Flamma FX10 Portable Headphone Amp Review – How Good Is It?

4.0 rating

Headphone amps are great tools giving you the flexibility and portability to play anywhere, and anytime you like. They are great for practicing silently without disturbing your neighbors, roommates, or family or for warming up before a concert.

The Flamma FX10 headphone amp is a powerful and versatile piece of audio equipment that can take your playing experience to the next level. With its advanced circuitry and high-quality components, it can provide you with crystal-clear sound reproduction and a wide range of features, such as different drum grooves, effects, and tone colors. 

FLAMMA Guitar Headphone Amp Portable with 28 Drum Grooves 14 Built-in...
  • 【14 Amp Models with Individual Save Function】The FX10 headphone...
  • 【14 Built-in Effects with Parameter Adjustment】There are 14 effects to...
  • 【28 Drum Grooves】Including 7 misical styles: POP, BLUES, PUNK, ROCK,...
  • 【5 Levels of Tone Color】There is a TONE module for fast tone color...

The amp comes with 14 different amp models, 5 levels of tone colors, 28 different drum grooves, 14 built-in effects with customizable parameters, Bluetooth connection for audio playback, and USB audio recording and playback features. For the price, you get high-quality sound, quite a bit of versatility, and high portability, which makes the value-for-price ratio quite high.

Great value for the priceMade of plastic
Highly portable and lightweightSome of the indication lights are similar
Rechargeable battery
Bluetooth connection
Versatile with many effects and drum patterns

With all its great features and affordable price, Flamma FX10 deserves a 4.5 stars out of 5, in my opinion. It may not replace a real amp, but it is the perfect device for private practice sessions. You will have a hard time putting it aside.


Flamma is a relatively new name in the music scene offering great guitar pedals, accessories, and musical gear. The brand’s mission is to deliver innovative and high-quality musical gear for affordable prices with putting emphasis on versatility and tonal quality.

The brand catalog consists of multi-effects processors, analog pedals, audio mixers, guitar amps, vocal pedals, and different basic accessories. It made a name for itself in the music scene in a short time thanks to the affordable prices and devices with a great value-for-price ratio.

The innovations the brand brings to the music scene are highly appreciated, and each new model of the brand is looked forward to.

The Specs Of The Flamma FX10 Portable Headphone Amp

Lets take a look at the features the Flamma FX10 has to offer


Types Of AmpHeadphone amp


Weight0.13 lbs (59 gr)
Width1.5” (40 mm)
Height1.18” (30 mm)
Depth3.23” (82 mm)


Power Requirements5V 1A power adapter
Battery Capacity720 mAh (~4 hours of play)


KnobsMaster Volume
Switches3-way power switch Up-Down-Bluetooth
ButtonsAmp, Tone, Effects, Drum, Up-Down


Instrument jack1/4 “ Instrument In Jack 
Headphones out1/8 “ headphones port 
USBUSB-C port charging/OTG Recording

The Flamma FX10 Portable Headphone Amp is a tiny digital modeling amp made to use with headphones. It works just like the Boss Katana, Fender Mustang, or Kemper amps. However, it is much smaller and more portable. It is similar to the Fender Mustang Micro amp.

The headphone amp is from the FX Series of Flamma and is quite tiny with the dimensions 1.5” (40 mm), 1.18” (30 mm), 3.23” (82 mm), and a weight of 0.13 lbs (59 gr). It is perfect for traveling musicians and players who want to have a minimum weight.

The amp comes with a 3-way power switch for choosing between on, off, and Bluetooth, along with buttons for Amp, Tone, Effects, and Drum choices and an Up-Down button for navigation between different choices.

It has a standard 1/4 “ Instrument In Jack for instrument input, a 1/8 “ headphones port, and a USB-C port. You can also use a Bluetooth connection for audio playback whenever you want. 

The Flamma FX10 has three color choices: white, black, and camouflage. All the models have the same features and sound quality but with different cases. 

FLAMMA FX10 Manual

The Sound Of The Flamma FX10 Portable Headphone Amp

The Flamma FX10 comes with 14 unique amp models, 14 built-in effects, and a 5-level tone selection, giving players a good range of versatility. The tone selector is great for finetuning your sound as it can take any amp preset or effect and make your tone sound brighter with more treble or warmer or more balanced as you like.

The tones you get from the device range from classic Marshall-like rock sound to crystal clean Fender-like sound. You also have the high-gain territory for Mesa Boogie or Soldano-style tones. Overall, the amp’s sound quality is great, but where it really shines is the versatility and range of tones you can reach with it. 

On the other side, you get 28 different drum grooves to practice with. It also has the tap tempo feature to play in your desired BPM.

The built-in presets sound great right out of the box. I especially enjoyed the UK Combo 30 and the US 65 TR. When I combined those presets with the “Punk 2” beat and with the Blues 3 beat, I had a hard time stopping.

You can check the video review to hear the amp yourself to get a better idea.

The Flamma FX10 Portable Headphone Amp Is Perfect For Whom?

The Flamma FX10 is perfect for guitarists who want a portable and versatile practice amp. It serves great as a travel companion allowing you to play wherever you are with a pair of headphones.

Thanks to the rechargeable battery and its compact size, the device is great for players who want to have the chance to play and practice anywhere they like. Also, it is a great device to play at your flat without disturbing your neighbors, flatmates, or family. You can go for late-night practice sessions without hesitating.

As the tonal range is quite large and the sound quality is high, I would say this is a great headphone amp for beginners as well as experienced players. 

The Flamma FX10 vs. Other Headphone Amps

The Flamma FX10 vs. Fender Mustang Micro

Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amplifier, with 2-Year Warranty
  • The Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amplifier features 5 watts,...
  • The Mustang Micro is an all-in-one personal headphone amplifier with...
  • Small but mighty, it packs 13 amp models for a wide range of clean and...
  • Bluetooth audio streaming with audio/video sync lets you play along in real...

Fender Mustang Micro is a popular headphone amp that has similar features to the Flamma FX10. It comes with 12 amp models, 13 effects, 1/8″ Stereo Output, Bluetooth, Audio Over USB, and a rechargeable battery.

One of the main differences between the two devices is that Flamma can record via USB, but Mustang can not. Furthermore, Mustang does not have a drum machine, but the Flamma FX10 has. Also, Mustang has EQ controls on the device, while Flamma only has Tone color adjustment options. The recording and overall sound quality are similar, but Flamma is slightly more versatile. 

The Flamma FX10 vs. Vox amPlug 2 AC30

[OLD MODEL] Vox amPlug AC30 Guitar Headphone Amp
  • Available in three styles: VOX AC30, Classic Rock, and Metal.
  • AUX in jack lets you jam along with your CD/MP3 player.
  • 100% analog circuit faithfully simulates the response of the original amps.
  • AC30 emulates the AC30 top boost sound of a vintage VOX AC30.

Another popular headphone amp for guitarists is the Vox amPlug 2 AC30. The amp is attractive with its affordable price tag and high versatility. It comes with 9 selectable effects, 3 amp modes, a tremolo circuit, speaker cab emulation, and an Aux in jack.

Compared to the Flamma FX10, Vox amPlug AC30 is less versatile, but the sound quality is similar. Vox amPlug AC30 does not have the tonal variety Flamma FX10 has and lacks the recording and Bluetooth features. However, its battery life is longer, and the price is more affordable.

The Vox amPlug is one of the first headphone amps out there and is famous for delivering those great valve amp tones Vox is famous for. If you are searching for that sound and more simplicity, Vox amPlug 2 AC30 is a great choice.

Flamma FX10 vs. Boss Waza-Air

Boss Waza-Air Wireless Guitar Headphone Amp
  • Headphone Guitar Amplifier with Wireless Transmitter
  • 50+ Customizable Effects
  • Dynamic 3D Sound
  • 5 Amp Types

Boss Waza-Air is an all-in-one solution headphone amp with a wireless transmitter, a pair of headphones, 5 amp types, more than 50 effects, and dynamic 3D sound. It is one of the higher-end headphone amps, and the headphone amp is built-in into the headphones. 

It is an innovative game-changer device with super audio quality and impressive tonal versatility. It offers highly realistic amp models with customizable effects that you can adjust with the Boss Tone Studio app.

Compared to the Flamma FX10, the sound quality and versatility are significantly better. The lack of cables and strong Bluetooth connection makes everything handier with Boss Waza-Air. It is significantly more expensive than the other choices on the list. Still, the quality and versatility you get are quite amazing if you are looking for an ultimate practice amp solution.

Other Flamma Products Worth Mentioning

Flamma FX200

FLAMMA FX200 Multi Effects Guitar Pedal with 5” LCD Touch Screen...
  • Compared to the FX100, the FX200 has two more footswitches for easier...
  • The I/O has been drastically expanded to support auxiliary in, expression...
  • On the amps and effects front, 58 built-in preamp models are included as...
  • The support for third-party impulse response files has now been upgraded to...

Flamma FX200 is another amazing multi-fx processor with  10 effects modules with 160 different types of effects in total, 58 Built-in preamp models, 30 high-quality cabinet simulations, 50 third-party impulse response files, 80 drum machine variations, and 10 metronome styles, as well as a 52-second looper.

It features a great number of ports for increased versatility. If you are looking for high sound quality and a wide tonal palette without breaking the bank account, Flamma FX200 is a great choice.

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Flamma FX100

FLAMMA FX100 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal with 55 Amp Models 151...
  • 【9 EFFECTS BLOCKS】Fxcomp, Distortion, Overdrive, Amp, Cab, Noise Gate,...
  • 【55 Classic & Modern High-Quality Guitar AMP Models】 that utilize...
  • 【200 PRESETS】 can provide multiple sound options for beginners. Connect...
  • 【OTG FUNCTION】 supports compatible mobile phone or tablet connection....

Flamma FX100 is a versatile multi-effects processor with more than 200 customizable presets, great sound quality, 151 effects, 55 amps, and 26 cab models, create for extreme-level versatility. It has a software connection for better control and recording. It is designed like a set of plug-ins, as it can be used as a processor or an audio interface with your DAW.

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Alternatives To The Flamma FX10 In Terms Of Look, Sound, Specs, And Price

Fender Mustang Micro

Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amplifier, with 2-Year Warranty
  • The Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amplifier features 5 watts,...
  • The Mustang Micro is an all-in-one personal headphone amplifier with...
  • Small but mighty, it packs 13 amp models for a wide range of clean and...
  • Bluetooth audio streaming with audio/video sync lets you play along in real...

Fender Mustang Micro is the industry-standard headphone amp that can deliver anything from clean to heavy metal high gain. With 12 amp models and Fender sound quality, it is a highly versatile, great-sounding headphone amp perfect for practice and recording.

It features the classic Fender spring reverb, stereo delays, Fender’s vibratone, and many more effects. The amp has LED indicators for effect, EQ, effects settings, and modified controls to shape your sound. With 12 amp models, 13 effects, Bluetooth and Audio over USB, and a rechargeable battery, Fender Mustang Trio is one of the best headphones amps in its price range.

Fender Mustang Micro costs slightly more than the Flamma FX 10.

Blackstar amPlug 2 Fly

Blackstar amPlug2 FLY Bass Headphone Amplifier with Over-Ear...
  • Bundle Includes: Blackstar amPlug2 FLY Bass Headphone Amplifier and TX-100...
  • Guitar Amplifier: Designed specifically for low frequencies
  • 3 Built-In Channels: Classic, Modern and Overdrive Bass channels
  • Design: Foldable jack plug is compatible with all guitar body shapes

Blackstar amPlug 2 Fly is another great alternative to Flamma FX10 as it comes with 3 amp models, 9 distinct effects, and Guitar In, Aux In, and Headphone Out ports. On the control panel, it has three rotary controls and an on-off button, which also works for changing the amp channel.

The amp has a highly warm and deep clean tone while it has the 3D sound function when you add some effects. It can also take quite a bit of gain for heavier tones, and it does not sound tinny. Plus, it offers the ISF control to change between American and British amp tones.

The device is great for the price. The battery life is around 17 hours, which is impressive. The effects include high-quality delay, chorus, and reverb tones for higher versatility. 

Blackstar amPlug 2 Fly’s price is slightly lower than Blackstar amPlug 2 Fly.

Electro Harmonix Headphone Amp

Electro-Harmonix Headphone Amp Personal Practice Amplification
  • Designed specifically for musical instruments
  • Get the character sound of your live instrument
  • Handles high gain pedal board input delivering your favorite tone and...
  • Super quiet

Electro Harmonix Headphone Amp is a straightforward headphones amp with a simple control design with just one knob, an instrument input, and a headphone output.

It delivers a great base clean tone that can work greatly with distortions, reverbs, delays, fuzzes, and everything you add. It does not have the tonal versatility like the other amps on the list, but the sound quality is highly impressive. Electro Harmonix Headphone Amp is a great choice if you want a great-sounding, basic, and affordable headphones amp to use with your pedal or FX setup.

Electro Harmonix Headphone Amp costs lower than the Flamma FX10.


Overall, the Flamma FX10 Portable Headphone Amp is a highly impressive headphones amp that is hard to beat for the offered price. It features pretty high versatility with different amp models, effects, tone switches, and a built-in drum machine, making it one of the best practice amps you can get for private practice sessions.

The versatility gets even higher with added functions like USB recording and Bluetooth connection. There is nothing much to say against this headphone amp, as it has great value for the price range. I recommend Flamma FX10 to every guitarist for basic recording and private practice sessions.

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