Cort X700 Mutility Review – How Good Is It?

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Cort is one of the most innovative guitar manufacturers, pushing the limits of sound, comfort, and versatility with their new designs. Cort X700 Mutility is one of the latest ones, which is a multi-utilitarian design that combines the specs of Duality and X series amazingly.

The name signifies a blend of Multi-scale, Utility, and Duality words. The guitar features a lot of value for the price with its innovative design and high-quality construction. 

It has an amazing pickup set with Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker, a great feeling roasted maple neck, stainless steel frets, versatile sound with a 3-way pickup switch, and split-coil switch, along with its mahogany body and ash-maple combination top.

The guitar also has a perfect weight, at least for me, which feels balanced and does not get you tired when played for extended periods. 

Fantastic pickupsCan be hard to get used to the multi-scale design
Great-feeling roasted maple neck
Versatile with 5 pickup combination options
Stainless steel frets
Great weight, feels balanced

I have been playing this guitar for a while, and I can honestly say it is a fantastic guitar with impressive playability, high-quality parts, and a greatly versatile modern sound. If you have been reading my reviews, you know that I am a fan of Cort guitars, and this one, once again, does not disappoint.

Overall, it is a great guitar with a multi-scale fanned frets design. The only thing I can say against this guitar is that it can be hard to get used to the multi-scale design, but after you get familiar with playing it, this guitar is impressive. I give it a 5 out of 5 without hesitation.


The South Korean brand Cort Guitars is one of the well-known and biggest guitar companies in the world. The Seoul-based company produces many different models under its own name as well as for other brands like Manson Guitar Works, PRS, and Relish. Cort produces high-quality electric, acoustic, and classic guitars, basses and ukuleles, and other accessories and gear for guitars.

Founded in 1960, the company was called Soo Doh Piano back then and was specialized in the piano sector. Later in 1973, the company started manufacturing and selling guitars instead of importing pianos. 

The first mass-produced guitars were in the market in 1982, and in 1984, the company introduced headless guitar models with designs exclusively licensed from Ned Steinberger, which gave Cort a big name in the market and attracted attention of many guitarists.

Since that day, Cort Musical Instruments grew bigger and bigger, producing guitars in several countries, including Indonesia, Korea, and China. The company is well-known for its innovative designs, high-quality construction, and affordable prices. They offer an instrument for every budget and need with different model lines of basses and guitars.

To summarize, Cort is one of the best guitar companies in the world today, with reliable customer service and high-quality products at fair prices.

Specs Of Cort X700 Mutility

Let’s take a deeper look at the specs of Cort X700 Mutility to see what it has to offer.


Number of Strings6
Hand OrientationRight
ColorsBlack Satin
Wieght7.16 lbs (3.25 kg)


Body ShapeStrat
Body Construction3-piece
Body TypeSolid
Body MaterialMahogany
Top MaterialMaple & Ash
Top TypeCarved Top
Back MaterialMahogany


Scale Length24.75″ – 25.5″ Multi-Scale
Neck ConstructionBolt-On
Neck MaterialRoasted Maple
Truss RodSpoke nut Hotrod truss rod
Fretboard MaterialRoasted Maple
Fingerboard Radius15.75″ (400 ㎜)
Position InlaysLuminous dot inlays
Number of Frets24
Fret MaterialStainless Steel
Fret SizeJumbo
Nut Width1.69″ (43.1 mm)


Pickup ConfigurationH-H
Neck PickupFishman Fluence Modern Humbucker 
Bridge PickupFishman Fluence Modern Humbucker 
Controls1 Volume(P/P), 1 Tone(P/P)
Switch3 Way Switch


Bridge TypeIndividual Bridge w/ String Thru Body
TunersCort Staggered Locking

Cort X700 Mutility is one of the most innovative designs of the brand, released in 2021. The guitar shines with its high-quality parts and construction, along with its great feel, sound, and sonic versatility.

The guitar features a traditional 6-string design along with the unconventional multiscale fanned fret system. It only has a right-hand-oriented model, which comes in a black satin finish. The guitar looks pretty nice aesthetically, with the matte black color and roasted maple neck looking fantastic.

The solid-body guitar has the Strat-style body and Maple-Ash combination top. The back is also made from mahogany wood, and the body is built from 3 pieces of wood; as mentioned before, the finish is satin.

Continuing with the neck, which is one of the strongest points of the guitar, it has a bolt-on roasted maple neck which feels outstanding. The fretboard is also roasted maple and has a 24.75″ – 25.5″ Multi-Scale design with fanned frets. 

The radius is pretty good with a 15.75″ (400 ㎜) radius. The inlays are Luminous dot inlays that look good on the roasted maple color and make it easy to play the guitar in dark environments.

The frets are another great point in that they are jumbo-sized and made from stainless steel. The scale has 24 frets like most Super-strat guitars.

The truss-rod system is a special Cort design spoke nut hotrod truss rod, which can be adjusted with an Allen wrench at the base of the neck where it meets the body.

Well, the shining part of the guitar is the Fishman Fluence Modern Humbuckers. The guitar has the HH pickup configuration with two of these amazing pickups.

The guitar’s sonic versatility is provided by the 3-way pickup switch and the control to split coils to use the humbuckers as single coils. Plus, there is a Volume (P/P) and a Tone (P/P) switch for traditional adjustments.

Furthermore, Cort X700 Mutility comes equipped with an Individual Bridge with String-Thru Body and Cort Staggered Locking tuners with chrome finish.

All of these features are great for the price offered as these features are mainly found on higher-end guitars. The feature-packed design with the multi-scale fretboard makes this guitar one of the most innovative and greatest guitars on the market.

The Sound, The Feel Of The Cort X700 Mutility

Cort X700 Mutility is a fantastic guitar in terms of sound and feel. It has just the right weight, around 7.16 lbs (3.25 kg). It feels quite balanced on the lap and does not fatigue you while playing standing.

The C-shaped roasted maple neck is highly smooth and perfectly fits the hand, while the roasted maple fingerboard is amazing to play comfortably with long stretches. The neck really helps you when playing, making it more fun and easier.

So, coming to the multi-scale design, the guitar features fanned frets. These types of guitars have the frets placed on a calculated angle to give each string different scale lengths. The lower strings have a longer scale, while the higher strings have a shorter scale.

With these guitars, the lower strings do not have to have thicker gauge strings in order to keep the tension tight. So these guitars have better playability and slightly different tone. For example, playing barre chords and odd chord shapes is highly easier on these guitars.

But of course, it may take some time to get used to the angled frets, but it is not as challenging as it seems. You just have to not think about the fanned frets design and play it like a traditional design, which makes the process much easier.

To talk about sound, the guitar is outstanding. I find the sonic versatility quite impressive, with Fishman Fluence Modern Humbuckers providing great modern tones. The humbuckers provide a fantastic range of tones with the 3-way pickup switch and the coil splitter, which lets you use them as single coils.

The pickups do not create any hum or noise and deliver a pure musical tone with lots of harmonics for modern sounds. Whether you play fusion, hard rock, progressive or classic rock, metal or funk, this guitar can deliver the tone you seek.

You can check the demo video to hear how guitar performs with different pickup settings and genres.

Cort X700 Mutility Is Perfect For Whom?

Cort X700 is a great guitar for any player who wants a modern Supersprat style guitar with an innovative design. The high-end features, the construction, the feel, and the sound make this guitar an ideal choice for most players who want a relatively affordable yet high-performing beast.

The guitar’s wide range of tones and sonic versatility make it a great choice for any modern tone. You can play fusion, metal, hard rock, or even funk with this guitar, as the pickups are quite versatile.

The smooth neck and the balanced feel of the guitar also make the instrument quite comfortable and a joy to play, even for beginners.

However, I would not recommend this guitar to players who want more vintage 70’s style tones or players who want softer pop tones. Also, for beginners, I do not think it is the best guitar to start with, as the multi-scale design is a bit unconventional. It is not a big issue, but I think it is better to learn with a traditionally designed guitar.

Other Cort Guitars Worth Mentioning

Cort X700 Duality

Cort X700DUALITYAVB Duality X Series Flamed Maple on Swamp Ash Body...
  • The Swamp Ash body provides a warm and full-bodied tone while the Flame...
  • The recessed tremolo bridge allows for pull-ups to raise the pitch as well...
  • The strength and brightness of Maple is ideally balanced with the warm...
  • The new flagship of the ever-popular and venerated X Series, the X700...

Cort X700 Duality is one of the best guitars for progressive rock tones with its 24-frett HH-pickup configuration design along with its mahogany body with a flamed maple top, bolt-on maple-panga neck, and Ebony fingerboard.

The guitar features high-quality construction with great features like stainless steel frets, Cort locking tuners, Cort CFA III vintage tremolo with steel block and plate bridge, two Fishman Fluence Open Core Classic humbuckers, and a 5-way pickup switch for sonic versatility.

Cort KX300 Etched

Cort KX Series 300 Electric Guitar, Etched Black Red
  • Ash Top on Mahogany Body
  • EMG RetroActive Super 77 Set
  • Hardtail Bridge with String-Thru Body
  • Raindrop Inlay on the Pau Ferro Fingerboard

Cort KX300 Pro is another great Superstrat style shredder guitar with an Ash Top on Mahogany Body, EMG® RetroActive Super 77 pickup set with very clear high output with superb articulation and focus on the low strings, and a singing high-end, Hardtail Bridge with String-Thru Body, the smooth feel of  Pau Ferro Fingerboard, 3-way pickup switch for sonic versatility.

Cort G300 Pro

Cort G300 Pro is the boutique-style guitar with modern enhancements and vintage appeal, which comes with amazing features like graph tech nut, stainless steel frets, stainless steel saddles, and spoke nut truss rod adjustment. The feature-packed design, with basswood’s great-looking body, smooth roasted maple neck, and Seymour Duncan pickups, deliver high sonic versatility and outstanding tones; for the price offered, a great guitar without a doubt.

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Is It Possible To Upgrade Cort X700 Mutility?

I do not think any upgrade is ultimately necessary for this guitar besides the regular string change. The pickups are great, and the locking tuners are more than fine; the nut is fine. So, just with a string change, you are good to go.


The Cort X700 Mutility electric guitar comes equipped with a D’Addario® EXL110 string set, which is actually quite a good set of strings, but as with any new guitar, it is a must to change the strings. You do not know how long the strings were on the guitar, and a new set of strings would increase the sound and playability significantly. As always, I recommend Elixir strings, which are famous for their long life and durability.

Alternatives To The Instrument In Terms Of Look, Feel, Sound, Specs, And Price

ESP LTD M-1000 Multi-Scale

ESP 6 String LTD M-1000 Multi-Scale Electric Guitar, See Thru Black...
  • Construction: Bolt-On
  • Body: Mahogany; Top: Flamed Maple; Neck: 5pc Maple/Purple Heart;...
  • Bridge: Hipshot w/ String Thru
  • Neck PU: Seymour Duncan Sentient; Bridge PU: Seymour Duncan Nazgul

ESP LTD M-1000 Multi-Scale is one of the rare 6-string multi-scale guitars on the market today. The guitar features a great combination of tonewoods with high-quality features, which creates great instruments.

The solid-body electric guitar features a mahogany body, maple top, and maple-purpleheart neck, along with a multi-scale ebony fingerboard and 2 humbucking pickups. 

The guitar has a very comfortable thin neck which is great for heavy riffing and shredding, while Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient pickups provide great tones for a modern rock sound.

The scale is 25.5″-26.5″ Multi-scale, and the instrument has 24 extra jumbo stainless steel frets. 

Overall it is a great multi-scale guitar that costs higher than Cort X700 Mutility.

Jackson HT6 MS Pro Series Modern Dinky Multiscale

Jackson HT6 MS Pro Series Modern Dinky is yet another great multi-scale guitar that is labeled as a high-performance Multi-scale Axe with Modern Features. The guitar is specially designed for high-speed, down-tuned playing with its multi-scale 25.5-inch to 26.5-inch scale length.

HT6 MS Pro features a basswood body along with a 3-piece maple and wenge neck, ebony fingerboard, and 2 Fishman Fluence humbuckers. The basswood body delivers warm, growling tones with defined mids, while the Fishman Fluence Humbuckers are highly versatile with vintage PAF, hot-rodded humbucker, and overwound single-coil selectable voices.

The satin-finished neck and compound-radius ebony fingerboard have great playability, which is great for heavy riffing and high-level soloing. The scale has a 25.5″ – 26.5″ multi-scale design with a 12” radius.

Overall, Jackson HT6 MS Pro Series Modern Dinky is an ideal guitarist who wants a rock beast shredder guitar with high-quality features. It costs significantly higher than Cort X700 Mutility.

Solar Guitars A1.6DBOP-FF

Solar Guitars A1.6DBOP-FF is another great multiscale guitar with impressive features. The guitar has a swamp ash body, maple neck, and ebony fretboard with a 24.75″ – 26″ scale.

The super strat style guitar has 2 Solar FF humbuckers which provide good modern rock tones, while the 5-way switch adds pretty nice versatility to the sound range. There is also a volume and tone control for traditional adjustments.

The guitar has 24 super jumbo frets, a hipshot multiscale bridge, and solar locking tuners. The premium feature-loaded guitar feels and sounds pretty good and has a very cool look with the woody design. It is a great guitar to experiment with the fanned fret design.

Solar Guitars A1.6DBOP-FF costs slightly higher than CORT X700 Mutility.


To summarize, Cort X700 Mutility is one of the best fanned-fret guitars on the market today. The high-quality parts like roasted maple neck and fretboard, carved top design, stainless steel frets, locking tuners, Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker, along with a great selectioın of woods as well as Cort reliability, create a magnificent guitar altogether.

It may be challenging to get used to the long neck and angled frets at the first attempt, but with a bit of patience and some practice, you will see that it is not much of a problem. 

I recommend this guitar to any experienced guitarist who wants a modern-sounding beast with good versatility to play several different genres with modern tones. When the price is considered, I can say this guitar is the best multiscale guitar in terms of quality-for-price ratio.

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