Top 10 Reasons Why Rombo Guitar Picks Are The Future

The majority of guitar players use picks, and they got used to traditional models which you can find in every music shop. But did you know that you can get so much more of a guitar pick? One of the interesting additions to the world of guitar accessories is Rombo Guitar Picks

They are unique, exciting, and offer a different approach to guitar equipment. If you are tired of using the same old guitar pick, this might be a perfect choice for you. Here, I will go through some of the reasons why Rombo guitar picks are exceptional, and why they might be the future of guitar playing and guitar picks. 

Let’s take a deeper look at what Rombo has to offer, and how it might impact your playing. 

Unique Design

This is probably the first thing you’ll notice if you check out Rombo picks. What makes these picks different from anything you’ve seen so far is the design. Each of the series looks futuristic and offers a whole new take of the most popular guitar tool. 

It is not often that you find guitar picks that offer something different, and Rombo Guitar Picks did just that. It is more than obvious that this German company focuses on quality, and as soon as you take a look at one of the models they designed, you can notice how precise it is. 

All of the edges are smooth and perfect, and you can see that this isn’t something that’s mass-produced without focusing on the details. The company took apart all the important aspects of the guitar pick, analyzed it, and created something that will offer a unique experience and tone. 

Rombo picks have texture, a variety of choices when it comes to thickness, and a rather attractive design. 

Maximum Durability

Players have been using picks for ages, and it’s nothing new to the market. But what makes Rombo so different is durability. Since picks are usually made of plastic, they will get worn out over time. The more you play it, the more of the original shape will be lost. This applies to all picks regardless of the material, since strings will chip remove tiny bits of the pick every time you play.

Naturally, it also depends on how hard you hit the string, your technique, playstyle, and everything else. But even if we count all these options, the traditional pick is still something you’d need to replace regularly. 

One of the most obvious changes that will happen to a pick after extensive usage is that the tip will get thinner, uneven, or even rounded, which will change the tone the pick produces. As a result, this will lead to feeling like you are losing control over your instrument and the notes you are playing. Rombo picks feel a lot sturdier compared to other brands, and they offer higher durability. This means that you won’t need to switch them as often, and they will keep the shape for a longer period of time.

Futuristic And Eco-Friendly Materials

But why are Rombo picks durable? What makes them so special? This leads us to the next reason why they might be the future of guitar picks – materials. The main factor in determining durability is the material used to create the pick. 

In the past, people tried using a variety of different materials for guitar picks. You can find ones made of metal, wood, and even some exotic materials like ivory. Fortunately, ivory is no longer on the table, and you won’t be able to find it in your local music shop because there are better replacements available. 

Rombo picks are mostly made of thermoplastic polymers from the family of polyamides. You can also find this material in the aerospace industry since it can be quite durable, versatile, and superior compared to the alternative. 

The plastic pollution on earth is rising rapidly and that’s why today you can more and more people are willing to innovate and help reduce that plastic waste. That is why Rombo picks created the EcoBlack set. 

The EcoBlack set is just like the regular set in all aspects of the material, design, thickness, etc’ expects uses 100% recycled material. The EcoBlack series is an excellent way to get a new set of guitar picks while taking care of the environment.

Improved Shape

When it comes to guitar picks, the most important part is the tip. It is the part you use whenever you pluck a note, which means that it needs to be flawless. Now, the sharpness of the tip, or more precisely, the angle is something that you need to choose. 

Some players like a rounder shape for a warmer tone, while others prefer a sharp tip which is perfect for tremolo picking. Regular picks are rarely designed properly. The manufacturers are looking to create as many picks as possible as fast as they can. 

This is why the majority of guitar picks are rather cheap, and the idea behind them is simple. You will use them for a bit, throw them away, and buy a new one. They believe that guitar pick is something expendable and that there is no need to invest time into designing something special. 

Obviously, Rombo disagrees. One of the main features you can see in the shape of Rombo picks is that they have a beveled edge, which allows better plucking.

Furthermore, the tip of the pick is smooth, highly polished, and it looks as perfect as possible. It will allow players to avoid unnecessary friction during playtime.  

Variable Thickness

Another excellent feature by Rombo is the variable thickness for the models they offer. Variable thickness means that thickness is not the same on every part of the pick. And this is important for many different reasons. 

Firstly, many players don’t like the feeling of thin picks. They might look for a sharper tone that comes with a thin plectrum, but at the same time, they might not enjoy the feeling between their fingers. Similarly, thicker picks will have different sounds, and it’s not often that you find something that will give you the best of both worlds. 

With Rombo picks, there is a different thickness between two major parts of the pick – the body or the holding area, and the tip of the attack area. It is a perfect way to combine the precision, comfort, and speed of your playing. 

The thicker body of the pick will ensure better grip, and help you keep control of the notes you’re playing. It also means that the designer can experiment with the surface area, and create complex 3D areas on the body. 

At the same time, the player will keep the flexibility and versatility that comes with a thinner tip. While it is still uncommon (and nearly impossible) to find picks with variable thickness, it is a trend that keeps growing.

We can only hope that other companies besides Rombo will follow the idea, and create more versatile plectrums in the future.

Comfortable For Playing

I’ve heard numerous players complain about traditional picks and how they are uncomfortable or how they easily slip from their fingers. If you are one of the players that easily drop a pick while playing, Rombo is something you should undoubtedly check out. 

Each of the models you can find at Rombo is specifically designed to be comfortable and to ensure that you have perfect grip while playing. Some models offer a concave surface on surface for your fingers. They are ergonomic and designed to reduce the chance of slipping during playtime. 

You can also find models with a hole in the middle for extra control, with texture, and so on. Each of the models will ensure that you have maximum control over your strumming or plucking. Needless to say, the thickness is based on your personal choice, and what you are used to. 

The micronodule’s grip structure feels great between the fingers, and it will significantly improve control and grip. Moreover, each model has an ergonomic surface (in some form) that will make playing even more natural than it already is. 

For The Players By The Players

One of the interesting things about Rombo picks is the journey the company went through. They aren’t a big company with thousands of employees. In fact, the company consists of just two people. 

Judith and Carlos, a married couple thought that the guitar pick is one of the guitar accessories that was most neglected and hasn’t been updated for decades. That’s why they decided to reinvent and create something more up-to-date, more durable, functional, and stylish. That’s why they decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to make their dream into a reality which was a great success.

After their first designs were sent to hundreds of guitar players they felt like there is more they can do and wished to improve their designs even more. Since they started as a Kickstarter project, it seemed only fair to ask the community what kind of product they need and let them decide on the thickness, size, and even the names of their new upcoming designs. 

Judith and Carlos decided to talk to players around the world, and hear what they have to say. Over a thousand guitar players answered the call, and they tried to help co-design their newest designs.

The idea behind it came from signature products (like signature guitars), where something is designed for one special person. Instead, they tried to do the opposite and create one special product designed for everyone. 

A Variety Of Options

If you like the idea behind Rombo picks, you’ll be delighted to know that they have several options you can try out. It doesn’t matter if you like to play Rock, Jazz, or even Country, there is a pick that will fit your play style.

The First Generation Rombo Picks

The 1st generation of Rombo picks was launched in January 2019 on Kickstarter and has seen great success. The pick set consists of 4 types of picks that cover the was the majority of guitar players and playstyles. 

  • Rombo Origami. 0.75 mm in thickness. It has just the right amount of flexibility for comfortable playing and note control. It has a semi-bright tone to it. Furthermore, the concave surface on the body of the pick will ensure that you get an ergonomic, comfortable hold. 
  • Rombo Diamond. 2.0 mm in thickness. It has amazing picking control and accuracy. It has a hole in the middle for extra grip and control and a clear and bright tone. The name comes from the shape of the pick, texture on the body, and thickness. 
  • Rombo Waves. 1.25 mm in thickness. Equipped with a rigid body and a round tip allows great accuracy and a warm and smooth tone. 
  • Rombo Classic. 0.45 mm in thickness. which is the most traditional-looking pick on the list. It is flexible and has a beautiful texture to improve grip. The perfect choice for strumming and acoustic guitar. 

The Second Generation Of Rombo Picks

The 2nd generation of Rombo picks is expected to launch in January 2021. This time it is all about improving the first generation and involving the community in the design process, letting the players decide the thickness, the size, and their names. As before the set consists of 4 types of picks.

  • Rombo Horizon is a medium-sized pick with 1.378 mm in thickness. It has an indentation in the body area for extra grip and note control. The sharp tip will allow the pick to sound bright. This pick is intended for those who wish to sound bright and have the best of both worlds, strumming and single note picking.
  • Rombo Prisma is a large-sized pick with 0.831 mm in thickness. The unique triangle shape with semi-round tips will allow you to play with it no matter how you hold it. It is the perfect pick for strumming.
  • Rombo Crisp is a medium-sized pick with 1.028 mm in thickness. Its beveled body and the round tip will allow you to play warm and accurate notes without losing your grip.
  • Rombo Jade is a small-sized pick with 2.37 mm in thickness. Its super rigid body will allow you to play extra fast those solos you love. The tip isn’t as sharp as the Horizon it is a bit roundish which will give this pick quite a unique bright tone with a bit of soft release.

Unique Sound

Now that we’ve covered all the unique designs you can find at Rombo Picks, I should address how it will change the sound when you start playing. Of course, there are many things that will affect the sound of your guitar, and a plectrum is just one of them. 

The important question is whether you play an acoustic or electric guitar, what amplifier are you using (if you are using any), what pickup is on your guitar, string gauge, and so on. Guitar picks are just one of many pieces of the puzzle that will create the sound coming out of the speaker. 

But still, it is an important piece for the whole process. Guitar picks can affect noise as well, and due to Rombo’s unique design, the noise will be significantly lower. The most important features for eliminating the noise are beveled edges and polished tips of Rombo picks

Of course, I am not talking about pickup noise, feedback, humming, or anything else that you might hear when you play. The noise in question here is the one made by the pickup.

If you have recorded yourself in the past, you are probably aware that you can hear the pick in each recording. Rombo picks reduced some of the noise which will improve the quality of your playing and recording. 


Finally, Rombo picks are rather versatile, which is one of the main qualities. As I already mentioned, it is the opposite approach of signature picks, and the very idea behind these plectrums is that anyone can use them. 

It doesn’t matter if you are playing acoustic or electric guitars, and you can even try out Rombo picks if you are a bass player. They work great with different instruments, different genres, and techniques. 

At the moment, the company is focusing on making each pick unique, which means that you won’t be able to select the different thickness of specific models. If you want a thinner pick (or thicker) you will have to opt for a different model. 

But this doesn’t mean that they won’t add more options in the future. The company already announced upcoming models, and you can be sure that they will continue innovating and improving to create an even better experience while using Rombo picks. 


What began as a Kickstarter project turned out to be so much more. Rombo picks are proving that they are capable of creating revolutionary products, that might even change the way we see guitar picks. 

Today, they have four different models you can check out, but the next series is arriving in a couple of months. 

All things considered, Rombo has an interesting idea that many guitar players seem to like. If you are one of those players that love trying something new and different, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to try out what might be the future of guitar picks.


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