One Series Nemesis Delay

Source Audio SA260 Nemesis Guitar Delay Effects Pedal
  • 24 Delay Engines - Nemesis features 12 onboard delay engines accessible via...
  • 128 Presets - Save up to eight presets accessible via the onboard controls...
  • Stereo Input and Output Jacks - Create dramatic stereo ping-pong delays,...
  • Tap Tempo - Tap in the delay time with the onboard tap tempo switch. Beat...
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Black
  • Six knobs: Time, Mix, Feedback, Mod, Rate, and Intensity
  • Universal bypass
  • Switch
  • Tap tempo
  • Presets

Nemesis Delay is a highly versatile pedal, and with so many effects, you will have plenty of different choices to create a sound you will adore. The pedal has six knobs and a mode selector. And you can easily see which effect is on thanks to the individual LEDs on it. 

You can also see which preset is active, and using the pedal is pretty intuitive. The casing is made of metal, and the pedal is quite durable. Keep in mind that the pedal is a bit bigger compared to standard models, and you will need more space on your pedalboard for it. 

Empress Effects Tape Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

Empress Effects Tape Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Killer Sound Quality - The Signal to Noise ratio is around 103 dB
  • Tap Tempo with Ratios - Use tap tempo to set the Tape Delays speed; the...
  • True Bypass and Trails. - The Empress Tape Delay Pedal employs true bypass,...
  • Small Size - The enclosure measures approximately 4.5" by 3.5" by 1.5",...
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Black
  • Four knobs: Mix, Time/Ratio, Feedback, and Output
  • True bypass and trails
  • Four switches
  • Tap tempo
  • Two footswitches

Tape Delay by Empress Effects is something a bit different. There are four main knobs on the pedal to control mix, time/ratio, feedback, and output. Furthermore, you can use four switches to choose between the tape age (new, vintage, or old), delay time (tap, slow, or fast), filter (hp, none, or lp), and modulation (little, none, or lots). 

Using the pedal is quite simple, and everything is marked properly. The pedal has all the standard features such as tap tempo, you can choose between true bypass or buffered one, and there are plenty of other options to play with. 

Keeley Caverns V2 

Keeley Caverns V2 Reverb and Delay Pedal, White (KCav2)
  • 650ms Delay with Modulation
  • Spring and Shimmer Reverb
  • Trails or True Bypass
  • 9V Battery Compatible (not included)
  • Durable
  • LED
  • White
  • Eight knobs: Blend, Decay, Time, Warmth, Rate, Repeats, Rate 2, and Blend 2
  • True bypass and trails
  • Two switches
  • Tap tempo
  • Reverb and delay
  • Two footswitches

The second version of Keeley Caverns is a combination of reverb and delay, and it has numerous features you can explore. The pedal has eight main knobs to adjust the parameters of these two effects, and you can further affect the sound by using the two switches. 

There are two main footswitches on the bottom to turn on delay and reverb, and you can use these effects either together or separately. And this is a great option to have. The two-in-one pedal sounds great, and it can be just the thing you need. 

Walrus Audio MAKO Series D1

Walrus Audio MAKO Series D1 High-Fidelity Stereo Delay Pedal...
  • Powerful multi-function delay with five, studio grade, high-fidelity,...
  • Each program can be tuned and tweaked with modulation, tone, age, and...
  • The attack knob adds another dynamic to each program, opening up a new...
  • The D1 boasts stereo in and out, midi control and on-board presets
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Silver
  • Six knobs: Time, Repeats, Mix, Tweak, Prog, and Attack
  • True bypass and trails
  • Three switches
  • Tap tempo
  • Stereo delay
  • Two footswitches

Walrus offers several different pedals you can check out, and this one here is Mako D1 Series, also known as the High-fidelity Echo Machine. The pedal has six main potentiometers and three switches to control mod, tone, and age, subdivisions, and each of these is adjusted using the tweak knob. 

You can also choose between different custom-tuned programs, including Digital, Mod, Vintage, Dual, and Reverse. This is a stereo delay pedal, and it works with MIDI controls as well. All things considered, this is a great pedal, with incredible quality and design. 

Walrus Audio ARP-87

Walrus Audio ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay, Limited Edition...
  • ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay Effects Pedal
  • The ARP-87 is a compact, feature-rich delay, packed with a large pallet of...
  • Featuring four main algorithms, digital, analog, lo-fi, and slap back, the...
  • The digital algorithm boasts pristine, crystal clear repeats great for...
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Black and green
  • Six knobs: Level, Dampen, Repeats, Ratio, X, and Program
  • Tap tempo
  • Analog settings
  • Two footswitches

For those that enjoy Walrus products but want something a bit more traditional, ARP-87 can offer just that. The pedal has a standard size, but it offers so many different sounds and tones you can create. 

It is a multi-function delay pedal, and it features four main algorithms – digital, analog, lo-fi, and slap-back. Each of these will give you a nice starting point for your tone, and you can further shape it using the rest of the controls on it. 

EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master V3

EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master V3 Delay and Reverb Pedal
  • Delay/Reverb Pedal with Flexi-switch Momentary/Latching Operation
  • Flexi switch technology allows use like a regular effect pedal or for...
  • A Hi Fi digital delay & reverb device that combines independent delay and...
  • Players can use the dispatch master as a delay pedal only, a reverb pedal...
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Blue and white
  • Four knobs: Mix, Time, Reverb, and Repeats
  • Delay and reverb
  • Single footswitch

Dispatch Master V3 is a simple-looking pedal. And using it is pretty much straightforward. There are four main controls on it to adjust mix, time, reverb, and repeats. The size is smaller compared to other entries on the list, and the main advantage of this model is simplicity. 

The only downside is that you will not get two separate footswitches for both of the effects, and you will need to turn on or off reverb using the potentiometer. When it comes to sound, you will understand why this pedal is so popular as soon as you hear it. 

Eventide MicroPitch Delay

Eventide MicroPitch Delay
  • with Instrument/Line Level Input
  • Latching/Momentary Footswitch
  • Delay/Pitch Effects Pedal
  • Expression Pedal Input
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Red
  • Six knobs: Mix, Pitch A, Pitch B, Depth, Rate/Sens, and Pitch Mix
  • Presets
  • Tap tempo
  • MIDI capability

If you are interested in modern delays with plenty of different functionalities, MicroPitch Delay might be something you will enjoy using. The pedal has six knobs, and five presets, and you can even use it with different instruments. 

The pedal can be used with guitars, synthesizers, loop-in, or DAW interfaces without any problems, and it even has MIDI capability. You can choose between multiple bypass options such as buffered, relay, DSP+FX, or kill dry. And it is highly versatile. 

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Minim Reverb Delay & Reverse

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Minim Immediate Ambient Machine
  • A modulated reverb with controls for mix, modulation, and decay
  • A post-reverb modulated delay with controls for volume, delay time, and...
  • A reverse section with controls for mix and speed (for double time...
  • Order switching to put reverse first in the chain for ambient wash or last...
  • Durable
  • LED
  • Blue and green
  • Seven knobs: Blend, Delay, Time, Feedback, Reverb, Modulation, and Decay
  • Order/speed switch
  • Effect bypass, reverse

Minim is another interesting pedal by Old Blood Noise Endeavors. The pedal has seven main knobs, the order switch, and the speed switch located on the rear of the pedal. This is a combination of reverb and delay, and it can be so good. 

The pedal also has an expression output if you want to use it with the expression pedal, and it’s quite simple even though there are so many different options. Of course, the pedal is bigger than standard models, and you will need more space on your pedalboard for it. 

JHS Delay

JHS Pedals 3 Series Delay (3SDELAY)
  • Made in Kansas City USA
  • The Delay gives you 80ms to 800ms of delay time, for everything from...
  • The Type toggle allows you to select between a clearer digital-voiced delay...
  • The Delay will give you classic bucket brigade runaway when you max out the...
  • Durable
  • LED
  • White
  • Three knobs: Mix, Time, and Repeats
  • Type switch
  • One footswitch

The 3 Series by JHS is incredible, and any effect you can imagine is available. This, of course, includes delay. The design of the pedal is identical to other effects from the series, and it is minimalistic. The pedal is white with three large potentiometers on top of it. 

There are three knobs on it to control mix, time, and repeats, and a single switch to choose the type. Now, when it comes to the tone, you will still be able to adjust the sound and get a variety of effects from it. 


Finding a perfect pedal is never easy. There are so many different models and types you can find, and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the options. But if you are looking to get yourself a delay pedal, why not go for one of the best ones you can find? 

When it comes to the best delay effects today, you can expect to see the most popular brands such as MXR, Dunlop, Boss, Fender, Electro Harmonix, JHS, and many others. And it is up to you to choose which one you like the most. 

Whether you are interested in analog pedals, multi-effects, digital delays, or combinations with other effects, you can be sure that a pedal like that is available. The only thing left for you to do is choose the one that’s perfect for your play style.

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