Where Are Solar Guitars Made? Are They Good?

If you are interested in buying a new guitar, you might have discovered Solar guitars. But what are these guitars? Where are they made? And are they good? Solar Guitars launched in 2017, and it is one of the youngest companies making guitars today. 

There are two main locations where Solar guitars are made. The first one is Indonesia, and the majority of models are made there. But there is also a series of hand-made guitars in Europe. Solar Guitars is based in Sant Gregori, Spain. 

Solar Guitars offers plenty of series and models you can check out, and the quality is incredible. Some of these models can be a bit pricey, especially if you are interested in the Made in Europe series. 

Solar Guitars

Those that love checking out various guitarists on YouTube probably already know Ola Englund. Ola is a Swedish guitarist and producer, and he has his own band The Haunted. In 2017, Englund decided to start his own brand, and that’s how Solar Guitars were born. 

Since Ola is known for his “Will It Chug?” videos, a lot of gain, and metal, these guitars are perfect for those who share the same passion. If you are into death metal, thrash metal, progressive, or nearly any other type of metal, Solar guitars are worth checking out. 

The company is currently based in Spain, and there is a huge warehouse in Sant Gregori. A couple of years ago, all guitars were made in Indonesia, but that changed recently with the addition of the European series. 

Needless to say, you can play any type of music on Solar guitars, but they are mostly designed for metal. And the quality is incredible.

Where Are Solar Guitars Made?

When the company was founded on November 27, 2017, all guitars were made in Indonesia. Ola offered a series of guitars inspired by Stratocaster, Explorer, and Les Paul shapes, but with a metal twist on them. 

These models are in the mid-price range, and they are quite good. As the brand grew, Solar started introducing new models, but for five years, every model was made in Indonesia. It wasn’t until February 2023 that Solar introduced the Made in Europe series. 

And if you like the idea behind Solar, these models are worth checking out. Naturally, the price is significantly higher since these guitars are handmade, and they offer a whole new level of quality.

Does It Matter Where Solar Guitars Are Made?

But does location play a role in the quality? Does it matter where Solar guitars are made? The short answer is yes. Just based on the location, you will see a huge difference in both price and quality. 

And while these models might look similar, the difference is more than noticeable. Guitars made in China, Indonesia, India, or Korea are cheaper than those made in the U.S. or in this case, Europe. 

Naturally, it is not the same instrument made from the same parts. Expensive guitars made in Europe use premium materials, the best pickups you can find, and the quality is on a professional level. 

So, the main question is whether you want a professional instrument and how much you are willing to spend on it.

How Good Are Solar Guitars?

Generally speaking, Solar guitars offer excellent quality for a reasonable price. And there are so many different models to choose from. Considering the price range, Solar guitars are among the best ones you can find. 

But you should keep in mind that these are metal guitars. After all, Ola Englund is known for his contribution to metal (specifically black metal), and Solar guitars are a great option if you are into heavier genres. 

These models are not ideal for blues, jazz, or anything similar. But you can still play them if you enjoy the shape and design. Solar guitars can be quite versatile, and they have incredible hardware. 

It all comes down to your preferences and the sound you are looking to get. But there is no denying that Solar guitars are worth the price. 

Key Elements Of Solar Guitars

Now it’s time to take a closer look at Solar guitars and some of the interesting elements they all share. 


All Solar guitars will have the same headstock. Tuning pegs are on the same side, and they are on the bottom of the headstock. This means that it’s reversed, which is something many players will enjoy. 

If you go for a left-handed model, then the headstock will be reversed, but the tuning machines will still be on the bottom side if you play it normally. The design is as metal as it can be, and it fits the overall tone of the guitar

Metal Bodies

At first glance, Solar guitars all have familiar shapes. There is a version of Stratocaster, Les Paul, and Explorer guitars. But at the same time, the models are unique and have sharper edges along with other changes. 

Cheaper models will have bolt-on necks, while the more expensive ones (Made in Europe series) will have set necks. And they can be perfect for all metal lovers out there. 


Many players will argue that pickups are the most important element on the guitar. At least when it comes to the sound. And Solar guitars have Duncan Solar pickups, which are based on Seymour Duncan Custom 5. 

Other options include Fishman Fluence Modern, Solar FF, Duncan Solar+, and others. This means that you will get a powerful sound from your guitar, and there is no denying that it will chug. 


One interesting thing is that the majority of Solar guitars will have fixed bridges. And this isn’t something you’d expect from metal guitars. Usually, guitars designed for heavier genres will have Floyd Rose, but Solar opted for a different option. 

Yes, you can still find models with Floyd Rose systems, but they aren’t as common. And if you go for the high-end versions, the bridge included is Evertune. Evertune is one of the best options if you are interested in having a guitar that will stay in tune regardless of what you do to it. 

And having an Evertune bridge from the start means that you won’t need to do any upgrades to it whatsoever. 


Solar uses high-end materials, and the wood in these guitars is incredible. You will see mahogany, swamp ash, sungkai, and many others when it comes to bodies. As for the neck, the majority of guitars have maple necks with various fretboards. 

These include ebony, maple, richlite, and others. And there are plenty of interesting finishes you will find. It is obvious that Solar Guitars tried to be innovative and creative with their models, and there are plenty of amazing options and combinations you can find. 

Neck Construction

Many players are debating whether bolt-on or neck-thru construction is better. And Solar offers both options. Keep in mind that guitars with bolt-on necks are usually cheaper, while the neck-thru construction tends to be more expensive. 

It is still a good option to include both, allowing players to easily find what they like regardless of their taste. 

Solar Guitars Models

Now, when it comes to models, there are several different options since the initial release in 2017. 

Type A

Type A guitars are shaped like a Superstrat, they have two humbuckers, and they are available with a fixed bridge or Floyd Rose. For many players, this is the go-to model of Solar guitars. It is worth noting that there are two main categories in the Type A series, and they are Type A and Type AB. 

The difference between these two is in materials, and type A is with an ebony fretboard and neck-thru design. The Type AB series is with a roasted maple neck and a bolt-on construction. 

Type E

Type E guitars are shaped like Gibson Explorer but with sharper edges. All models have two humbuckers, and they are available with fixed bridges, Floyd Rose systems, or Evertune bridges. 

There is also a variety of colors and designs, as well as materials used for them. All models have neck-thru construction.

Type G

Type G is the name used for the Les Paul type of guitars, but once again, there are a couple of changes compared to the original Gibson models. These guitars have great access to higher frets, set-thru necks, and mahogany bodies. 

Naturally, they also come with two humbuckers. You can also choose between standard fixed bridges, Evertune, or strings through designs. 

Type S

The S and A series are rather similar when it comes to the overall design, but there is a huge difference in quality. The Type S series is still Superstrat models with double humbuckers, but they have mahogany bodies with a top. 

The neck construction is based on whether you go for the Type S or the Type SB series, and these are either neck-thru or bolt-on.  

Type T

If you’ve always dreamed of having a metal version of a Telecaster, the Type T series might be perfect for you. These guitars bear a resemblance to Fender’s Telecaster but with enough differences to make them unique. 

And there are plenty of different models in the series. 

Type V

It’s hard to imagine a metal guitar brand without having a V-shaped guitar. And Solar offers a couple of models you can check out. These guitars have sharp edges, two humbuckers, neck-thru construction, and easy access to high frets, and they look great. 

You can also find a variety of bridges, which makes it great for people looking for something unique. 

Type X

The Type X series of Solar guitars is for those that love unusual shapes. And if Explorer is too mild for you, this one might be just the right shape. Type X guitars have a lot of sharp edges (almost similar to B.C. Rich), and they look great. 

It is a nice addition for those that want a metal guitar that is not as similar to Gibson Explorer. These models will follow the same design as other Solar guitars, and you can find various differences and price ranges. 

Made In Europe

Made In Europe is the newest addition to the Solar Guitars catalog, and it is still based on previously mentioned models. Currently, you can get Type A and Type X from the Made in Europe series, but everything about these guitars is taken to a whole new level. 

They are hand-made in Europe, pickups are hand-wound, and the materials used are the best ones you can find. As a result, the price is a bit higher as well. And it’s not something everyone would be able to afford. 

Artist Series

There is also an Artist Series of Solar guitars, but all models are based on one of the earlier-mentioned series. With a couple of additional features and differences. And while the models are based on Type A, AB, G, V, and other series, there are enough features to allow them to stand on their own. 

Artist series can also vary in price, but the models are not nearly as expensive as with other brands. 

The Price Of Solar Guitars

Now, the question on everyone’s mind is about the price. How much do these guitars cost? It is important to notice the naming convention used by Solar. For example, you will find a guitar named A1.6, A2.6, or AC6.

The first letter is the type of series. All three of these models are Type A. The second symbol is the number which shows whether the guitar is with premium features or a budget version. In this case, A2.6 is the budget version of the Type A series. Finally, the last number is the number of strings. 

There are also additional letters for the type of finish, bridge, or any other important feature. The cheapest models are around $700, while the more expensive ones are around $1,400. As for the Made in Europe series, these guitars are around $3,000.

What is interesting is that the signature models or the Artist Series are not as expensive as models made in Europe. The prices of these instruments vary between $1,000 and $1,600. And they are way cheaper than the Made in Europe series. 

Who Uses Solar Guitars?

When it comes to artists, you can expect that the majority of players are metal guitarists. And there are plenty of big names that use these models. Naturally, the first that should be mentioned is Ola Englund. But there are many others to follow. 

And each of these players has their own signature model in the Artist Series, which only shows the popularity of the brand. 

Does Solar Make Other Products Besides Guitars?

What is incredible is that Solar offers other products besides guitars. And no, they are not as versatile as other brands that started many years ago, but it is a great start. Solar offers a high-gain preamp pedal with a gate, and it’s appropriately named “Chug.” 

It is also worth mentioning that Solar offers bass guitars, with both four and five strings, hardshell guitar cases, baritone guitars, and guitars with seven and eight strings. This means that six-string guitars are just one of many options. 

You can find other models as well, and they are in the same categories as the ones mentioned before. For example, a guitar with seven strings might be named A2.7, which is a budget version of a seven-string guitar from the Type A series. 

And there are plenty of other models. There is no doubt that Solar will include even more products in the future, especially since the current repertoire is quite popular. 


Solar Guitars is one of the newest brands in the world of guitars but quickly became popular in the metal scene. Many players are well aware of Ola Englund’s YouTube channel and his influence in the metal genre. 

When the brand launched in 2017, no one could’ve predicted how big it would become. And people from all over the world are interested in learning more about Solar guitars. When it comes to the location, all models except the Made in Europe series are made in Indonesia. 

And it is one of the reasons why some models are affordable. Solar is still far from the budget range, but the models are incredible and worth checking out. These are among the best metal guitars you can find in this price range. And if you want something more, you can always check out handmade guitars Solar offers.

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