Taylor 114 Vs 314 – Is There A Difference?

Among the many great quality acoustic guitar manufacturing companies, one of the most influential and interesting companies is Taylor. This guitar company is known for its great acoustic guitar which can be seen played everywhere, from huge stages to small bedrooms. 

Taylor has introduced many different bestseller models during its existence, but one of the keystones of this company is the Taylor 114 and 314 acoustic guitar models. Although these two guitar models have few intersections in terms of similarity, they are different animals from each other. 

Both guitars have the same shape of the body and the same wood used for the top. The wood used for the sides is different, with 114 having a Walnut side and 314 having Sapele sides. One of the key elements you will notice is the different body shape designs.

Considering the fact that these two have different shapes of the body, this will directly result in a different sound. There is no question if the sound is good. Taylor guitars are known for their great resonance and tone. Choosing between 314 and 114 based on the tone will completely rely on the preference of the customer. 

Every guitarist is aware of the fact that you will have to learn by trial and error if you want to find the ideal acoustic guitar. The Taylor guitars are a great example of high-quality guitars. But which one to choose? To assist you in making your decision, I will try to go over some of the most significant distinctions between these models.

Taylor 114Taylor 314
Body ShapeGrand AuditoriumGrand Auditorium
Body WoodSitka Spruce, WalnutSitka Spruce, Sapele
Neck ShapeSlender Taylor neckSlender Taylor neck
Neck WoodForward-MapleTropical Mahogany
Neck ConstructionForward-shiftedV-class Bracing with Relief Rout
Fretboard MaterialEbonyEbony
Scale Length25.5″25.5″
Number Of Frets2020
Frets MaterialNickel silverNickel Silver
Type of BridgeFixedFixed
Tuning MachinesDie-cast ChromeTaylor Nickel, 17:1 ratio
Weight4.1 lbs4.65

Construction & Hardware Compared

Both guitars have a Grand Auditorium body shape with a Sitka Spruce top. The 314 has Sapele sides, and the 114 has Walnut sides. Both types of wood are known for being great guitar manufacturing materials. The shape of the neck is the same for both of the guitars, while the wood used in the manufacturing of the neck is different. The 114 has a Forward-Maple neck, and the 314 has a Tropical Mahogany neck. 

The scale length is the same. Both guitars have a 25.5” neck scale length. With that, both guitars have 20 frets made out of Nickel Silver. Neck construction for 114 is Forward-shifted, while the 314 has V-class Bracing with Relief Rout. Both joints are great for the sustain of sounds as well as the overall construction strength. The tuners on the Taylor 114 are Die-cast Chrome, and the Taylor 314 tuners are Taylor Nickel, 17:1 ratio.

Tone Compared

Given that it is among the more affordable price ranges, the tone of the Taylor 114 guitar model is rather nice. The tone is full and evokes the mood of country and western guitar music. It is devoid of a pickup. However, it is incredible, and you may get incredible results by combining it with a good microphone.

In contrast, the Taylor 314 has a warmer and fuller tone, thanks to its solid Sapele back and sides. This tonewood is known for its balance between warmth and clarity, which makes it a popular choice for many guitarists.

In conclusion, the 114 has a brighter and more articulate tone when compared to the 314, while the 314 has a warmer and fuller sound. Both guitars are well-crafted and offer exceptional sound quality, making them a great choice for guitarists at any skill level.

Feel & Playability Compared

The Taylor 114 has a slim and fast neck that makes it easy to play for extended periods of time. It has a comfortable fingerboard radius that allows for easy maneuvering across the fretboard. On the other hand, the Taylor 314 has a slightly wider neck than the 114, which may make it a better fit for those with larger hands.

When it comes to feel and playability, both guitars have their own unique strengths. The Taylor 114 is known for its comfortable and fast neck, while the Taylor 314 has a wider neck that may be more comfortable for some players. The guitar’s intonation is also excellent, making it easy for the guitarist to play in tune.

Looks Compared

When choosing an acoustic guitar, many players will gravitate towards certain instruments based on the overall look and aesthetics of the instrument. Taylor Guitars are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, and both the Taylor 114 and the Taylor 314 offer their own unique visual appeal.

Taylor 114

The Taylor 114 has a classic and understated look, with a simple and elegant design that emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood. The wood grain is visible, and the guitar is finished in a natural gloss, giving it a warm and inviting look. The 114 also features Taylor’s signature inlay design, which is both subtle and eye-catching.

Taylor 314

In contrast, the Taylor 314 has a more luxurious and ornate appearance, with details that give the guitar a more refined and polished look. The wood is finished in a high gloss, giving it a shiny and reflective appearance. The 314 also features abalone inlays and purfling, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall look of the instrument.


The Taylor 114 and 314 are two outstanding guitars that offer unique features and tonal characteristics. Both models are well-crafted with high-quality materials, including solid Sitka spruce tops and Sapele backs and sides, which contribute to their exceptional sound quality.

In the end, the decision between Taylor 114 and 314 ultimately comes down to personal preference and playing style. While both models offer exceptional playability and sound quality, the differences in body shape, neck profile, and bracing pattern may make one more suitable for your needs than the other. Therefore, the best advice is to try out both guitars to determine which one feels and sounds best for you.

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