15 Essential Guitar Apps Available On IOS And Android

It is no secret that technology plays a major role in our lives. We can’t imagine our lives without a smartphone and everyone carries around one in their pockets. Since the technology is so advanced, there are so many great apps that might help with everyday activities. Naturally, there are a few that could help you in guitar playing as well.

We will go through the most essential and best apps available for android and iOS that might help you with both learning and improving your guitar skills and knowledge.


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Software developer IK Multimedia gave us another app that is one of the essentials for guitar playing. However, this is not their only app, and they have such a huge variety of apps available that you’ll browse for quite a while searching for the one that is perfect for you.

The idea behind AmpliTube is to create an All-in-one app that will allow you to simulate a recording studio. Not only that version of this app is available for Android and iOS, but they are also created for PC and Mac. The app will allow you to choose one of the many versions of well-known amplifiers.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to select several stompbox effects and even microphones. You will be able to create almost any kind of music with this app.

Since the apps and programs that are so detailed and well-made aren’t easy to find, this one comes with a price. The apps that offer branded amplifiers aren’t free, for example. Furthermore, for the android app, you will need additional hardware to make sure that everything works properly.

Finally, if you were looking for an app that will simulate one of the best brands of amplifiers like Fender, Marshall, Orange, and others, search no more. AmpliTube is all you’ll ever need.

Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

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This is one of those apps that will make your life easier. You will have instant access to one of our favorite websites – the Ultimate Guitar. With this app, you will get the biggest and largest songbook in the world.

We all know how difficult learning can be, and our lovely friends at ultimate guitar made this app to make everything easier. Here, you will have access to over eight hundred thousand songs for the guitar. Not only that, but you will also have the option to choose the way you want those songs sorted, whether it is by genre, difficulty, tuning, rating, or anything else.

Furthermore, you would be able to find tabs for ukulele and bass as well. Besides, the app offers a switch for all the left-handed guitar players. You won’t have to convert in your head how to play something.

Another interesting option is to allow you to view your favorite songs in offline mode for those moments where you are without connection. There are so many additional options that you could select like fonts, playlists, and many others. The app is available for both Android and iOS. While the basic version is free, you will have the option of going for the pro account where you will have additional benefits and options.

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iReal Pro

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This is one of those great apps that use the advancement of technology to create something fun and inspiring for many beginner guitar players. The iReal Pro app is a songbook app that will allow you to improve your guitar playing skills. Unlike the previous app, you will use this one to practice with backing tracks and with some standard progressions.

Furthermore, the app is great for musicians of any possible skill level. Because of the nature of the app, it is so easy to practice with the “real band” instead of practicing alone in your room. There is a large database where you could pick one of the songs depending on the genre you love. When you select the song, simply click play and start jamming with the backing track. In addition, you will have all the chords used in that song written on the screen.

Finally, if you want, you can create your own chord chart that you could use to practice. This app is a book that comes with a band, so finding something as cool as this app won’t be easy. There are over fifty different styles, from bossa nova, reggae, to bluegrass, and rock.

Finally, you will be able to access forums where you can download thousands of songs to help you practice.


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While you might think that this app is just a simple chord book, you would be completely wrong. This app is an incredible cheat sheet for music progressions. If you ever wanted to create music, you probably realized that creating chord progressions is not easy.

Not only that you’ll need tons of music theory, but you will also need to study the circle of fifths and many additional theories. Autochords does all of this for you. All you have to do is select the key you want to play in and a certain style.

You will get several chord progressions for that style as well as how each of the chords is built or what the specific triad is. Furthermore, you will get a list of all the chords for that scale. If you were wondering what chords could you play in F minor, for example, all you need to do is ask the app and you will get the full list.

While this app is available on the website, it is much easier to have an app. Not only that the app is available for both iOS and Android, but it is completely free.

There is not a single reason why you should miss the opportunity to have this incredible app on your phone.

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Fretboard Hero

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Fretboard Hero is one of the apps designed to help you improve your guitar playing skills in many ways. One of the focuses of the app is helping you memorize the notes across the entire fretboard. In return, this will help you better understand the music you’re playing. Furthermore, it will help you increase your improvising skills as well.

One of the unique parts of this app is that it is designed in the form of a game. The idea is to have fun and play the quiz-type game in order to learn the locations of each and every note on the fretboard. For example, you will have a note marked on the fretboard, and you will have to select the name of that note. The difficulty will increase the longer you play until you will have an entire fretboard to choose from.

Another interesting feature is the leader board. You will have a chance of competing with other players (which is always fun), and the more points you win the more knowledge you’ll have. In addition, you will have a chance of unlocking new guitars as well.

It is worth mentioning that there is also an option to select different tunings as well as to see a reaction time that will tell you the average time you spent searching for each note.

Fender Tune

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One of the most important things, when it comes to playing the guitar, is being in tune. This might be a bit difficult for the beginner since their ear isn’t trained yet to recognize the fine differences between each note.

What you can always do is carry a tuner with you always. No, we don’t talk about carrying a guitar tuner in your pocket, but rather on your phone. Fender Tune is a guitar tuner that will help your guitar always have perfect intonation. There are two main choices for tuner where you could choose to pluck a string and tune each individual note until the indicator turns green, or you could use your ear to hear the note that you need to reach and tune according to that.

Furthermore, you will have the option of selecting almost every possible tuning from standard to open G or drop D, or any other you can imagine. Besides, you will have the option of selecting if you want an acoustic or electric guitar.

Finally, there are four additional packages and even thousand of guitar video lessons available if you want to get a paid version of the app. These packages will give you over five thousand chord shapes, over two thousand scales and variations for any key, as well as sixty authentic drum beats that might help you practice with music.


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Let’s answer the obvious question from the start – no, this is not a reverb pedal simulation. The app is designed by the website of the same name and it is one of the biggest music shops in the world. What is unique about Reverb is that you can buy used instruments and used guitar gear.

We all feel like kids when entering the music store, and now you can have it on your phone. If you were looking for a way to pass time while riding a bus, waiting in line, or even a place where you can get great gear for a lower price, you will love this app.

Not only that you’ll be able to check for both vintage and new gear, but you will be able to read articles and watch their newest videos.

Of course, this app is not only for people looking to buy something, but you could also always sell any piece of gear too. If you have an instrument or a pedal that you don’t plan on using, selling it was never easier.

Besides, there is an option to mark a certain item that you like and to receive the notification when the price drops. This way you will be able to find something that will be perfect for your budget. Naturally, you could always negotiate the price with the buyer/seller using this app to make sure that each side is perfectly happy with the transaction. Reverb is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Amazing Slow Downer

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This app is an incredible tool that will help anyone who has ever struggled with a guitar solo (or any other part of the song). If you ever tried to play some song or solo by ear, you know how frustrating it can be when a fast part comes and you’re not able to hear properly, and then you keep pressing that back button until you know the entire song by heart.

What amazing slow downer does is slows the song so you could hear everything properly. What is different compared to other programs is that it does it pretty well. Not only that there won’t be any weird time stretches, but the song will also remain in the key.

Furthermore, you could even select a certain part of the song to repeat. This is especially useful if you are trying to learn some incredible lick or part of the song. By isolating that part only, and playing it slower, you will be able to learn it in no time. Of course, there is an option to select a different pitch if you were looking to learn the song in a different key. There are so many options that will allow you to conquer that difficult guitar solo easier.

The program is able to change the speed of the song from one-fifth (20%) of the speed to double the speed (200%) without changing the pitch, which is quite impressive. There are versions of the app available for both android and iOS, as well as for your PC if that works for you better.

Guitar Pro

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Guitar Pro is probably the best music software ever created. With this, you can create any kind of music sheet as well as tabs with the feature that will allow you to hear what you wrote. Not only that you are able to create guitar parts, but you are able to add other instruments as well. There are no limitations to how many instruments you can add, and they all sound genuine and good.

The guitar part of the app will allow you to add every possible technique from hammer-ons and pull-offs, to vibratos, and all kinds of bends. Furthermore, you will have every possible note length and any possible tuning. To make everything even better, you are able to add lyrics, and even chord schematics at the beginning of the song.

Their program can do almost anything, and now it is available on both android and iOS. With this app, you’ll be able to read sheet music, write your own tabs, create music, and improve your technique. The program will also allow you to import thousands of tabs already created. You can find a guitar pro-file for almost any song you could imagine.

The best thing is that you can use this program on any device you own without having to purchase it again. This is one of those programs that sounds too good to be real, and you will have to check it to make sure that it is as good as we say.


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The Yousician app is your personal music teacher. Not only that the app supports so many instruments, but it will also give you live feedback as you learn. The app is designed to help you learn and improve your guitar playing skills.

The app is supporting any kind of guitar whether it is acoustic or electric. While you play, you will get instant feedback and you’ll be able to even track your progress and compete with other musicians.

Furthermore, the app will help you regardless of your skill level since there are so many things you could learn. You can improve your chords, strumming patterns, both lead and rhythm, and even fingerpicking. Besides, there are so many videos and lessons that will help you on the way.

To make things even more interesting, there are weekly challenges that you can complete and where you can compete against existing users. You won’t need any cords or cables or anything other than your guitar and this app. Since the app is created as a fun game, you will enjoy every practice session.

One of the best things about this app is that you can get a basic version for free. So you could always try an app before you decide to go for a full subscription.


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Metrodrummer is another incredible two-in-one app that you’ll love. As you could already imagine the from the name the app offers both a metronome and a drum machine. This app is perfect for practicing and improving your sense of rhythm, timing, and tempo.

Furthermore, the app will allow you to select bpm you want for your practice, as well as if you’d like to play in common 4/4 or any other custom tempo. Besides, the app offers several different templates that you could use like pop, jazz, ballad, rock, and many more.

Finally, you will be able to create a backup drum machine that will allow you to both create music and improve your guitar playing skills. Since many guitar players avoid using the metronome, this app might finally change that. Learning music using this app will create an impressive musician out of you in no time.


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Songtree is an interesting app that is actually in the form of a social network. The only difference is that it is used for creating music. You will be able to record a song and upload it to Songtree for free. This will allow you to improve your playing, as well as expand your circle and maybe even collaborate with other musicians across the globe.

What is interesting is that you’ll be able to upload an unlimited number of songs without any problems. Similarly, you will also be able to download any song you want at any time. One of the most exciting features is a collaboration where you could take the song someone else recorded, and add your own guitar part to it. This will allow you to play on other guitarists’ songs as well as them being guests on yours.

The whole idea behind the Songtree is creativity and improvisation. While practice and play along when you can play with anyone on the planet. Who knows, maybe you and your friends will be able to create something incredible.

Auralia | Functional Ear Trainer

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The app is used to improve your musical ear. As you already know, the well-developed ear is one of the most important aspects of guitar playing.

Auralia will allow you to train and improve the ability to recognize notes and to improve your ear in general.

The lessons will start quite simple and you will only have to tell if the two tunes are the same or different. After that, the lessons will get more and more complex until you dive into modal recognition and even jazz harmony transcription.

Furthermore, during the course, you will practice, comparison, recognition, imitation, singing, and practicing scales and harmonies. Each of the topics will have different difficulties where you will be able to test your knowledge before proceeding to the next lesson. You can also create your own quiz that will help you practice a specific part of the course. The best part about this app is that you can practice your ear anywhere.

Coach Me

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While this app is not strictly for the guitar, it will help with one of the most important parts of guitar learning – practice. Using this app will allow you to create a practicing habit that will help you improve more than you can imagine.

When it comes to guitar playing, many beginner players don’t realize how important consistency is. For example, it is much more effective to play each day for one hour instead of playing one day for seven hours and then doing nothing for the rest of the week.

In order to build muscle memory, you will need to develop learning habits. This app will help you with that. The free version of the app will allow you to create a habit tracker that will help you track your progress and the time you spent practicing. This way you will create a plan, and the app will remind you of your daily or weekly goals and it will help you stay committed.

When you start learning guitar, it might be difficult to change your schedule to create a timeslot for guitar practice. This app will help you organize and improve your planning. Furthermore, you can use it even if you are not a beginner player. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Real Guitar

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This app is created mostly for people that don’t own a guitar yet. The app will allow you to get a basic feel of the guitar before you start learning. However, you can use it even if you own a guitar. The app is a simulation of the guitar, so you can have fun in times when you are not able to carry your dear guitar with you. For example, it can help pass the time while you’re in line or waiting for the bus.

The app comes with sixteen built-in tracks where you can practice and learn more. Furthermore, you will be able to create your own songs and record them. It is an interesting app, and you might find it fun too. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


There are so many great apps available in the market and you will undoubtedly find the ones you like the most. Here, we tried to avoid mentioning several apps that do the same thing so we opted to mention one app per each category. For example, when it comes to guitar tuners, there are so many you could choose from, and almost all of them are good. But in the end, we have to pick one, and the one ended up on our list.

The same thing applies to any other app. You will without a doubt find several other apps that are similar to the ones on the list, so feel free to experiment a bit. Furthermore, we only mentioned apps that are available for both iOS and Android, so you could check any of these apps regardless of the type of phone you own.

Finally, the most important thing when it comes to music is practice. These apps are designed to help you with learning and practice, but you will still have to spend many hours with your guitar. Without enough practice, no app will be able to help you.

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