Where Are Yamaha Guitars Made? Are They Good?

Everyone knows of Yamaha. It is a company with such a rich history, and there are so many different products you can find. But one of the most popular ones is guitars. Yamaha offers a variety of exceptional acoustic guitars as well as a couple of electric models. 

But where are these guitars made? Yamaha has factories in Japan, the U.S., China, Taiwan, and Indonesia. And the location is mostly based on the type of guitar and specific series. The majority of electric guitars which includes Revstar, RGX/RGZ, and Pacifica series are made in Indonesia with some Revstar versions being made in Japan. As for acoustic guitars, affordable models such as F325, GC22, C40, and F310 come from China, FG140, FG9, and FG730 are made in Japan, and USA Series comes from the U.S.

Naturally, there are different price ranges, types, models, and so much more this company has to offer. It is not surprising that there are so many factories across the globe, and if you are interested in getting yourself a Yamaha guitar, there are a few more things to know. 

Yamaha Guitars

Yamaha is one of the largest instrument manufacturers in the world. And the company has a rich and long history. It all started in 1887 when Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd. was founded. Initially, the company was manufacturing reed organs, but it soon started expanding. 

The first piano was made in 1900, and the company started making motorcycles after World War II. With the popularity of motorcycles, the company was split in 1955, when Yamaha started experimenting with different instruments such as synthesizers, pianos, drums, guitars, violins, and so much more. 

In the late nineties, Yamaha started offering battery-operated keyboards and other products, and the brand continued to grow to this day. The production of guitars started in 1942 and the company offers a variety of acoustic and electric models you can check out. 

Where Are Yamaha Guitars Made?

The question on everyone’s mind right now is where are Yamaha guitars made. The answer, as always, depends on the model and series you pick. The majority of electric guitars are made in Indonesia. If you find an older model, there is a chance it was made in Japan, Korea, or Taiwan.

Naturally, if you get a high-end model or an expensive guitar version of Revstar, it can still be made in the U.S. or Japan such as Revstar Professional RSP20, but it is not as common. Especially if you go to the store and pick a guitar you like. 

The majority of new models come from Indonesia. But there are older models such as STH-400 that was built in Japan back in the eighties. As for acoustic guitars, there are models from Japan (such as FG9 series) and custom shop guitars from the U.S., but the cheaper models are made in China and Indonesia. Cheap classic guitars such as C9 come from China, and F310 and similar models are made in Indonesia.  

So, it all comes down to the exact year and model of the guitar. If you are someone who loves buying vintage second-hand guitars, there will be a lot more variety. Otherwise, you will find cheaper models coming from China, Taiwan, and Indonesia. 

Unlike the majority of brands, there is no difference based on the model of the guitar. It is mostly tied to the year of production, and the price range of the instrument. 

Does It Matter Where Yamaha Guitars Are Made?

Is the location important for the quality? The short answer is yes. The reason there is such a difference based on where the guitar is made is quite obvious. Each of these companies targets a different price range. 

In the majority of cases, guitars made in China are competing in the budget category. The materials are cheaper, and even though the overall design is the same, there will be a huge difference between a Japanese Yamaha and a Chinese one. 

Furthermore, the vast majority of Yamaha electric guitars are made in Indonesia. And if you are fortunate enough to find a model from the U.S. or Japan, the price difference will be more than noticeable. 

Needless to say, the price is not the only thing that separates these models. Guitars made in the U.S. use the best possible materials, they are often a part of custom shops, and they are among the best models in the world. 

If you want quality and don’t mind spending a bit more, you should look for Yamaha made in Japan or the United States. So, yes. It makes a lot of difference where Yamaha is made since it will affect both the quality and the price.

How Good Are Yamaha Guitars?

Yamaha guitars are among the best ones you can find in this price range. And if you consider the quality-price ratio, it is even more obvious. At the same time, Yamaha models can be highly versatile, and you can use them in almost every scenario. 

And thanks to the factories in Indonesia and China, you will be able to find incredible models in the budget category. Needless to say, these guitars won’t win against professional models made in Japan and the U.S., but they are worth checking out if you are working on a budget. 

Additionally, Yamaha is one of the best options for acoustic guitars, and the models can be amazing. Even the cheaper ones are without competition in their price ranges. For many players, this is also the first brand they encounter. 

Classical guitars can be rather cheap, and they are among the best choices for beginner players. As for electric guitars, they are a bit niche, and they are not for everyone. The shapes can be unusual, and many players are more comfortable with Stratocasters and Les Pauls. 

But this doesn’t mean that electric guitars made by Yamaha don’t have their audience. There are still a couple of models worth checking out if you are interested in something different and unique. 

Key Elements Of Yamaha Guitars

Each Yamaha model is unique, but there are a couple of things that are similar between different guitars. 


Every Yamaha guitar has a well-known logo on the headstock, and there are a couple of variations available. Naturally, the difference will be whether you go for an acoustic or electric guitar

Electric models are available with either three tuning machines on each side, or all six in a row. As for acoustics, every model has a standard headstock inspired by Martin models with three tuning machines on each side. 


When it comes to bodies, Yamaha follows a simple idea. All acoustic models are similar to dreadnought guitars, and they are fairly traditional. This means that you can get an excellent guitar with a recognizable shape and features. 

At the same time, models can still offer something unique and different. As for electric guitars, there are two most popular models from Yamaha. The first one is Pacifica, which is Yamaha’s version of a Fender Stratocaster, and Revstar, which has a more unique shape. 

The majority of electric models have solid bodies and bolt-on neck constructions. 


The quality of materials used for Yamaha guitars will mostly depend on the price range you pick. But even cheaper models will offer great quality. There is a reason why Yamaha is one of the most popular brands of acoustic guitars you can find. Even in the budget category. 

You can find many different types of wood used for making guitars. This includes spruce and cedar for tops, mahogany, ovangkol, nato, paduk for sides, rosewood, ebony, and many others.

As for solid-body guitars, the most common options are ash, alder, and agathis. 


The cheapest models of Yamaha acoustic guitars will rarely have pickups. But as you travel up the price range, you can notice more and more models with piezo pickups, and they sound amazing. 

Electric guitars are available with different pickup combinations, and it’s based on the model you choose. Revstar often comes with two humbuckers or a P-90 type of pickups, and Pacifica is available with an HSS combination. This includes versatility, and these guitars are great for almost every genre.  


Many companies take pride in unique finishes, and they often overdo it. If you are someone who enjoys simplicity, Yamaha can be an excellent choice. There are still so many different options available, but the most common version of acoustic guitar Yamaha offers has a natural finish. 

Electric guitars come in many different colors, but the options are toned down, and there are no wild or unusual choices. 

Yamaha Guitars Models

As mentioned earlier, Yamaha has a rather long history, and there have been numerous models available. Even today you can find so many different guitars. And this applies to both acoustic and electric models. 

FG/FGX Series

FG Series is also known as Folk Guitar Series, and it is one of the most common models you can find. The body is usually larger, similar to dreadnought guitars, and there are different pricing categories available. 

The primary idea behind the FG Series is to show that you can find a great guitar without having to spend a fortune on it. FG Series is available in different price ranges, and you can find a cheap Chinese model, or an expensive guitar made in Japan. 

A Series

A Series also goes by the name the Next Level Series, and it is a perfect option for those looking for an instrument they can play live. These guitars also have piezo pickups, and they are separated into different categories.

This means that you can find a professional instrument that’s made in Japan. But it might cost a bit more. 

L Series

L Series or the Luxury Series is a high-end series designed for those looking for incredible instruments. And these models can be quite expensive. The current models from the L Series have Engelmann Spruce tops, along with acoustic resonance enhancement treatment. 

And of course, since the price can be so high, you can expect a professional instrument perfect for nearly any occasion. 

APX Series

The APX Series first started in the late eighties, and it offered models with cutaways. The guitars came with pickup systems, and the newest ones have piezo pickups placed under the saddle. 

These models are still popular among musicians, especially those that perform in front of an audience. 

The C Series

The C stands for classical guitar, and it is one of the most popular versions of Yamaha you can find. And the reason for that is the price. The C Series is affordable, but it is more than enough for beginners. 

Especially if they go to musical school. The vast majority of guitars from the C Series are made in China.

The GC Series

As with other Yamaha models, the GC Series refers to the shape. And this time, it’s a grand concert. These guitars are also available in different price ranges, and the model can be quite good. 

Naturally, it all comes down to your preference and music genre you plan on playing. The GC Series is mostly made in Asia.


The RGZ and RGX Series are reserved for electric guitars, and these models are similar to the Ibanez RG series. They usually come without a pickguard and with an HSS pickup configuration. You can also find models with Floyd Rose, and these guitars are great for heavier genres. 

Naturally, these guitars have a shape similar to Startocaster, but with a couple of differences. So, if you are into Superstrats, this can be a great option. 


Yamaha Pacifica is one of the most popular models designed by this company. It is great for beginners, and there are more expensive versions if you enjoy the shape and design. The guitar is inspired by Fender Stratocaster, it has a pickguard and an HSS pickup configuration.

This model is great for those interested in playing rock, blues, hard rock, and other similar genres. And it’s quite versatile. 


Yamaha Revstar is something a bit different. It is not another Superstrat guitar, and it comes with either humbuckers or P-90 style pickups. Revstar models also have beautiful finishes, and they are in the mid-range when it comes to prices. 

As a result, the quality is a bit higher compared to cheaper models such as Pacifica. Needless to say, Revstar is highly versatile, and it can work with nearly any genre. 

SA Series

SA models are not as common as others, and these are semi-hollow guitars. The inspiration for this series was Gibson ES-335 and other similar guitars, and it is quite nice. There aren’t as many variations as with other series, but it is still worth checking out if you are into semi-hollow guitars. 

The Price Of Yamaha Guitars

Since the majority of players have a limited budget, it is always good to know what to expect. And Yamaha guitars come in many different price ranges. The cheapest models of Yamaha guitars are classical ones. 

The design of these models is fairly simple, and they come with nylon strings. For many beginners, this is their first guitar. Especially if they go to musical school or focus on theory. These classical instruments can be around $100, which is quite affordable for beginners. 

And when it comes to quality, it is worth the price. In the next price range, you will find Yamaha Pacifica around $200 or $300. But Yamaha offers high-end instruments as well. This means that some acoustic models of Yamaha can be over $3,000. 

So, it all comes down to a specific model you want to buy. And as mentioned before, the prices are often tied to the location. Guitars made in the U.S. or Japan will be expensive, while those made in China or Indonesia are usually a lot cheaper. 

Who Uses Yamaha Guitars?

With such a long history, it is not surprising that many famous players have been using Yamaha guitars. These include: 

Yamaha also offers a number of signature guitars, and they have been around for quite some time. 

Does Yamaha Make Other Products Besides Guitars?

Yes. As explained earlier, Yamaha was founded in 1887. And since then, the company experimented with numerous different products. This includes motorcycles as well, but it became a separate division in 1955 called Yamaha Motor Company.

When it comes to instruments, Yamaha makes pianos and electric pianos, guitars, drums, various audio equipment and so much more. The first commercially successful digital synthesizer was called Yamaha DX7, and it was released in 1977. 

It is also worth mentioning that Steinberg is part of Yamaha Corporation, and Yamaha acquired it in 2005. If you are not familiar with the name, Steinberg is behind Cubase which is one of the most popular digital audio workstations you can find today. 

Additionally, Yamaha is the parent company of Line 6, which is known for amplifiers and pedals. But of all the instruments Yamaha offers, guitars, pianos, and drums are the most popular. 


Yamaha is one of the best brands you can find today. The main advantage is that these guitars can be so versatile, and at the same time, they cover a wide price range. You can find cheap guitars for around $100 or professional instruments that are well over $3,000. 

One of the reasons there is such a huge difference in prices is that Yamaha has factories all across the globe. These guitars are made in China, Indonesia, Taiwan, but also Japan and the United States. 

High-end instruments come from Japan and the U.S., while cheaper ones are made in other countries. And while in the past there have been more varieties, today, most Yamaha electric guitars come from Indonesia. 

This means that the location will play an important role in both the quality and price of the instrument. But it will allow you to easily find something that suits your needs and your budget.

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