Top 30 Jimi Hendrix Songs To Play On The Guitar – Tabs Included

Jimi Hendrix is one of the most famous guitarists and a cultural icon of the late 60s and early 70s. He inspired so many musicians, artists, and individuals along the way. 

How he played the guitar and expressed himself through his music is still a topic of conversation. Many think he is one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Some think he wasn’t a good guitarist and his technique wasn’t enough to play. 

These two arguments might be debatable. But Jimi surely is an important part of the history of electric guitar. He shaped generations’ perspectives on guitar. How everybody can express themselves through electric guitar, and its possibilities were more visible and hearable because of him. 

He gave a new breath and soul to blues and rock music and made it more vibrant. No one can forget how his guitar sounds and his authentic tone, even if it’s a simple setup. He made it unique and gave his soul to his music, giving it all he could. 

Jimi Hendrix is a very important milestone in the electric guitar journey. Learning how he played and seeing his approach to the music might be a big inspiration for both beginner and advanced guitarists. 

So, here is 30 Jimi Hendrix songs to play on the guitar. They are divided in two by their difficulties. Good luck and have fun! Let Jimi’s soul be with you. 

Top 15 Easy Jimi Hendrix Songs To Play On The Guitar

Jimi Hendrix has written and released various songs in his career. Some of them are harder to play and have more complex guitar compositions. Yet some of them are considered to be easier to play. 

Even if you are a beginner guitarist or if you are more advanced, these 15 easy Jimi Hendrix songs are, I think, essential to every guitarist. From Foxy Lady to Hey Joe or Crosstown Traffic to Fire, you can find famous and easy Hendrix songs on this list. 

To try how Jimi played his guitar and see his fingering positions, amp tone, sound, strumming patterns, and hand feel are very important experiences. Are you experienced yet? 

All Along The Watchtower

This tune is one of the most famous Dylan songs. It was originally released in 1967 and became widely popular. 

Jimi Hendrix later covered this folk rock song. He took All Along The Watchtower to another level, making it more vibrant. Jimi and his band released the new version in 1968, and it featured on their album Electric Ladyland. 

The song is played in half-step down tuning. It consists of an acoustic, an electric, and a 12-stringed guitar. Besides the main chord progression and the strumming pattern, this song has many guitar solos. 

All Along The Watchtower Guitar Tabs

Foxy Lady

Another known as Foxey Lady, this song was released in 1967 and featured on Jimi Hendrix Experience’s brilliant album Are You Experienced. It is probably one of the top famous Hendrix songs of all time. The tune is considered a psychedelic rock or a hard rock song. 

This tune was the one that Jimi played the famous guitar solo with his teeth! The guitar has a great heavy-fuzz face tone here, and you can hear it in the intro. The verse riff and a chorus riff go throughout the tune. The guitar solo is amazing on this one. 

Foxy Lady Guitar Tabs 

Hey Joe

This song is also a legendary rock song from the early 60s in the United States. Jimi Hendrix Experience released a new version of it in 1966 as a single, and they played this tune as their last one at Woodstock. It is on so many song charts and honor lists worldwide. 

There is the main riff combined with the verses. This riff progression goes throughout the song. Memorable guitar solos are rising between sections and riffs here. 

Hey Joe Guitar Tabs

Purple Haze

Purple Haze was released in 1967 as a single. You can find this tune in almost every Hendrix compilation album or greatest hits collection. It surely deserves to be popular. 

Purple Haze includes one of the earliest showups of the famous Hendrix Chord. This magical chord was used in jazz and blues music before he used it, but he made this chord popular. The tune has the classic Jimi guitar tone. It consists of the main riff and little licks in between. 

Purple Haze Guitar Tabs

Like A Rolling Stone

Like A Rolling Stone is another Dylan song Jimi has covered with his band. He is a big fan of Dylan, that’s for sure. The original tune was released in 1965 and appeared on Dylan’s album Highway 61 Revisited. 

Jimi covered the tune in 1967 and performed it at the Monterey Pop Festival as the popular version, and Jimi plays in half-step down tuning here. There are chord progressions, simple strumming patterns on this one, and crazy little Jimi licks and solos between various sections. 

Like A Rolling Stone Guitar Tabs

Manic Depression

Manic Depression was released in 1967 and appeared on the album Are You Experienced. The band recorded the song in De Lane Lea Studios. The tune narrates the well-known illness manic depression, another known as bipolar disorder. 

This song is a rather chaotic and crazy song played half-step down. There is the main riff, but Jimi plays some stuff in this one, from experimental emotional out-of-tune solos to little signature licks. Listen to it carefully to understand what he does on the guitar. 

Manic Depression Guitar Tabs

Wind Cries Mary

This tune is a love song written by Jimi. It is a rock ballad that was released in 1967 as a single. Jimi and his band often played this song live during those years. You can witness Jimi’s beautiful poetry and lyrical capability on this one.

Wind Cries Mary is played in standard tuning, and it is a moderately slow rock tune, almost a ballad. There is a Jimi-style bluesy ballad chord progression throughout the song, and he plays little licks and solos in between.

Wind Cries Mary Guitar Tabs

Red House

Red House was released in 1966 and appeared on the band’s album Are You Experienced. It was recorded in CBS Studios in London before Jimi engaged with De Lane Lea Studios. This song inspired so many blues artists over the years, and they made their versions of the tune.

This song is a twelve-bar-blues song by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. It is played in standard tuning and consists of a simple, slow twelve-bar-blues progression and many electric guitar solos throughout the song.

Red House Guitar Tabs

Crosstown Traffic

After All Along The Watchtower version of Jimi, this tune was released as a new single in 1968. Crosstown Traffic is featured on the band’s album Electric Ladyland later. It is considered a psychedelic funk or acid rock song.

This tune is played in half-step down like at least half of Jimi songs. The main riff and a verse riff shift into each other throughout the song, and Jimi plays crazy funky stuff here. Check out the great guitar tone on this one! 

Crosstown Traffic Guitar Tabs

Who Knows

Jimi brought a new super-trio band in 1969. He played numerous records and was on the stage with Billy Cox and Buddy Miles under the name of the Band Of Gypsys. This tune called Who Knows was released in 1970 and appeared on the band’s self-titled album.

This song again played in half-step down tuning. The main opening riff goes and evolves throughout the tune, the band kind of jams onto it, and Jimi plays a solo in Db on the minor pentatonic scale.

Who Knows Guitar Tabs

Hound Dog (Acoustic)

This tune is an old twelve-bar blues tune from the year 1952. It is first released by Big Mama Thornton the next year. This song has been recorded more than 200 times in the history of music, and one famous record is by Elvis Presley.

Jimi played an acoustic version of the legend tune. The main approach here is hammer on’s and pull-offs on the chord E. Onto this main riff and strummings, and he plays fillings and licks to have fun with it.

Hound Dog Guitar Tabs

Little Miss Lover

This psychedelic pop rock song was released in 1967 and appeared on Jimi Hendrix Experience’s brilliant album Axis: Bold as Love. This tune is the 5th song from the second side of the album.

The song starts with a drum beat, and Jimi plays and sings onto it with a phased, fuzzy crazy guitar tone. The song consists of 5 chords and variations of these chords mainly. The main verse riff goes throughout the tune and a great guitar solo, of course.

Little Miss Lover Guitar Tabs 

Little Miss Strange

Little Miss Strange is another beautiful song by Jimi Hendrix Experience from their album Electric Ladyland. It is originally a Noel Redding song, and Jimi’s version suits the album’s genre: Psychedelic rock, progressive soul. It was released in 1968 and recorded in Olympic Studios, London.

The song has a main chord progression riff, and there are many guitar solos and fillings in this tune. Jimi and his band, of course, elevated the original Redding tune and took it to another level. I love the guitar tone and the sound here.

Little Miss Strange Guitar Tabs

Slow Blues

There is a big box set called The Jimi Hendrix Experience. It includes mostly live recordings and performances. The collection was released in 2000, and Slow Blues is the last song of the collection. You should check this box collection if you haven’t heard of it.

Slow Blues is namely a slow blues song. They are playing the blues, and Jimi is doing what he always does. It is just an emotional blues song, but Jimi is infused and easy to play. 

Slow Blues Guitar Tabs


Here is the latest tune of our 15 easy Jimi Hendrix songs to play. Fire was released in 1970 and appeared on the album Are You Experienced. Especially the drums on this tune took a lot of attention because it is polyrhythmic jazzy soul drumming. It is one of the earliest famous hits by Jimi.

This tune has a time signature of 4/4. After the intro part, the verse part and the chorus section shifts into each other throughout the song, and Jimi plays a magnificent solo here. There is also a bridge part pretty much every Jimi fan knows.

Fire Guitar Tabs

Top 15 Hard Jimi Hendrix Songs To Play On The Guitar

Most Jimi Hendrix songs combine good quality blues, elements of rock music, a bit of progressivity, and a rebellious soul. Still, he composed more rich and sophisticated songs for sure. 

Like Vodoo Child and Little Wing, everybody knows a couple of hard-to-play songs by Jimi and is amazed by their intelligence. You can hear his genius, deep connection, and capabilities with the guitar on this list below. 

So, these last 15 songs are considered more complex and hard to play. I suggest you check the first easier 15 songs to learn if you are a beginner. Maybe listen to them carefully before starting to play. If you feel you can go for more, don’t hesitate to check out these next 15 Jimi Hendrix songs! 

Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

This tune is probably the most famous Jimi Hendrix song ever. Voodoo Child was released in 1968 and featured on the album Electric Ladyland. It is considered a psychedelic rock or blues rock song.

Voodoo Child also is played in half-step down tuning. The song is based on Jimi’s crazy riffs and solos with a decent amount of wah-wah. The emotional release of Jimi here is worth checking. You probably know that he burns his guitar once on stage. This tune was the inspiration and the cause of it.

Voodoo Child Slight Return Guitar Tabs

Hear My Train A Comin

Hear My Train A Comin was never fully recorded in the studio by Jimi, but we have a live recording. The song was released with the movie about Jimi’s life and career. It was released in 1973 with the film Jimi Hendrix soundtrack album.

It is one of the greatest blues songs of Jimi, I think. This tune is played in C standard tuning. There is a main blues riff, and Jimi plays various fillings, licks, and solos between riffs.

Hear My Train A Comin Guitar Tabs


Freedom is one of Jimi’s latest recordings; he recorded it in his last months. The song was released in 1971 and featured on Jimi’s The Cry of Love album. He recorded this tune luckily in his studio Electric Lady Studios.

This tune again played in half-step down tuning. There is an intro section and a solo that shifts into the main verse-chorus progression after. The song goes like that, and Jimi plays great solos here and there. His vocal melodies are going with the guitar melodies accordingly.

Freedom Guitar Tabs

Little Wing

Little Wing is Jimi’s most famous slow-tempo ballad blues song. It was released in 1967 and appeared on Jimi Hendrix Experience’s album Axis: Bold as Love. This song is considered a psychedelic soul tune.

Little Wing is also played in half-step down tuning, and Jimi has the greatest amp tone and guitar sound here. The song starts with a chord progression combined with fillings and arpeggios—it then shifts into emotional guitar solos and vocal melodies. He plays differently live. It is worth checking both recordings.

Little Wing Guitar Tabs

Power Of Soul

Power Of Soul is another Band Of Gypsys song released in 1970. This tune, another known as Power to Love, has a great live recording in Fillmore East in 1969. You should check it.

This tune is a bluesy progressive crazy rock song. Whenever this super band composes and plays something, it goes wild. They have great energy and synergy, for sure. The song consists of bluesy riffs and filings and a rock attitude.

Power Of Soul Guitar Tabs

Spanish Castle Magic

This song is the third track of Jimi Hendrix Experience’s beautiful album Axis: Bold as Love. It was released in 1967 and recorded in Olympic Studios, London. This song has been performed many times in concerts.

Spanis Castle Magic is played in half-step down tuning. The song consists of various themes, chord progressions, and riffs. It is almost a progressive rock song that evolves throughout the tune. The guitar solos here are worth checking because Jimi is going crazy on this one.

Spanish Castle Magic Guitar Tabs

Castles Made Of Sand

This song is another very famous slow rock soul song by Jimi. It is featured in the album Axis: Bold as Love and was released in 1967. He narrates the biographical history of his early days when he was younger.

Castles Made of Sand is played in standard tuning. The time signature starts with 5/4 at the song’s beginning, then shifts into 4/4. The song consists of various solos, picking arpeggios, and authentic Jimi strumming patterns with a beautiful guitar sound.

Castles Made Of Sand Guitar Tabs

Killing Floor

This song was originally written by Howlin’ Wolf and was released in 1964. Jimi made a rendition of the tune after he played it with various musicians and bands on stage. They mostly opened live shows with this one as a warm-up.

Killing Floor is played in half-step down tuning with a slight distortion. It is a fast blues song made of a repetition of the main theme and a riff. The band jams onto this theme, and Jimi plays crazy solos and licks.

Killing Floor Guitar Tabs

Bold As Love

This tune is one of the most beautiful Jimi songs, in my opinion. It was released in 1967 and featured on the same-titled album. Both the lyrics and the musical composition here are uniquely Jimi.

Musically speaking, this song is about Jimi’s connection with his guitar. His tone and sound, his playing and singing here, are amazing. Be careful with the jangly picking thing that he does. It sounds great when you get it. I think he plays one of his greatest solos on this one.

Bold As Love Guitar Tabs

Villanova Junction

This blues tune is the 11th track of Jimi Hendrix’s Woodstock performance recordings. It was first released on an album in 1994. It is like a post-modern blues thing. You can hear so much blues history stuff in this song.

When I heard this song for the first time, it immediately reminded me of a Steve Vai song: Tender Surrender. There must be a connection here, for sure. It is played in standard tuning, creativity flow, and Jimi’s genius. It is a combination of Jimi improvising and jamming on the main theme.

Villanova Junction Guitar Tabs

Machine Gun

Here is another Band of Gypsys song by Jimi that was released in 1970. It featured the band’s same-titled album. Jimi’s guitar playing has evolved since the 70s; you can hear it on this record.

In this song, you can find Jimi playing his guitar like a machine gun. Of course, this wasn’t the intention when they named the song. Jimi introduced this tune always as an anti-war piece. It is played in whole-step down tuning. It has a main theme, and the band improvises on it.

Machine Gun Guitar Tabs


Angel is one of the greatest recordings of Jimi Hendrix. It was released in 1971 and appeared on his The Cry of Love album. The tune was recorded in Electric Lady Studios in New York. It is considered one of the slow love songs of Jimi.

The song is played in standard tuning. The guitar here has a great phased and distorted tone, consisting of various picking arpeggios and chord progressions throughout the song.

Angel Guitar Tabs

Highway Chile

This song is one of the earliest singles of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. This blues rock song was released in 1967 as a single. You can find it in several collections of Jimi Hendrix’s greatest.

Highway Chile is played in standard tuning and has a 12/8 time signature. The main guitar melody repeats throughout the song, and a main bluesy rock theme is played for the whole song. Between sections, Jimi plays his solo parts.

Highway Chile Guitar Tabs

Long Summer Night

Long Summer Night was released in 1968 and appeared on the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s album Electric Ladyland. It is a classic Jimi-style bluesy rock tune.

The song is played in half-step down tuning. It consists of picking arpeggios and Jimi-style strumming patterns throughout the song. He screams his guitar for the whole tune and plays brilliant melodies and licks. Two guitars are being played and overdubbed on this one; you can hear them from different monitors.

Long Summer Night Guitar Tabs

Wait Until Tomorrow

Wait Until Tomorrow is one of Jimi’s popular releases, and he tried new and experimental stuff on this tune. The song was released in 1967 and featured on Jimi Hendrix Experience’s album Axis: Bold as Love. It was recorded in Olympic Studios in London.

Tune your guitar in half-step down tuning and set up a jangly electric guitar tone with a little phaser and delay on it. The song has a main riff that comes at the intro part; it is very fast and fun to play. This riff evolves and repeats throughout the song, and Jimi plays various fillings and licks between sections. His guitar solo is amazing in Wait Until Tomorrow.

Wait Until Tomorrow Guitar Tabs


Beginner guitarists need to learn the milestones of the history of the guitar. Jimi Hendrix is surely one of them. As you see on this list, Jimi has a very authentic playing style, and you can hear it on every track.

You can add these songs to your repertoire with a little effort and practice. I suggest you listen to the songs carefully with curiosity about Jimi’s playing first, then try to learn to play them. First, check the easier ones, then go to harder tunes.

This list is made for you to get the main idea of what Jimi has been doing with his guitar and how he elevated his playing throughout the years. I hope this collection of Jimi Hendrix songs finds you well and would be an inspiration for you on your rock guitar journey.

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