Where Are Chapman Guitars Made? Are They Good?

Have you ever heard of Chapman guitars? Are these guitars good? Where are they made? Chapman Guitars is one of the newest names in the world of guitars, and the brand quickly became popular across the globe. 

But where are these models made? Chapman Guitars has factories in Indonesia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. The Standard Series of Chapman guitar comes from Indonesia, The Pro Series is made in South Korea, and The British Series or The Workshop Series is hand-made in England by the best British luthiers.

And the location is based on the series you pick. This means it will also cover a wider price range, and there are plenty of models for you to choose from.

Even though the name is new, many players are already familiar with Chapman and what this company has to offer. And it is worth checking out. But there are a couple of things you should know about these models. 

Chapman Guitars

If you are someone who loves watching YouTube and checking out various guitar and gear demos, you probably know of Chapman and The Captain. The Andertons channel on YouTube has hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and it is one of the best guitar channels you can find. 

And the main reviewers for quite some time were Rob Chapman and Lee “The Captain” Anderton. And as you can guess, Chapman started his own brand and launched a series of incredible guitars. Chapman Guitars was founded in 2009, and he and The Captain are co-owners. 

The first-ever model was ML-1, and it was limited to 500 copies. As the brand grew, they introduced more series, opened new factories across the world, and today, you can find both electric guitars and basses, but also baritone models. 

While these guitars are mostly based on other famous models, there are enough features and changes that make them something unique and fresh. You can also explore different series with various price ranges, and the models can be quite versatile. 

Where Are Chapman Guitars Made?

When the company started working in 2009, guitars were made in Indonesia. The price was quite low, and it was targeting beginner players and those looking for an affordable model. But at the same time, these guitars were incredible. 

It wasn’t until 2022 that Chapman started offering guitars made in the United Kingdom. And today, there are three possible locations where Chapman guitars are made. These are Indonesia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. 

And as mentioned earlier, it is based on the series you pick. The Standard Series is made in Indonesia, The Pro Series is made in South Korea, and the British Standard Series is made in the UK. 

Needless to say, this is something that will affect the price range, and the most expensive models are those made in Britain. Keep in mind that if you plan on ordering a custom Chapman guitar, you might need to wait a bit until it’s made. 

Does It Matter Where Chapman Guitars Are Made?

So, does it matter where these guitars are made? The short answer is yes. The location will play an important role in the price, and as mentioned earlier, the Standard Series is the cheapest. So, it all comes down to your budget and what type of guitar you’re looking to buy. 

Of course, the location is not the only thing affecting the price. For the British Series, the guitars are made by the best British luthiers, and they are using high-quality materials. The difference between the cheapest and the most expensive Chapman guitar is more than noticeable. 

And these three locations provide a nice gradation in quality. As the price goes up, the quality increases, and you can find incredible professional guitars if you are willing to spend more. But even if you want to get a Standard Series model made in Indonesia, you will get a good guitar.

These models are more expensive than budget guitars and are among the best ones in their price range. 

How Good Are Chapman Guitars?

Chapman guitars are quite good in their price range. The cheapest series is still great considering the price, and as you move up the price range, the quality significantly improves. For example, the British Series is well made, it uses incredible materials, and it’s something a bit different. 

There is no denying that the X Series or the British Series is designed for professional musicians. It is on par with famous brands such as Schecter, ESP, and others, but it isn’t something many players will be able to afford. 

As for the cheaper models, it is a nice way to get a guitar that is designed for heavier genres but still offers great quality and beautiful design. Chapman is undoubtedly worth checking out, and you will be able to find a variety of models covering all price ranges. 

Essentially, Chapman guitars are quite good if you look at them in the appropriate price ranges. The Workshop Series is incredible, especially considering that you will get a custom instrument designed just for you. 

Key Elements Of Chapman Guitars

What are the key elements of Chapman guitars? Each guitar is different, but there are a couple of elements that make Chapman guitars stand out from the crowd. And even though they are designed like Superstrats, there are enough differences to make them unique. 


Chapman Guitars use premium materials, and you can find so many different options for the neck/body combination. Body materials include solid mahogany, basswood, alder, and others. You can also find both solid-body and hollow-body guitars and various materials for necks and fretboards

And this is something that’s rather important for the overall feel of the instrument. Some players are used to maple fretboards, and it’s great to have different options. 

Familiar Body Shapes

One of the first things you will notice is that Chapman guitars offer models with familiar shapes. This includes versions of Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Les Paul. But at the same time, the models have their own twist. 

They are often more comfortable than the original versions and can be quite powerful. So, you won’t need to get an instrument that is unlike anything you’ve played before. 

Powerful Pickups

When it comes to features, one of the best things about Chapman guitars is that they offer incredible pickups. Naturally, there are different pickup combinations, and you can choose between two humbuckers, HSS, SS, and other combinations. 

This means that you will also encounter popular brands such as Seymour Duncan, and Sonorous, but also Chapman-designed pickups. 

Neck Construction

Cheaper models of Chapman guitars will often have bolt-on necks, but if you go up the price range, you will encounter neck-thru design. And this will make playing even more comfortable. Furthermore, many players will say that it affects the quality of tone and sustain. 

If you are a fan of designs that are either neck-thru or with glued necks, Chapman will be an excellent choice for you. 


Another great thing for versatility is bridges. You can find models with fixed bridges, tremolos, or even Floyd Rose. But the majority of models have standard fixed bridges. They are shaped like traditional tremolo systems, but they can’t move. 

And Chapman guitars offer the simplicity you won’t often find with other models. At the same time, the quality can be more than impressive. 

Chapman Guitars Models

As mentioned earlier, there are four main series of Chapman guitars you can find. And each of the series has its own models and variations. It is worth noting that earlier versions of Chapman guitars might not be easy to find. 

And the main focus will be on the current and available series. 

The Standard Series 

The Standard Series is perfect for intermediate players, and the most popular model is ML1 or ML-1. It was also the first model that was made by Chapman Guitars, followed by ML2 (ML-2). The Standard Series is made in Indonesia, which also explains the lower price. 

Today, you can find ML-1, ML-2, and ML-3 in the Standard Series, and there are a couple of available variations. ML1 is based on Stratocaster, ML2 is shaped similarly to Les Paul, and ML3 is similar to Telecaster. 

Almost all current models from the Standard Series have Chapman-designed pickups, and there are a couple of available options. The Standard Series is also the first one released by Chapman Guitars, and it started with ML1 which is a Superstrat guitar. 

After that, Chapman released ML2 or a Les Paul variant, and these are the most common models that are available in all series. 

The Pro Series

The Pro Series is an improved version of the Standard Series, and models are made in South Korea. You can still find ML1, 2, and 3 models but also guitars with seven strings or baritone instruments. 

Since there is an improvement in quality, materials, and sound, the prices will be higher, and some models are nearly twice as expensive as those from the Standard Series. The majority of instruments from the Pro Series will have Seymour Duncan pickups, which are known for their excellent tone. 

As you are probably aware, Seymour Duncan is among the most popular brand of pickups you can find today, and they can be highly versatile. The Pro Series is a huge leap in quality compared to the Standard Series, especially when you consider materials and parts. 

The Workshop Series

Finally, there is the Workshop Series. These guitars are also known as The Chapman British Series, and models are handmade in the United Kingdom. Needless to say, these are professional guitars with matching prices. 

It isn’t something many players will be able to afford, but if you can, you won’t regret it. The quality and design are exceptional, and they are incredible. All instruments are made in England, and they can be highly customizable. 

This means that you can choose the color, hand orientation (whether you want a right-handed or left-handed instrument), headstock orientation, type of neck, finish, custom-made bridges, and so much more. 

This series was announced in 2022, and it is the latest addition to Chapman Guitars. The popularity of the series skyrocketed, and many people wanted to get their hands on a unique Chapman guitar made in England. 

And as a result, the waiting period might be a bit longer than expected. 

Limited Series And Signature Models

Chapman also offers limited series and models that are neither in the Pro nor in the Standard series. A perfect example is the Storm Series which has a unique design and finish, and the available models are ML1, ML3, and ML1 baritone. 

There are also a couple of signature models you can get, and these include Rob Chapman’s model, one designed for The Captain, Rob Scallon, Rabea Massaad, Chris Robertson, and so on. These series are also limited, so there is a chance you won’t be able to find them with ease. 

The Price Of Chapman Guitars

For many players, the cost of the instrument will be one of the most important aspects. And you should know that there are models in almost all price ranges. When Chapman launched the first version of the ML1 guitar, the price was a bit under $400. 

Today, the Standard Series costs around $600, and there are a few models that cost nearly $900. The next price range is for the Pro Series, and these guitars are around $1,300. These models are perfect for those performing live, and they can be quite versatile. 

Yes, the price is a bit higher, but they have incredible quality and beautiful designs. And of course, if you don’t mind spending a bit more, you can check out the British Series which is the most expensive series Chapman Guitars offers. 

The British Series or the Workshop Series is $3,800 for non-UK residents (not including local taxes), and $4,500 for people living in the UK. Or rather £3,499. The British Series is handmade, the quality is on par with the best guitar manufacturers in the world, and they are ideal for professional musicians. 

Since the series is handmade, you can easily choose the specifications that you like. There is a variety of colors, woods, pickups, and nearly everything is customizable. And if you consider that you will get an instrument tailored just for you, it is obvious why the price is so high. 

But as a comparison, getting a custom handmade guitar from Fender or Gibson would be even more expensive. 

Who Uses Chapman Guitars?

The next question you might have is about players that use Chapman guitars. Naturally, Rob Chapman is the first one I should mention, and both he and The Captain have their own signature models. 

Other players include: 

Since these models have Chapman-designed or Seymour Duncan pickups, they are perfect for heavier genres. 

You can play metal, rock, and progressive music on them, but also other genres as well. Chapman guitars are highly versatile, and you can use them for any genre you like. There are no limitations. 

Additionally, if you get a custom-made guitar, you will be able to get an instrument that’s perfect for you and your playing style. Just keep in mind that the price might be a bit too high for some people. 

Does Chapman Make Other Products Besides Guitars?

At the moment, the only products you can find from Chapman Guitars are electric guitars, basses, and baritone guitars. What this means is that there are no other products besides guitars, but who knows what might happen in the future. 

The company continues to grow and there are more and more models introduced each year. There is a chance Chapman Guitars will start offering other products in the future such as guitar amps. 


If you are interested in checking out Chapman Guitars, you are probably looking to learn more about the company and its models. Chapman Guitars are made in three different locations, and they are in Indonesia, South Korea, and England. 

There are three main series based on the location and they are the Standard Series, the Pro Series, and the Workshop Series. As you go through the models, you will notice a huge difference in prices between each series with the Standard Series being the most affordable. 

The Workshop Series is also known as the British Series, and each model is handmade in England. As a result, the prices can be quite high, but you will be getting an incredible instrument customized just for you.

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