Top 40 Rolling Stones Songs To Play On Guitar – Tabs Included

It is unbelievable that Rolling Stones is still active after 60 years. They have been one of the most legendary bands in rock music history. Both how they played, composed, and performed music, their attitudes, and lifestyles were the keystones of their successful career. 

They also brought so much to the guitar scene, especially Keith Richards, who played with legends like Chuck Berry and many more before they set up The Rolling Stones. 

Even though he is a classic blues and rock player, his musical expression and guitar sound evolved over the years. As a beginner or intermediate guitar player, there is much to learn from him and the music of The Rolling Stones. 

They also have very popular tunes you can add to your repertoire and perform on stage or share with your friends. This band presents many tracks to listen to and learn from acoustic to strictly distorted electric variations. So, enjoy this list of legendary tunes and the history of Rolling Stones! 

Paint It Black

Paint It Black is the most listened-to Stones song worldwide. In 1966, the tune was released and appeared on the band’s album Aftermath. It is considered raga rock, psychedelic rock. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote it together.

Paınt It Black has the most famous Rolling Stones intro guitar part ever. Besides the main guitar melody, there are only 5 chords to play this legendary tune. There are middle eastern, Indian-influenced melodies throughout the song.

Paint It Black Guitar Chords

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Another famous song from the legendary band was released in 1965 as a single, a year before Paint It Black was released. This blues rock, hard rock tune was in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998.

Rolling Stones has a great style of combining blues and rock and roll uniquely. You can hear that in this song well. The main guitar melody is played by following the main rhythm guitar, a beginner song. 

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction Guitar Chords

Sympathy For The Devil

Sympathy For The Devil is a samba rock tune written by Jagger and Richards. It was released in 1968 and featured on Stones’ album Beggars Banquet. The label Decca produced the album, which is a unique Stones album.

This song has the greatest song beginnings of the Stones. It starts with beautiful percussive beats, and then the vocals and the guitar follow the rhythm. It has very easy chords to play once you get the progression.

Sympathy For The Devil Guitar Chords

Gimme Shelter

Gimme Shelter is one of the band’s critical and political songs. The lyrics are about the violence in society. This hard rock, blues rock tune was released in 1969. The beautiful Stones album, Let It Bleed, featured it.

This tune is played with a capo on the 2nd fret and an alternate playing with a capo on the 4th fret. The drums and the rhythm guitar follow each other throughout the song. The lead guitar plays great solos and licks on them.

Gimme Shelter Guitar Chords

Miss You

Miss You is a beautiful tune from the late 70s and was very successful on the charts worldwide. It is a great disco, soul, and rock song Dr. Dre remixed in 2002. You’ll want to dance with it when you hear it.

The tune has a simple chord progression that follows the dance beats of the drums. The lead guitar ornaments the main progression and dances with the vocals. It is considered a beginner tune.

Miss You Guitar Guitar Chords


Angie is the best soft rock tune from the Stones, for sure. In 1973, the tune was released, and the band’s album Goats Head Soup featured it. The song had recorded in Kingston, Jamaica, at Dynamic Sounds Studio.

This tune is a beautiful collaboration of the piano and guitars. It has acoustic guitar arpeggios and progressions throughout the tune, followed by the piano. There are 6 chords to play, Angie. It is a must to have on your Rolling Stones repertoire.

Angie Guitar Chords 

Start Me Up

In 1981 this beautiful hard rock tune was released, and it appeared on the Stones’ album Tattoo You. The songwriters on this one again, Keith and Mick together. Start Me Up is another popular hit by the band.

The tune has a main hard rock riff, played with bright, crunchy guitars. The other instruments and the vocals follow the main progression, and it became a great hit like this. Start Me Up is played with a capo on the 3rd fret, with only 3 chords to play the main riff.

Starts Me Up Guitar Chords

Beast Of Burden

Beast Of Burden is one of my favorites from the Stones. This blues rock, soft rock, and soul tune was released in 1978 and featured on the Some Girls album. Also, Bette Midler has a cover version of this tune in hard rock, new wave style.

There is a beautiful dialog between two guitars as the main progression. The guitars play beautiful arpeggios, chord progressions, and little fillings. It is not a beginner song, so it needs attention and practice to play this one. Good luck!

Beast Of Burden Guitar Chords

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

This song is a great blues rock, hard rock song by the legendary band. In 1970, it was released and had a 7-minute length. -one of the longest tunes of the band and has progressive elements. Their great album Sticky Fingers featured the tune.

Set your amps for a crunchy distorted tone to play this. There is no need for a capo, but this one has many barre chords. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking is still a beginner song on the guitar. Follow the main progression and the riff; you are good to go.

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking Guitar Chords

Wild Horses

Here is another acoustic country rock tune by The Rolling Stones. This tune is a song from 1971 that appeared on the band’s album Sticky Fingers. Jagger and Richards were the songwriters on this one, like many Stones songs.

Wild Horses is played with acoustic guitars. It has three main progressions: Intro, Verses, and Chorus. Some of them include arpeggios, and some of them only played with simple strumming patterns.

Wild Horses Guitar Chords

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

In 1969, this tune was released and appeared on the album Let It Bleed. It suits that year and the era very well and is recorded at the Olympic Studios in London.

This song has a beginning of a famous choir from London singing that shifts into an acoustic Stones tune after. It is played with a capo on the 5th fret and has a beautiful chord progression throughout the tune.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want Guitar Chords

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is a great boogie rock song by the Stones. Again, the Sticky Fingers featured this tune in the year 1971. It peaked top 10 in many charts around the world.

This song is a perfect guitar song and has one of the most beautiful guitar compositions of Keith Richards. It is a beginner song; once you get the main riff and what the guitar is doing, it will be easy to play this one.

Brown Sugar Guitar Chords

It’s Only Rock N Roll

This tune is considered reggae rock, funk rock, rock, and roll. To see this says that Stones isn’t just a regular blues rock band; they have so many songs with unique combinations of musical styles.

The rhythm guitar plays the main progression and a riff, and the lead guitar ornaments it and plays great solos and licks throughout the song. The main riff is very rock and roll and has a bluesy touch, and after hearing the lead guitar, it became somewhat something else. It represents the band’s attitude very well.

It’s Only Rock N Roll Guitar Tabs

As Tears Go By

This song is originally a baroque pop tune by Marianne Faithfull from 1964. The Rolling Stones made a beautiful cover version of this brilliant song the next year. Also, it was released as a single and became a hit immediately.

The guitars strum the main chord progression and add some arpeggios. It is an acoustic guitar song that doesn’t require a capo to play. This record is a soft tune, and you won’t find here any crunchy solos.

As Tears Go By Guitar Chords

Honky Tonky Women

Here is a hard rock song released as a single in 1969. Honky Tonky Women was recorded in London, and Jimmy Miller was the producer. A country version of this tune is later featured on the album, Let It Bleed.

This tune is written in the key of G, with only 4 chords to play it. Mildly distorted electric guitars follow a main riff progression through the song. The strumming pattern and the general playing are beginner-level.

Honky Tonnky Women Guitar Chords

Dead Flowers

Dead Flowers is a beautiful country rock song from the band’s 1971 album Sticky Fingers. The tune’s label was the band’s label Rolling Stones Records. Also, there is an amazing live performance of this song by Willie Nelson and Keith Richards.

A strictly country lead guitar on this tune plays little licks and solos, following the vocal melodies and the main progression. The chord progression and the strumming style are easy.

Dead Flowers Guitar Chords

Tumbling Dice

The Stones’ album, Exile on Main St. featured this tune in 1972. This rock and roll song was written by the main writers of the band and another great piece by Rolling Stones Records. Pussy Galore and Phish had their cover versions of Tumbling Dice.

You can play this with a capo on the 4th fret of your guitar. It requires only 3 chords for the main chord progression, and it is an absolute beginner song. Have fun!

Tumbling Dice Guitar Chords

Ruby Tuesday

Between the Buttons, the 1967 album of the legendary band, features Ruby Tuesday. Its genre is considered baroque pop and psychedelic soul. It is one of the brilliant songs from that album.

Ruby Tuesday is a piano-based song, and the guitars follow the main piano composition. The guitars mainly do simple stuff and play a role as the supporter of the piano. If you want to make an acoustic guitar version of this tune, the chords are easy but change fastly, so it will need a little time to figure out the progression.

Ruby Tuesday Guitar Chords

Lady Jane

Here is another early psychedelic era of the Stones. Lady Jane was released in 1966 and appeared on the album Aftermath. Again, it is a baroque pop song with brilliant guitar compositions and musical expression.

Lady Jane is played with a bright acoustic guitar. There are beautiful arpeggios and melodies throughout the song. Also, the second guitar plays two-note chord melodies on the main arpeggio progression, which sounds beautiful.

Lady Jane Guitar Tabs

Sweet Virginia

The Rolling Stones released this country rock tune with its 1970 album Exile on Main St. I love the cover art of this album, and I think you’ll like it too. Phish, Old Crow Medicine Show also covered the song later.

Sweet Virginia has a simple, classic country progression with 4 chords, a harmonica, and another woodwind instrument jamming. The chords for this beginner tune are A, E, D, and B.

Sweet Virginia Guitar Chords

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Here is another hard rock blues track by the Stones. In 1968, Jumpin’ Jack Flash was released as a non-album single. The band was at the Olympic Studios in London to record. 

Have your capo on the 2nd fret to play this one. The tune has the base hard rock riff that goes all along, and the other instruments follow it. 

Jumpin’ Jack Flash Guitar Chords

The Last Time

This garage rock, hard rock tune is from 1965 and was recorded in Hollywood, California. It was out there as a single and did not feature in an album. 

The Last Time is an absolute beginner song with only 3 chords. Rolling Stones had 2 guitars in the band since the early 60s, and they complete each other very well. This tune is another example of that. 

The Last Time Guitar Chords

Don’t Stop

Don’t Stop is a 2000s hit by The Rolling Stones. It was released in 2002 and appeared on the album Forty Licks. The label responsible for the song was Virgin and the self-titled company of the band. 

This classic rock tune has a main riff that sounds great in collaboration with the drum, bass, and vocals. There is a great guitar solo at the end.

Don’t Stop Guitar Tabs

Love In Vain

Robert Johnson originally wrote this song; it is from the year 1937. The Stones adapted it in 1969, and it appeared on their album Let It Bleed. It is a timeless country blues song

A capo on the 3rd fret would be necessary to play this one. It is a strict blues tune with a blues rhythm structure. Besides that, the lead guitar is doing great stuff on it.

Love In Vain Guitar Chords

Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff is one of the band’s funkiest disco tunes ever. It came from 1975 and appeared on their album, Black and Blue. The writers were Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, as always. 

Once you get the funky riffs and the general beat of the tune, it is easy to play this song. The lead guitar has a wah-wah fusion sound as an exception to most of the Stones’ tracks. 

Hot Stuff Guitar Tabs


Another hard rock track came from 1971 and the album, Sticky Fingers. Jimmy Miller was the producer of the song. 

This tune is one of their best hard rock songs; it is well-written, and the feeling of it is perfect. This tune is a strict guitar song with great solos and riffs. 

Bitch Guitar Tabs


This tune is another known as Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo. It is one of the Stones’ funk rock tracks, released in 1973, and appeared on the album Goats Head Soup. 

Beware of the tone and sound of the guitars on this track! They sound amazing. And it is very fun to play the riffs and licks of Heartbreaker. 

Heartbreaker Guitar Tabs

All Down The Line

In 1972, the album Exile on Main St. featured the track and became very popular after its release. It is a great song. 11 musicians were playing for the record of this song. 

This track is played with an Open G tuning setup. It has great slide solos and hard rock riffs in it. I love the tones of the band’s guitars after the 70s.

All Down The Line Guitar Tabs

Under My Thumb

Under My Thumb is one of Stones’ early releases and early hits. It came from the year 1966 and appeared on their album Aftermath. Brian Jones was playing the marimba on this one. 

You can hear the psychedelic influences on this one, for sure. It is catchy and easy to play. There is an intro guitar melody that shifts into the main progression after. 

Under My Thumb Guitar Chords


This track is a rock and roll song recorded in France in 1971. It happens to be the 10th song of their album Exile on Main St. 

Happy is played with a capo on the 4th fret. It is an intermediate song that is played in Open G tuning. The rock and roll guitar goes to another level with this tune. 

Happy Guitar Tabs

19th Nervous Breakdown

This rock track was recorded in Hollywood, California, at the RCA Studios in 1966. It was released as a non-album single and was good enough to rock the world. 

This puberty rebellion track is played in standard tuning, and it has riffs with two-note chords, and the strumming patterns are diverse but not that hard once you get it. 

19th Nervous Breakdown Guitar Tabs

Hand Of Fate

This tune came from the band’s beautiful album Black And Blue, and you can find various genres and experimental music on this album. The year was 1975. 

Hand Of Fate is played while tuned in Open G again, like half of the Stone’s tracks. The guitars play true rock riffs and melodies throughout the song. It is beautiful that they can sound both vintage and modern simultaneously. 

Hand Of Fate Guitar Tabs

Heart Of Stone

Another 1964 tune from the Stones, recorded in California, is still widely listened to. Out of Our Heads featured this rock soul ballad track. 

One guitar plays the bass march rhythm, and the other plays the chord progressions. Both play a couple of arpeggio licks here and there and sound great together. 

Heart Of Stone Guitar Tabs

Jigsaw Puzzle

This track was recorded in 1968 and appeared on the album Beggars Banquet. You can hear the different slide instruments -Brian Jones playing the mellotron here. 

Jigsaw Puzzle is a blues rock track; guitar 1 is played in standard tuning, and the slide guitar is in Open E tuning. There is a slide melody in the intro part, and the solos and the melody in the break section mostly repeat and vary. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Guitar Tabs

Prodigal Sun

This country blues tune was released in 1968 and recorded in Los Angeles and London. The album Beggars Banquet featured it. It was the last Stones album with Brian Jones as well.

This track requires Open E Tuning and an acoustic guitar. It consists of two-note arpeggio melodies and country blues riffs throughout the song. 

Progidal Sun Guitar Tabs

Factory Girl

This track is a beautiful folk, psychedelic rock tune from the year 1968. It appeared on the album Beggars Banquet. You can hear different native percussion instruments on this one. It sounds perfect. 

So Keith Richards is playing the acoustic guitar on this track. It is written in a 4/4 time signature, and the main progression is Keith playing brilliant arpeggios and chords all along. 

Factory Girl Guitar Tabs

If You Can’t Rock Me

As the track’s name suggests, this is strictly rock and roll. Their album, It’s Only Rock n Roll featured this one in 1974. It is a very vintage-sounding tune. 

It is played in Open G and consists of true rock and roll riffs and amazing guitar amp tones. 

If You Can’t Rock Me Guitar Tabs

Drift Away

Here is a swamp rock track written in 1970 by John Henry Kurtz. The Stones made a cover version of the tune later. It was only one of the many covers of Drift Away. 

There is a simple and nice-sounding guitar intro played simultaneously by two guitars—the song then shifts into basic chord progressions and strumming patterns. 

Drift Away Guitar Tabs

Fingerprint File

Here is a great funk rock track by the legendary band. In 1974, this tune appeared on the band’s album; It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll. 

The musical composition on this one is brilliant. It includes so many instruments, and they can unite all in one so beautifully -played in standard tuning, and you have to listen very carefully to learn this one.

Fingerprint Guitar Tabs

It Won’t Take Long

One of the band’s latest releases, It Won’t Take Long, featured as the third track on the album A Bigger Bang in 2004. 

The rhythm guitar is set in Open G Tuning while the lead is in standard. There are various fills in different sections and a main hard rock riff throughout the song. 

It Won’t Take Long Guitar Tabs


So, as you see, The Rolling Stones have released many songs in various genres, such as funk, disco, blues, folk, country, garage rock, hard rock, and many more. It is superb to see such a band evolving with their music and guitar tones.

The Rolling Stones inspired me in my journey of practicing and performing guitar. I know it will be like that for you as well. I hope you enjoyed this list of tracks and the history of this legendary band. 

Don’t forget; to listen to the songs carefully before you try to learn how to play. Good luck!

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