25 Easy The Weeknd Songs To Play On Guitar: Master His Hits

Diving into the musical world of The Weeknd offers a unique experience for guitarists looking for contemporary tracks that are both captivating and approachable. His music, known for its haunting melodies and soulful lyrics, translates well into guitar arrangements that you can pick up relatively quickly. Whether you’re a beginner looking to practice chord transitions or an intermediate player seeking to add some R&B flair to your repertoire, The Weeknd’s discography provides a rich selection.

Songs like “Can’t Feel My Face” and “Blinding Lights” are just a couple of examples from The Weeknd’s collection that are not only chart-topping hits but also surprisingly easy to learn on the guitar. The melodic lines are straightforward, often built around a few basic chords, which makes them great choices for someone looking to expand their musical horizons without getting overwhelmed by complexity. You’ll find that with a little practice, strumming along to The Weeknd’s hypnotic tracks can be incredibly rewarding—and you might just impress your friends with your fresh setlist.

Blinding Lights

“Blinding Lights” is a synthwave hit by The Weeknd that’ll energize any guitar session with its up-tempo beat and catchy melody. Released in 2019, it stormed the charts and became one of the most recognizable songs worldwide. Its blend of 80s synth-pop with modern production made it a staple on radio and streaming platforms.

When you’re ready to jam out on your guitar to “Blinding Lights,” start with the key: it’s in F minor, but with a capo on the third fret. The tempo is quick, but the chord progression is repetitive, which means once you’ve got the hang of the rhythm, you’ll be playing along in no time. Keep your strumming hand loose, focus on nailing the timing, and you’ll capture that pulsating synth vibe on your acoustic.

Blinding Lights Guitar Chords

Save Your Tears

“Save Your Tears” is a melodic tune by The Weeknd that combines upbeat rhythms with deeper lyrical themes. It’s perfect for guitar players looking to add some pop-R&B flair to their repertoire. The song’s catchy hook and danceable groove mask its introspective lyrics about regret and lost love, giving you plenty to express as you play and sing along.

When you take a stab at playing “Save Your Tears” on your guitar, you’ll be pleased to find the chords are manageable, with a progression that’s easy for beginners to get the hang of. Start with a comfortable strumming pattern that matches the song’s tempo and feel. Focus on transitioning smoothly between chords—practice making the changes quickly and cleanly to keep up with the rhythm of the track.

Chord ProgressionStrumming Pattern
C – Am – Em – GDown-Down-Up-Up-Down-Up

Save Your Tears Guitar Chords

Call Out My Name

“Call Out My Name” is a hit track from The Weeknd’s 2018 EP ‘My Dear Melancholy’. With its haunting melody and raw lyrics, the song captures the pain of a one-sided love and the longing that comes with it. The song builds around the poignant main theme, offering a somber vibe that perfectly matches The Weeknd’s emotive vocals.

When looking to play “Call Out My Name” on your guitar, start by mastering the key chords—the song predominantly uses Em and Bm. It’s a slow-tempo track, so take your time to get the finger placements right. The simplicity of the chords paired with the emotional depth of the piece makes it a rewarding choice for both beginners and intermediate guitarists.

Call Out My Name Guitar Chords

The Hills

“The Hills” by The Weeknd surged in popularity due to its catchy hook and brooding atmosphere. The track delves into themes of fame, excess, and the complications they bring to personal relationships. Its memorable lyrics and beat made it a chart-topper and a favorite among fans looking for moody and introspective tunes.

On guitar, “The Hills” is perfect for beginners. No capo is required, and the song mainly cycles through a series of four chords: Em, Bm, A, and G. Emphasize the rhythm to capture the song’s edgy vibe. Strumming can help you mimic the beat of the original track.

The Hills Guitar Chords

Can’t Feel My Face

“Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd is a smooth blend of pop and R&B, capturing listeners with its catchy beat and memorable lyrics. It centers on a tumultuous relationship, using metaphorical language to describe being so deeply in love that it’s numbing, likening it to the effects of narcotics.

When you’re ready to strum along to this hit, you’ll be pleased to find that the chord progression is quite simple, cycling through G, F, and Am. Keep your rhythm hand loose for the funky strumming pattern, which is key to nailing the vibe of the song on your guitar. Having a capo at hand can also be helpful if you need to adjust the song to match your vocal range.

Can’t Feel My Face Guitar Chords

Is There Someone Else

“Is There Someone Else?” is a track that showcases The Weeknd’s signature blend of R&B and pop. Its haunting melody and heartfelt lyrics give it emotional depth, making it a great song for intimate gigs or personal practice sessions.

To bring out the emotion on your guitar, focus on the dynamic changes throughout the song. Pay attention to the softness and intensity of your strumming to match the song’s vibe. The chords G, Am, Em, F, and Dm form the backbone of the progression. They are familiar shapes that will allow you to concentrate more on the delivery and feel of the performance, rather than complex fingerings.

Is There Someone Else Guitar Chords

Stargirl Interlude (Feat. Lana Del Rey)

“Stargirl Interlude” provides a hauntingly beautiful opportunity for you to channel both The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey through your guitar. Featured on The Weeknd’s album Starboy, this track is a brief yet evocative piece that weaves together minimalistic melodies with intimate vocals. Its airy feel and relatively simple structure make it a unique song to learn, offering a change of pace from more rhythm-heavy tunes.

When you pick up your guitar to play “Stargirl Interlude,” consider using a capo on the 1st fret to make the chords easier to finger. Maintain a gentle touch and focus on the transition between chords to preserve the song’s ethereal vibe. Practice strumming lightly and experiment with fingerpicking to add a personal touch to this entrancing interlude.

Stargirl Interlude Guitar Chords

Out Of Time

“Out Of Time” is a testament to The Weeknd’s smooth transition into the realm of R&B with a nostalgic touch. The track nods to the ’80s with its synths and drum pads, creating a serene yet reflective atmosphere. The lyrics are a raw portrayal of personal growth and the realization of having neglected cherished relationships. It’s a softer and more introspective side of The Weeknd that fans both relate to and adore.

When you’re ready to play “Out Of Time” on the guitar, the chords are relatively simple. The progression mainly consists of Fmaj7, Em, and Cmaj7, with an incorporation of Am that adds a touch of depth to the arrangement. Focus on the transition between these chords smoothly, as the song has a flowing nature that defines its soothing quality. Practice the fingerstyle techniques mentioned in some of the resources or, for simplicity, stick to strumming patterns that suit the laid-back vibe of the song.

Out Of Time Guitar Chords

Wicked Games

“Wicked Games,” one of The Weeknd’s most evocative tracks, manifests his signature blend of dark, moody R&B with brooding lyrics. It’s a prime pick if you’re looking to add a Weeknd song to your guitar repertoire that’s both emotionally charged and recognized by many. The haunting melody and candid lyrics uncover the story of love and emptiness, wrapped up in a minimalist instrumental setup that’s accessible to guitarists.

On the guitar, “Wicked Games” is relatively straightforward, making it suitable for beginners. The song is often played without a capo and follows a simpler chord progression that lends itself well to a stripped-down acoustic rendition. To capture the essence of the song, focus on the emotive strumming pattern and let each chord resonate. Experiment with dynamic playing—strum softer for verses and build intensity for the chorus to mimic the original’s ebb and flow.

Wicked Games Guitar Chords

The Morning

“The Morning” by The Weeknd is a track from his critically acclaimed mixtape, House of Balloons. With its laid-back vibe and haunting melody, it captures the post-party comedown and hazy recollections. The song is built around the theme that sets a moody atmosphere, perfect for those looking to add an R&B flavor to their guitar repertoire.

When approaching “The Morning” on your guitar, the key is to start slow, focusing on the accuracy of each note and the fluidity of the theme. The chords are not overly complex, but the feel of the song lies in the way the guitar part is played. Remember to pay attention to the dynamics, gently transitioning from quiet introspective moments to the slightly more intense passages.

The Morning Guitar Chords

After Hours

“After Hours” is a track from The Weeknd’s fourth studio album of the same name. The song showcases a blend of R&B melodies with a synth-heavy backdrop. You’ll feel the raw emotion The Weeknd pours into the lyrics as you strum along. The introspective nature makes this tune an engaging piece for guitar players looking to capture The Weeknd’s poignant atmosphere.

When gearing up to play “After Hours” on the guitar, it’s useful to pay attention to the underlying mood. You’ll find the chord progression Cm-Gm-Fm quite repetitive, which eases the learning curve. To embody the song’s ambiance, focus on letting each chord resonate and maintain a smooth transition between them. Ensure that you’re comfortable with strumming patterns, and let your expressive side sync with the rhythm for a truly immersive rendition.

After Hours Guitar Chords

Less Than Zero

“Less Than Zero” is a track from The Weeknd’s album, Dawn FM. It’s a song that encapsulates feelings of regret and self-awareness. The narrative is about confronting personal demons and recognizing one’s shortcomings in a relationship. The melancholic vibe is paired with an ’80s synth-pop sound, creating a contrast between the upbeat music and somber lyrics.

For guitar enthusiasts, “Less Than Zero” is a great choice for its straightforward chord progression. No capo is required, and the main chords used are C, F, Am, and Em. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the chord shapes and practice the transitions. The strumming pattern has a consistent rhythm which complements the tempo of the song. It’s perfect for players who’ve got the basic chords down and are looking to play something modern and emotive.

Less Than Zero Guitar Chords


“Shameless” is a song by The Weeknd that showcases his signature blend of seductive R&B with raw, soul-baring lyrics. The track is structured around a moody and melodic guitar line, making it a great choice if you’re looking to add a bit of The Weeknd’s style to your repertoire. With its haunting melody, the song conveys a tale of unapologetic love and desire, highlighted by its expressive pre-chorus.

To play “Shameless” on guitar, start by getting comfortable with the chords G#m, E, C#m, and D#m, which form the backbone of the song. The lack of a capo will require you to get used to barre chord shapes if you aren’t already. Pay attention to the dynamics of the song; the pre-chorus, for instance, can be played with a bit more intensity to match the emotional build-up in the lyrics. Remember to let the vibe of the song guide your strumming pattern and intensity throughout the performance.

Shameless Guitar Chords

Rolling Stone

“Rolling Stone” is a soulful track from The Weeknd’s repertoire, showcasing a melody that reflects the fragility of fame and success. It’s a great choice for beginner guitar players, partly due to its simple structure and the emotional depth you can explore while playing. The song also allows you to practice your fingerpicking, as it originally has a very intimate and minimalist sound—perfect for an acoustic guitar session.

To start playing “Rolling Stone” on your guitar, focus on the chords Dm, Gm, and Am. These are the core chords that cycle throughout the song, creating its melancholic vibe. Be gentle with your strumming pattern to capture the soft dynamics, starting with downstrokes at a slow tempo. As you get more comfortable, integrate some fingerpicking to mimic the original texture. Remember, this song is about expression as much as technique, so once you’ve got the chords down, pour a bit of your soul into each note!

Rolling Stone Guitar Chords

Take My Breath

“Take My Breath” is a captivating track by The Weeknd, known for its pulsating bass line and signature synth-driven melody. As part of his later work, it offers a slight departure from his darker, soulful R&B roots, showcasing a more upbeat, disco-influenced sound. The song is as enigmatic as it is energetic, perfect for adding a bit of groove to your guitar practice session.

When you’re ready to play “Take My Breath” on your guitar, you’ll find it pleasantly manageable. The song predominantly hinges on a repeating chord progression that’s beginner-friendly. Focus on maintaining a steady rhythm to mirror the song’s pulsating beat. You might start with a basic strumming pattern, then work your way up to incorporating the iconic synth parts through higher-pitched lead riffs or fingerstyle techniques to capture the full essence of the tune.

Take My Breath Guitar Chords

Family (Feat. Suzanna Son)

“Family” is a song that resonates warmth and intimacy, reflecting on the connections that bind us, sometimes with complexity and a touch of melancholy. The lyrics ponder deep familial ties and the idea of love with underlying conditions, evoking emotional responses through its honest storytelling. The Weeknd and Suzanna Son unite their vocals to paint a vivid picture of the ties that define us, for better or worse.

If you’re thinking about learning “Family” on your guitar, you’re in for a reflective journey strumming through its chords. With the verses primarily cycling through Am, G#, F, and occasionally Em, the song offers a melodic and manageable progression for guitarists who are not too far into their journey. Keep your strumming hand relaxed and let each chord ring out, capturing the gentle introspection of the song’s mood.

Family Guitar Chords

In Your Eyes (Feat. Doja Cat)

“In Your Eyes” showcases The Weeknd’s ability to blend deep, lyrical introspection with catchy melodies. This track, featured on his critically acclaimed album “After Hours,” offers a mix of ’80s synth-pop with modern R&B. The song’s narrative revolves around recognizing someone’s true emotions and the intimacy of a profound connection, all reflected in The Weeknd’s smooth yet impassioned vocal delivery.

When you’re ready to play “In Your Eyes” on guitar, start with the basics – chords and rhythm. The song has a manageable set of chords, namely Am, D, Em, and C, which repeat through much of the song, making it approachable for beginners. Keep your strumming pattern consistent, mimicking the steady beat of the track, and pay attention to the transitions for a smooth performance. The simplicity of the chord progression allows you to focus on expressing the emotive lyrics through your playing.

In Your Eyes Guitar Chords


“Heartless” showcases The Weeknd’s signature dark, glossy production with its trap beats and haunting vocals. It’s a candid reflection on returning to one’s self-destructive ways, accompanied by powerful lyrics that paint a story of emotional detachment and the highs and lows of fame. As such, it resonates with fans who appreciate not just the rhythm but also the raw expression of vulnerability in modern R&B.

Playing “Heartless” on the guitar brings its own set of pleasures. The song follows a simple chord progression that makes it great for guitarists at a beginner to intermediate level. You’ll want to focus on the Am, C, and G/B chords, along with a touch of F and G to capture the tune’s essence. Adding a capo to the 6th fret aligns with the original key, allowing you to strum along faithfully to the track or even play around with some fingerstyle interpretations to give it your unique spin.

Heartless Guitar Chords


“Often” is a seductive track by The Weeknd that showcases his signature blend of R&B and pop. It’s known for its moody atmosphere and catchy beat that has become emblematic of The Weeknd’s style. As you listen, you’ll find the tune is straightforward, making it appealing for both beginner and seasoned guitar players.

When you’re ready to play “Often” on your guitar, start with the basics: get comfortable with the chord progression. The song uses a repetitive sequence of Gm, Cm, Dm, and F, which you can practice to establish a smooth transition between chords. Remember to keep your strumming hand loose to nail that laid-back, rhythmic feel that’s central to the vibe of “Often.”

Often Guitar Chords


“Sacrifice” is one of The Weeknd’s groovy tracks that blends retro synths with modern R&B, making it a refreshing choice for guitar players looking to expand their repertoire. The song’s beat is infectious, with a tempo that keeps listeners hooked, and lyrics that explore themes of independence and resolve in the face of personal change. When you play “Sacrifice” on guitar, you get to convey this cool, upbeat vibe through strings.

To start jamming to “Sacrifice,” you’ll need to get comfortable with a few chords. The progression is not overly complex, but it requires some practice to get the rhythm down. Pay attention to the funk-inspired strumming patterns—it’s all about the groove. To truly capture the essence of the song, work on the dynamics of the chords and try to keep your strumming tight and in sync with the tempo. With a touch of practice and a bit of patience, you’ll be able to play along to this hit in no time.

Sacrifice Guitar Chords

The Party And The After Party

“The Party And The After Party” is an evocative track on Thursday, part of The Weeknd’s early trilogy of mixtapes. The melody captures a haze of nocturnal revelry, blending themes of romance and escapism. Its smooth, R&B vibe is underscored by a moody atmosphere that’s signature to The Weeknd’s sound during this era.

When you’re ready to play this song on your guitar, begin with the intro and chorus, which are quite recognizable. The chords transition smoothly, mostly revolving around Fm, Eb, Db, and Ab. Start by practicing the chord shapes and strumming pattern slowly. Listen to the song to internalize the rhythm. Finger placement and timing are your friends here, ensuring you capture that languid, seductive feel of the track.

The Party And The After Party Guitar Chords

Alone Again

“Alone Again,” the opening track of The Weeknd’s album “After Hours,” sets a somber tone that reverberates through the entire record. With its melody, the song explores themes of identity and self-reflection. The introspective lyrics paired with the minimalist production make it not only compelling for listeners but also approachable for guitarists looking to play The Weeknd’s music.

When you pick up your guitar to interpret “Alone Again,” you’ll find its chord progression to be both accessible and moody—an excellent choice for guitar players of various skill levels. The song predominantly features easy-to-learn minor chords, such as Am, F#m, and Em, which help in creating its melancholic ambiance. Start slow, get a feel for the rhythm, and focus on clean chord transitions to maintain the song’s emotive pull.

Alone Again Guitar Chords

I Was Never There (Feat. Gesaffelstein)

“I Was Never There,” a collaboration between The Weeknd and Gesaffelstein, emanates a dark vibe that’s perfect for setting a reflective mood. It’s a song from The Weeknd’s project ‘My Dear Melancholy,’ capturing themes of heartache and loss. Its haunting melody and somber lyrics are likely the reasons you’re drawn to play it.

Playing “I Was Never There” on guitar relies on creating the right atmosphere. Start with a clean tone on your electric guitar to replicate that intense, sleek studio feel. Fingerpicking can add a layer of intimacy, so work on those techniques to get the nuances of the song. Keep practicing the transitions between chords smoothly to maintain the song’s ethereal quality.

I Was Never There Guitar Chords

Party Monster

“Party Monster,” a track from The Weeknd’s album Starboy, encapsulates a blend of dark R&B with a moody and atmospheric tone. This song narrates the spiral into after-dark excesses, with Abel’s introspective lyrics and hedonistic themes. The haunting melody, lined with catchy hooks, makes it a compelling piece for guitar players looking to add a touch of dark pop to their repertoire.

When you’re gearing up to play “Party Monster” on guitar, focus on capturing the vibe of the song with smooth chord transitions. Your basic chords here are Dm, C, Am, and Bb. These chords are strummed in a slower tempo, allowing you to feel the song’s pulsating rhythm. Keep your strumming hand relaxed and pay attention to the dynamics of soft and hard strums as this will enhance the song’s ambiance.

Party Monster Guitar Chords


“Prisoner” is a brooding collaboration between The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey, featured on The Weeknd’s critically acclaimed album, Beauty Behind the Madness. The track echoes themes of love and entrapment, darkly illustrating the struggle of feeling confined by one’s affections. With its haunting melody and evocative lyrics, it captivates listeners and guitar players seeking to explore The Weeknd’s moody blend of R&B and pop.

When approaching “Prisoner” on the guitar, you’ll find the chords strike a balance between simplicity and emotional depth. Start by practicing the Am, Em, D, and F chords in a progression; these form the backbone of the verse. Move smoothly between these chords, as transitions matter to maintain the song’s melancholic flow. For authenticity, pay attention to the rhythm pattern—it gives the song its somber pulse. Don’t rush it; let each chord resonate, encapsulating the song’s sorrowful vibe.

Prisoner Guitar Chords


Embarking on the journey of learning guitar with tunes from The Weeknd has hopefully been a melodic and rewarding experience for you. With chords often centered around the minor keys, his songs lend a soulful edge to your guitar practice, helping you not only expand your repertoire but also refine your skills and understanding of music theory.

  • Songs to Master:
    • “Can’t Feel My Face”
    • “Starboy”
    • “The Hills”

These tracks stand out for their catchy rhythms and are great for jamming with friends or solo performances. Tackling these songs can give you a good foundation in chord transitions and strumming patterns.

Should you wish to further challenge yourself, consider working on song arrangements or attempting more complex riffs within The Weeknd’s discography. Just keep strumming, and let his melodies infuse your guitar journey with a contemporary vibe!

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