Top 30 Free & Accurate Websites For Guitar Tabs

There are many ways to learn a song to play on guitar. You can trust your ear to transcribe the song, read sheet music from a book, watch a video lesson, or simply you can find a trustable tab and chord library website.

The good thing about the tab websites is that you can find almost any song in their libraries, but the downside is that they are not always very accurate. So when you really want to nail a song and make sure you get it right, you want to save your precious time searching for the right tab without mistakes or missing pieces. 

So, this list for players who want to reach the most accurate tabs of any desired song effortlessly for free. There are various websites on the list with tips to find the best and most accurate tabs in each of them. Either it is a classical or an old-school rocking piece, you can find the specialized library for the genre and learn the song quickly without wasting time searching dozens of websites.

So, just bookmark this page for when the time comes you need that great song and enjoy playing it.

Ultimate Guitar

Most famous tabs website with a massive databaseHard to find the most accurate tab among many options
Official license
News, reviews, lessons sections

Ultimate Guitar is one of the most famous and comprehensive guitar resources available today. There are sections for news, reviews, and lessons alongside guitar tabs. There is also a forum section to access the Ultimate Guitar community.

Formed in 1998, the website has more than 10 million users and more than 1 million guitar tabs and chords. In addition, the charts such as Fresh Tabs and Top 100 are constantly updated for you to find something new to play quickly. 

Unlike other tab and chord websites, Ultimate Guitar has an official license for its tabs to support the musicians. It also has apps for Android and iOS to access from smartphones.

To get the most accurate tabs from Ultimate Guitar, try to sort the tabs of the desired song by ratings. Millions of users rate the tabs’ accuracy, making the library much more trustable.


MIDI player to listen to the tabSome songs are not %100 accurate
Nice features such as slow down and loop
Simple and nice interface

Songsterr is for the players looking for interactive free guitar tabs. The website is simple, clean, and modern, making it easy to focus on the task without distractions. In addition, the tabs feature a MIDI player to listen to the tabs and chords to play them easier.

You can loop or slow down any part of the tab in the player. It also features sheet music for other instruments of the song, such as bass, drums, or percussion. Therefore, it can be said that it is a basic version of Guitar Pro.

Songsterr has more than 500,000 free-to-access guitar tabs and an accurate difficulty rating. It also allows users to edit the tab if they find any mistakes or missing parts. Thus, Songsterr is the Wikipedia of guitar tab websites. This way, the website maintains the accuracy of its sheet music.

GuitarTabs CC

Clean and well-organized interfaceLimited variety of songs
High quality, accurate tabs

Featuring mostly popular songs with accurate tabs, GuitarTabs CC has been around for years and has developed a great reputation for having a clean and well-organized interface. 

It does not have a tab player like Songsterr, but instead, there are many high-quality tabs. Another good point is that the website does not have any blasted ads or popups that distract you.

There are also other valuable sections like Top 100, updates, and upcoming tabs. The tab library is more than resourceful and accurate with many unknown songs as well.

Guitar Pro Tabs

The best resource for Guitar Pro TabsYou need software like Guitar Pro to open the tab file
High-quality, accurate tabs

Guitar Pro Tabs is best known for its diverse and accurate Guitar Pro tab library. You can download the individual tabs for free and play them with software like Guitar Pro or Tux Guitar. However, the only way to read and play the tabs is by downloading these programs.

With countless songs and tab variations, it is an excellent library in which you can sort the tabs as download counts to find the best one. So if you are looking for guitar pro tabs, Guitar Pro Tabs is the way to go!

Class Clef

Many tab options for each song such as Guitar Pro, MIDI file, and PDF sheetA limited number of songs
Educative interface with info about the songsIt is only for classical guitar
Very high quality, accurate tabs

Class Clef is one of the best and famous classic guitar tab libraries on the internet. It has a pretty straightforward interface with a wide range of classical guitar songs.

You can download the midi sound sample, guitar pro tab, or pdf sheet tab of the desired song along with a bit of info about it. With more than 5000 classical songs, from baroque music to modern-day jazz, Class Clef is the most prosperous website for classical guitar.

You can choose the songs by the countries or genres from the website’s menu.


Excellent search engineOnly chords, no tabs
Good features to make the reading easierA limited number of songs

Chordie is a web chord library for popular songs. The website features a developed search engine that you can search for the desired song with its name, artist, lyrics, or chords you want to play.

The Chordie library is not as diverse as other web libraries such as Ultimate Guitar, but it presents a super clean interface. When you open a sheet on the website, the chords you need are presented in the top-right corner.

The website also offers simple tools to change the font size, transpose the song to a different key, adjust the chords based on the capo placement, and auto-scroll while playing along.

Guitar CH

Rich website with lessonsOnly popular songs
PDF tabs that you can download

Guitar CH is a rich website about guitar and music in general with a guitar tab library. There is a lot of helpful information on the website, from music theory to lessons about guitar techniques. In addition, the tab library is rich with many popular songs.

The tabs are presented as pdf files that you can download and read. The tabs are accurate and have sheet music notations on top of the tabs.

Heart Wood Guitar

High-quality, accurate chordsLimited library
Easy-to-use, clean interfaceOnly chords, no tabs

Heart Wood Guitar is a guitar website that specializes in strumming and singing. The website features a small but reliable chord library along with video lessons that require a subscription.

There are around 600 songs in the chord library. Some songs also have an “s” sign next to them, which shows a transcribed strumming pattern on top of the chord sheet. But to watch the video lessons about the song, you need to pay and become a member.

911 Tabs

Tabs search engine, countess resultsTime-consuming to find the best tabs
Straightforward interface

911 Tabs is one of the oldest guitar tab websites that functions as a search engine for tab libraries on the internet. You can just enter the website and search for the song you want to play to see all the tabs about the song on the internet.

The interface is pretty straightforward with the name of the song, the link to the tab, type of the tab such as guitar pro, chords, or guitar tabs, and finally, the rating of the tab. When you click on the song, it immediately directs you to the tab website of the desired song.

Although it can be hard to choose the right one along hundreds of tabs that the search engine finds, it is the most diverse tab website on the internet.

Guitar Hub

Many useful featuresLimited library

Guitar Hub is a relatively new guitar tab website with a constantly growing library. The strongest aspect of the website is its rich offering for each song on the database. Although it is primarily for acoustic guitar tabs, you can find some more selections.

Although the variety of the songs is limited, each song features the song’s original recording, a video lesson on how to play the tune, guitar chords, lyrics, and little information on playing the song, such as the tuning capo position and difficulty. Some of the songs even have videos of live performances.

Country Tabs

Clean interfaceOnly country genre tabs
Free subscription for the blog, video lessons
Accurate tabs and chords

As the name suggests, Country Tabs is one of the best guitar tab libraries in the country genre. There are countless country tunes with chords that you can reach with a free subscription.

Each song has lyrics and chords transcribed on the page. You can see how to play the chord either from the chords button on the top of the page or simply just clicking on the transcribed chords.

The website also features top 100 lists, a blog, and video lessons on some of the songs.

Big Chords

Well-designed and accurate tabsHard to read chord sheets
Option to request and add tabsComplicated interface
Rich library

Big Chords is a fast-growing website with free and accurate guitar chords and tablature of all many artists of a wide range of genres and eras. The options to request new tabs and add new tab sheets as users allow the library to get richer every day. 

The tabs are highly accurate and well-designed, making them easier to read. But in the chords sheets, the lyrics and the chords have the same font, size, and colors, making the sheet seem more complicated.


Good search engineSubscription needed to enjoy all the features
Well-designed, adjustable chord sheets
Blog, video lessons, tutorials

E-Chords is a chord sheet website with a simple interface, video lessons, tutorials, and a blog.

You can search for songs, artists, or lyrics to find the free guitar chords to read them on a clean page with many useful tools.

The chord sheets offer lots of optimizations, such as choosing simplified chord versions, changing the color of links, and even dragging chords to where you want them beside the lyrics.

The verses and choruses are separated, making it easier for the players to grasp the song structure. All the necessary chords are listed at the bottom of the page.

Guitar Down Under

Highly accurate, professional tabsA limited number of songs
Video performances and pdf versions of songsOnly songs specially arranged for fingerpicking

Guitar Down Under contains a small collection of guitar arrangements with sheet music, tabs, pdf files, and many accompanying videos for fingerpicking technique. There are many classical and popular songs arranged for fingerpicking solo guitar.

Each song features perfectly created sheet music, tabs for an easier read, and some of them have a video of the song’s live performance shot with close angles to learn the tune thoroughly. You can also download the pdf version of the notation to use later.

Besides all of these features, the website also offers some free guitar lessons.

Tab Crawler

One of the richest tab libraryMessy, complicated interface
High accuracy of tabs

Tab Crawler is a rich source for guitar with its database of almost 3 million guitar tabs. Although the interface is complicated with a messy look, the content is rich and accurate.

The sheets are pretty straightforward with tabs or chords and a link to the song in apple music. If you register on the website, you can download and rate the sheets.

The website also features top 100 lists consisting of top-rated, most popular, and newest songs. There are also some articles and video lessons that can help you during the process.

AZ Chords

Extensive tab libraryNot all the tabs are accurate
Many options for the same song

AZ Chords is an old and extensive chord library. There is more than 1 version for many songs on the website rated with stars. Always go for the top-rated option, as the chords are taken from various resources.

Like many chord websites, AZ Chords has a feature for you to hover over the chord and see a chord diagram pop-up, making it easier to remember how to play the desired chord. 

Besides guitar chords, the website offers bass and uke tabs too.

Cifra Club

Modern interfaceThe website is only in Spanish and Portuguese
Rich library
Clean interface with many useful features

Cifra Club shines with its modern interface and rich tab library. It has a clean and straightforward structure with many valuable features like auto-scroll, transposing options, text size adjustment, sounds of notes to tune your guitar, and a metronome.

The only downside of the website is that it only comes in Spanish and Portuguese languages. But, you can use the auto google translate option to navigate through the website.


Progressing website with new tabs every dayVery basic interface
Accurate tabsMore than one tab version for many songs

TTabs offers more than 140,000 of the latest guitar tabs, bass tabs, and drum tabs, with new tablatures, added every day. The website has a basic structure with a search engine and a choice of letters to sort the name of the artists.

Many songs have more than one version. However, every tab has a view count and ratings with stars that give hints about the accuracy of the tab. 


Text and Guitar Pro tabsNot many features
Easy-to-use interface

Tablatures is a reliable multitrack guitar tabs website with 80,000 text tabs and 40,000 guitar pro tabs. It has a basic interface that is easy to navigate without many features.

The tabs can be sorted by download or view counts or ratings. In addition, you can use the song or artist search engine to find your desired song.

Muse Score

Massive resource for many instrumentsMostly has classical songs
Modern and clean interface
Built-in MIDI player
App version

Muse Score is a massive resource for many musical instruments that lets musicians worldwide create and share their works. It has a very modern and clean interface that can filter the music sheets with the desired instrument, genre, and ensemble. 

There are around 80,000 music sheets specifically for guitar. The built-in player plays the MIDI version of the song to help you learn faster. You can also download the app for other features such as transposing and or adjusting the text size.

There are also view and liked counts to rate the accuracy of the tablature.

Tabs Database

Simple easy-to-use interfaceSurficial chords and tabs without depth
Chord sheets also have the main riff written as tabsSongs only with lyrics and without tabs make it complicated

Founded in 2003, Tabs Database is one of the oldest tablature libraries on the internet. It features a pretty straightforward interface. As the website also has songs with only lyrics, the songs with tabs are indicated with the “guitar tab” phrase next to the song name.

The tabs and chords are pretty basic without much depth. The main riff or chords are shown on the song page, along with the official video of the song.

Classical Guitar Shed

Good categorizations with difficulty levelClassical guitar orientated
PDF format tab with information about the song

Classical Guitar Shed is one of the most diverse classical guitar libraries. The interface divides the pieces according to their difficulty level, but a section also allows navigation through the artists.

The sheets are in PDF format, and every sheet features little information about the song and the artist. The website also has some video lessons, tablature books, and courses for paid members.

Guitar Nick

Detailed tab pages with videosA limited number of tabs
Different versions of songs with easy, fingerpicking and flat-picking orientations

Guitar Nick offers guitar lessons and full songs with tabs, sheet music, backing tracks, chords, and tutorials, for beginners or advanced guitarists. 

The website has around 900 tutorials and tabs. There are many tab options for songs with easy, fingerpicking, and flat-picking versions. Although the number of songs is limited, the website shines with its detailed courses for each song. So, the website makes sure that you learn the song throughout.


Built-in software converts any audio to a chord sheetNeeds a paid subscription to use the features fully
App version

Chordify is an online music education service that transforms any music into chords. The built-in software automatically recognizes chords from an audio signal and aligns them to the music in a simple player.

There is also an app for Android and iOS devices. Accessing all the features of the website or the app requires a paid subscription. But you can play a wide range of free chord sheets without any registration. 

Tabs 4 Acoustic

Easy-to-use interfaceAcoustic guitar orientated
Rich library

Tabs 4 Acoustic is a web tab and chord library specializing in acoustic guitar arrangements. It offers an easy-to-navigate interface and a simple tab or chord sheet without many features.

The song library is rich, and the sheets are simple with the necessary chords on top of the page with fingering positions. The chords are written above the lyrics with a different color to recognize them easily.

It needs registration to use the auto-scroll, metronome, or text size adjustment features. The website also offers some video lessons for beginners.


Video lessonsNot all the videos are accurate and high quality
Extremely rich collectionAds in the middle of videos

The giant video collection website, Youtube, is also a great source to learn new songs and find some guitar tabs. There are many great accounts that provide tabs and video lessons.

As years passed, Youtube became a fool-proof approach for learning new songs, as you can see exactly how to play the tab with your own eyes. 

Sometimes you may encounter low-quality tab videos, but you must trust your ear to find the best ones. It may take some time, but the result is highly rewarding. You can slow down the video or check the comments or descriptions to make the process easier.

Guitare Tab

Rich libraryMany versions of the same song
Good lists to find new songs

Guitare Tab is a simple website with countless guitar tabs. You can simply use the search engine to find any desired tab.

There are many versions for the same songs, but the hits count gives the players a hint of which is the best one. The tabs are written in text format and are pretty easy to read.

The website offers various lists such as “popular soundtrack chords” “top popular rock song” if you are unsure which song to play next.

Ultimate Tabs

One of the richest tab libraryMany versions of the same song without rating or view count
Guitar Pro, text tabs, chord sheetsTime-consuming to find the best tab or chord
Good features like auto-scroll

With 300,000 guitar chords sheets, 100,000 guitar tabs, and 75,000 guitar pro tab Ultimate Tabs has one of the most diverse libraries globally. In addition, the website has a cool-looking and modern interface with many features.

You can see the chord or tabs section of any song along with bass, drums, and keyboard notations if they are available. The auto-scroll and font size adjustment options are available, making everything easier. 

There are also articles and video lessons for interested players.


Built-in software converts any audio to a chord sheetNeeds a paid subscription to use the features fully
App versionUnconventional chord shee may be hard to get used to

ChordU transforms music files and songs directly from YouTube. The player automatically recognizes the chords from the audio files and syncs them to an interactive player you can easily control.

It may be hard to get used to the player, but you get a player which can give you any chord from a video or audio file once you do. 

Tabs VN

Built-in MIDI playerLimited library with only popular songs
Features like tuner, looping option, speed, and font adjustments
App version

Tabs VN shines with its built-in player that plays the midi file of the song along with tabs. The players have some crucial features such as a tuner, looping option, speed, and font adjustments. 

There are many popular songs in the library. If you don’t want to play it with the player, there is also an option to read the tabs in text format.

The website also has an app to use on Android or iOS devices., 


The guitar tabs make the world easier for many guitarists as not all the players know how to read music through traditional music sheets. Although it is sometimes hard to find the most accurate ones, it is getting easier and easier with more reliable options.

You can try all of these wide varieties of guitar tabs and chord websites to find the most comfortable one. Find out what works for you and go hard. So grab your guitar, plug it in, tune-up, and start learning and having fun with all these great websites. 

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